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8/25 NXT UK TV results: Gibbons’ review of Tyler Bate vs. Joe Coffey, and Trent Seven vs. Oliver Carter in semifinal matches in the tournament for the vacant NXT UK Championship, Mark Coffey vs. Noam Dar for the NXT UK Heritage Cup Championship

By Laurence Gibbons, ProWrestling.net Contributor (@Gibbonsgob)

Taped in London, England at BT Sport Studios
Streamed August 25, 2022 on WWE Network and Peacock

The broadcast team was Andy Shepherd and Nigel McGuinness… Shepherd hyped up the two semi-final matches in the tournament for the vacant NXT UK Championship…

Trent Seven made his entrance to a chorus of boos. Oliver Carter limped into the BT Sport Studios…

1. Trent Seven vs. Oliver Carter in a semi-final match in the NXT UK Championship tournament. Seven looked to attack the injured left leg of Carter. Carter evaded and sent Seven to the outside. Carter hit a springboard onto Seven on the floor but tweaked his leg.

As Carter came back in the ring, Seven booted him on the back of the knee. Seven landed more kicks to the leg of Carter. Seven spent a couple of minutes attacking the knee of Carter. He punched, kicked and chopped Carter’s knee. Only stopping for the occasional scoop slam or to wrap the leg around the ropes.

Seven hoisted Carter in the air but Carter rolled him up for a two count. Carter fought back with some chops. Carter hit a somersault axe kick and then the Lionsault but Seven kicked out.

Seven hit a suplex and the emerald flowsion but Carter kicked out and retaliated with a superkick and top rope dropkick. Carter hit the scissor kick but Seven kicked out from the pin.

Seven chopped the knee of Carter and locked on the figure four leg lock. Carter struggled not to rap from the pain. The two traded slaps whilst Seven held the hold. At one point Carter dropped to the canvas and the referee counted but he got his shoulders up. Seven held the hold longer and punctuated it with hammer fists. Carter eventually tapped out.

Trent Seven defeated Oliver Carter in 12:00 to advance to the final of the NXT UK Championship tournament. 

Gibbons’ Opinion: What a super match. I’d go on record as saying that’s the best Carter match in NXT UK. The fans were firmly behind him and against Seven. Seven had gone into this match promising to break the leg of Carter on his way to winning the NXT UK Championship. I wonder who he will face in the final … not long to wait to find out for those that don’t already know.

Tyler Bate made his entrance whilst a promo aired. Joe Coffey made his entrance and we also heard a promo from him…

2. Tyler Bate vs. Joe Coffey in a semi-final match in the NXT UK Championship tournament. The two locked up for the match. both men jostled to gain control. Bate went for a snapmare but Coffey cartwheeled out. Bate went for multiple shoulder blocks but couldn’t take Coffey off his feet.

Bate grabbed the arms from Coffey and pulled them through his legs to flip Coffey onto his back for a roll up. The fans in the BT Sport Studios started chanting ‘wrestling’ in response to the speedy grappling. Coffey sent Bate hard to the corner to gain control. He softened Bate up for a bearhug. Coffey lifted Bate onto his shoulders but Bate nailed the Victory Roll.

Coffey kicked out and went back to the bearhug. Bate fought out and hit the Airplane spin. Coffey wriggled free and treated Bate to a big swing. The two traded short right hands. Bate grounded Coffey and then sprang into action.

Bate hit a running forearm and a suplex. Bate went for a belly-to-belly but Coffey countered it. Coffey followed up with a German suplex and a Boston Crab. Coffey hit the springboard crossbody.

Bate went for the rope-assisted lariat but Coffey reversed into the Best of the Bells but Bate rolled away and Coffey couldn’t capitalise. Coffey went for the European uppercut but Bate rolled Coffey up for the win.

Tyler Bate defeated Joe Coffey in 9:14 to advance to the final of the NXT UK Championship tournament. 

After the bell, Trent Seven came out for a standoff with Bate…

Gibbons’ Opinion: This was another good match and a true reflection of the style of wrestling we will miss when NXT UK ends. I’m going to pretend the winner of this tournament hasn’t been spoilt on NXT 2.0. It’s amazing to think years ago Eric Bischoff would be hated because he gave WWF Raw spoilers out on WCW Nitro. Now, WWE is spoiling its own results. It baffles me that they couldn’t have sped this tournament up so it linked up with the winner being shown on NXT 2.0. It was taped ages ago. There’s just now excuse. Anyway, Bate vs. Seven should be a good match even if you’re one of the many who already know who the winner is.

Sid Scala announced a Four-Way Elimination match for the No.1 Contender to the NXT UK Women’s Championship. It will be Blair Davenport vs. Isla Dawn vs. Amale vs. Eliza Alexander…

A trailer aired for NXT UK Europe. Interestingly, Ilja Dragunov, Tyler Bate, Kenny Williams, Oliver Carter, Amale, Isla Dawn, Mark Andrews, Teoman, Nina Samuels, Amale, and Blair Davenport featured in the advert…

Noam Dar made his entrance ahead of his shot to reclaim his NXT UK Heritage Cup Championship. Mark Coffey made his entrance for his first defence of the championship.

3. Mark Coffey vs. Noam Dar in a NXT UK Heritage Cup Championship match.

Round 1: Very much a feeling out process for most of the round. Dar struggled to get a proper hold of Coffey. Coffey ended on top after a big strike and a takedown.

Round 2: Dar took Coffey straight to the mat with an arm drag. Dar worked the side headlock but Coffey transition out with an arm lock. Coffey worked the wrist. Coffey evaded Dar’s kicks but missed a dive from the top rope. Dar ended to round in control by stamping on the arm of Coffey.

Round 3: Coffey picked up the first fall after about a minute of the round when he hit Dar with his sliding forearm. Coffey 1-0 Dar.

Round 4: Dar struggled to get to his feet. Dar charged at Coffey but was still obviously feeling the impact of the sliding forearm. Coffey beat on Dar in the corner. Dar’s feet gave way and he fell out the ring. The referee prevented Coffey from handling Dar. Dar rolled Coffey up and locked on the Champagne Super Knee Bar.

Coffey tapped out. Coffey 1-1 Dar.

Round 5: After an even opening minute, Dar hit the back elbow for a close two count. Dar went up top but Coffey came and got him. Dar booted the knee of Coffey. Dar continued to work the knee. With 30 seconds left, Dar locked on the Champagne Super Knee Bar. Coffey wriggled enough for Dar to have to adjust the hold to a heel hook. The seconds of the round ticked down.

Round 6: With Coffey on the outside and Dar flat on the mat in the ring, the referee was checking on Dar. This allowed Sha Samuels to interfere and send Coffey into the ring post. Dar hit the Nova Roller for the win.

Noam Dar defeated Joe Coffey 2-1 in to win the NXT UK Heritage Cup Championship.

After the bell, Dar and Samuels celebrated with the Championship Cup…

Gibbons’ Opinion: It makes total sense for the NXT UK Heritage Cup Championship to go back into the ownership of Dar, who is a better representation on the British Rules style. Coffey is also back with his brother and Wolfgang in Gallus on NXT 2.0 where I predict they will have success.


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