5/26 NXT UK TV results: Gibbons’ review of A-Kid vs. Charlie Dempsey in a Heritage Rules match, Sha Samuels vs. Damon Kemp, Lash Legend vs. Emilia McKenzie, and Mark Coffey vs. Saxon Huxley

By Laurence Gibbons, ProWrestling.net Contributor (@Gibbonsgob)

Taped in London, England at BT Sport Studios
Streamed May 26, 2022 on WWE Network and Peacock

Mark Coffey made his entrance whilst a promo he cut earlier in the day aired. Coffey said he aimed to be the top boy in Gallus whilst his brother Joe was on hiatus… Saxon Huxley made his entrance…

1. Mark Coffey vs. Saxon Huxley. The two big lads locked up to start the action. Coffey hit a dropkick and hip toss. Coffey hit the ropes but Huxley responded with the Thesz press. Huxley unleashed a succession of strikes and submissions to control Coffey. The two jostled for power until Coffey hoisted Huxley over his shoulders. Coffey now enjoyed a few minutes on top. Huxley rallied and hit a sit-out two-armed chokeslam. Coffey exploded back into life and hit a running elbow strike that kept Huxley down.

Mark Coffey defeated Saxon Huxley in 4:14.

Gibbons’ Opinion: It would appear Mark Coffey is being prepped for a singles push whilst his brother takes some time off NXT UK. He was pretty dominant here to make light work of Huxley.

A vignette aired for Ivy Nile ahead of her NXT UK Women’s Championship match against Meiko Satomura in a fortnight…

A preview package aired for Sam Gradwell vs. Von Wagner set for next week…

Emilia McKenzie made her entrance. Lash Legend made her way into the BT Sport Studios…

2. Emilia McKenzie vs. Lash Legend. McKenzie put a headlock on but couldn’t perform the takeover on Legend. Legend sent McKenzie to the mat and then tossed her across the ring. McKenzie came back with a dropkick but couldn’t gain any more momentum as Legend again sent her flying across the ring. Legend hit her running elbow drop and went for a cocky pin. Legend caught McKenzie from the top rope and whipped her head into the ropes. Legend dominated McKenzie whilst asking ‘where the competition was’?

Legend put on a reverse Argentine backbreaker and then hit a big powerslam. McKenzie sprung back into the contest with strikes and a neckbreaker. Legend retreated to the outside but McKenzie hit a dive through the ropes. McKenzie came close to winning from a crossbody. McKenzie hit the spear but Legend kicked out.

McKenzie went for the flipping spear but Legend met her with a big boot and pinned her for three.

Lash Legend defeated Emilia McKenzie in 6:07.

Gibbons’ Opinion: I was worried during the first portion of this match that we were about to see a squash victory for Legend. Luckily McKenzie rallied and we saw a decent contest. Legend’s victory marks another win for the visiting NXT 2.0 stars.

Sha Samuels made his entrance. Damon Kemp made his entrance…

3. Sha Samuels (w/Noam Dar) vs. Damon Kemp. Kemp controlled the start of the match displaying his collegiate wrestling style. Kemp used his power and strength to stay on top of Samuels. Samuels attacked Kemp’s knee to ground him. Samuels unleashed a series of kicks to the back of Kemp and then hit a scoop slam.

Samuels landed a top-rope elbow drop. Samuels then worked the arm of Kemp to try and weaken him up for his finisher. Samuels missed an elbow drop which allowed Kemp to control him with an ankle pick. Kemp hit a number of slams. Kemp hit the rolling senton and looked to have things sealed up. Dar grabbed Kemp’s. Samuels hit the spinebuster for the win.

Sha Samuels defeated Damon Kemp in 05:44.

Gibbons’ Opinion: Kemp claimed he was visiting the UK to learn the British style. Samuels had upset him by providing him with long odds for success in the UK. Kemp looked really good in this match and has a decent amount of moves in his arsenal. The numbers advantage was too much for him to overcome as Dar became the difference maker. Perhaps Kemp will demand a match with Dar… he could even challenge him to put the Heritage Cup Championship on the line.

A hype package aired for the Moustache Mountain vs. Smith & Carter vs. Die Familie NXT UK Tag Team Championship match next week…

Wolfgang consoled Kemp backstage and offered to teach him how to do things the Glasgow way. Battered Mars Bar supper it is for Kemp’s dinner then…

A-Kid made his entrance. Charlie Dempsey made his entrance without the rest of Die Familie who were barred from ringside…

4. A-Kid vs. Charlie Dempsey in a Heritage Rules match.

Round One: Dempsey worked the wrist-to-head scissors transition. A-Kid flipped out and went for a double-arm hold. Dempsey put on the hammerlock and bridged to also work a chin lock. The round ended with A-Kid attempting a pin.

Round Two: Dempsey had the better of round two. He hit a nice knuckle lock suplex and worked some submissions. A-Kid came close to a fall from a crucifix pin. Dempsey hit a number of monkey flips.

Round Three: A-Kid came flying out and locked on a heel hook. Dempsey put a leg lock on whilst still in A-Kid’s submission. A-Kid drew blood from Dempsey. Dempsey got to the rope and then unleashed some brutal chops and strikes. Dempsey caught A-Kid as he went for his cazadora and hit a German suplex. Dempsey locked on a bow and arrow submission and forced A-Kid to tap out.

Round Four: A-Kid came out kicking. A-Kid came close to drawing level from a German suplex. A-Kid locked on the sleeper and then the guillotine. Dempsey worked out but A-Kid hit his running kick and scored a fall. 1-1.

Round Five: A-Kid stayed on top with another German suplex and then some kicks. A-Kid put the triangle hold on but Dempsey eventually lifted him and slammed him to the mat. A-Kid hit the moonsault DDT and pinned Dempsey but the clock ran out before he could get a three count.

Round Six: A-Kid knocked Dempsey down with a kick from the bell. Dempsey grabbed his towel which forced the referee to remove the item. Dempsey tossed brass knuckles to A-Kid and hit the canvas. The referee removed the knuckles. Dempsey hit a right hand and a back suplex for the win.

Charlie Dempsey defeated A-Kid 2 rounds to 1 in a Heritage Rules match in 15:06.

Gibbons’ Opinion: This was a really interesting match. Dempsey seemed to totally have A-Kid’s number in the first few rounds. But his stamina seemed to dip and A-Kid looked to be in control. But Dempsey proved to have both technical skill and the nefarious tactics to get the job done. Very enjoyable match. Dempsey is being built up really, really nice and I can’t wait to see how far he will go on the brand. My weekly audio reviews are available for Dot Net Members (including our Patreon patrons).


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