(Updated) WWE Raw reportedly ending the PG era, becoming TV-14

By Jason Powell, ProWrestling.net Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

Update: Andrew Zarian followed up with a tweet (see below) since the report below was written. He wrote that a memo within USA Network regarding the change to TV-14 was issued prematurely. Bryan Alvarez also addressed the situation on his radio show and stated he also saw the memo and is aware of WWE executive Kevin Dunn discussing the change with others in WWE. At this point, Raw is not expected to carry the TV-14 rating starting on Monday, though it may be only a matter of time before the change is made.


WWE Raw will carry a TV-14 starting Monday, according to Andrew Zarian of F4Wonline.com.

Powell’s POV: Raw moved from TV-14 to the PG rating in 2008. It’s an interesting move for WWE and only time will tell just how aggressive they will be when it comes to the change, which they have yet to confirm as of this update.



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  1. Thank you AEW. Clap. .clap…clap…clap.

  2. Good move. Any fan the age of 14 that actually wants to see a PG product has issues.

  3. **over the age of 14**

  4. I wonder if this will include Smackdown as well?

  5. TheGreatestOne July 14, 2022 @ 8:28 pm

    The tweet has already been removed and almost fully retracted. Now the “journalist” is making up ridiculous excuses about a memo getting sent out to USA execs too early, no finalized date, etc.

    Meltzer’s bullshit rag is a little worse every day.

  6. One thing to be said about that is that a TV-14 format would be of great benefit to MJF if he moved over to WWE whereas he would not have to adjust his content and could continue to ramp it up at his discretion.

  7. TheGreatestOne July 15, 2022 @ 5:35 pm

    The “report” was fake and was pulled down by the WON people. Why would you leave something that’s been proven false to stay up on your site?

    • The report was not fake. Multiple memos were issued within USA Network. The timing was obviously off or plans changed. It was addressed today by Bryan Alvarez on his show. Out of respect to the reporters involved, I wanted to hear Bryan’s side of situation before addressing it. Just finished listening to it and here’s your update. I know you don’t like the Observer, but I have no reason to doubt them on the memos. I guess we’ll see if they end up making the change eventually.

  8. Not that I’m in favor of blatantly lewd content–attitude era did a lot right but was also a little too much sometimes and Russo era WCW was mostly turn the channel level material–but a little edgier, chippy broadcasting usually can serve wrestling programming well when done right. Something more off the cuff and not rehearsed to be as inoffensive towards anyone as possible. Even 80’s WWF which was considered the kids choice (By National Wrestling Alliance fans) had plenty of commentaries and presentations that couldn’t be used in current times and didn’t feel so pre-deliberated.

  9. WWE went PG because John Cena brought in a new wave of children viewers.
    Is this their way of saying they’re losing or not attracting kids, so they’re going for edgier content to retain older kids and adults?

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