6/11 AEW Dynamite results: Moore’s live review of Miro vs. Evil Uno for the TNT Title, Young Bucks and Brandon Cutler vs. Pac, Penta El Zero Miedo, and Eddie Kingston, Nyla Rose vs. Leyla Hirsch, Brian Cage and Powerhouse Hobbs vs. Hangman Page and 10, Christian Cage vs. Angelico

By John Moore, ProWrestling.net Staffer (@liljohnm)

AEW Dynamite (Episode 89)
Jacksonville, Florida at Daily’s Place
Aired June 11, 2021 on TNT

[Hour One] Members of the Pinnacle were shown exiting a limo from the parking lot. The Dynamite intro theme aired. Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone, and Excalibur were on commentary…

Big Money Matt Hardy, Jack Evans, and Angelico were in the ring. Hardy talked about how Angelico will end up ending Christian Cage’s career and how Christian won’t recover from it…

1. Christian Cage vs. Angelico (w/Matt Hardy, Jack Evans). Christian dominated the initial chain wresting sequence with a headlock takedown. Angelico tried to taunt Christian from the octopus defense position but Christian didn’t bite. Christian cornered Angelico and got the ten punches in the corner on him. Angelico recovered and dragged Christian down with an armdrag. Angelico worked on Christian with a handful of submission holds. After tossing Christian into the buckle, Angelico got a two count.

Christian went for a comeback, but Angelico reversed the leap with a deathroll and PK. Angelico locked Christian in an adjusted Juji Gatame. Christian wiggled his way to the bottom rope. Christian escaped Angelico’s Akido hold with a tornado Reverse DDT. Christian hit Angelico with a missile dropkick for a two count. Christian hit Angelico with a diving headbutt for a two count. Jim Ross noted that the headbutt was controversial and how he wouldn’t mind if the move got banned.

Angelico recovered and went for a dive on Christian but Christian got the boots up. Both men traded counters. Angelico rolled up Christian with a jackknife pin for a two count. Christian and Angelico took each other out with a headbutt. Christian hit Angelico with a Gamengiri. Christian hit Angelico with a Killswitch for the victory.

Christian defeated Angelico via pinfall in 9:08. 

Jack Evans missed a kick on Christian after the match. Christian dumped Evans to ringside. This allowed Hardy to nail Christian with the Twist of Fate. Hardy was about to lock Christian in a submission, but Jungle Boy ran out and chased the heels away…

The commentary team ran through upcoming segments…[c]

John’s Thoughts: Solid match with Christian doing a good job with the nearfalls. I still feel like AEW can do a lot more with every single guy here. Christian is having great matches, but he isn’t really involved in anything meaningful. He is feuding with his old WWE rival, but I would have rather seen Christian in a feud against someone that he hasn’t faced a million times before. Evans and Angelico are the designated fall guys as usual. Evans in particular is an amazing athlete and great heel talker, you wouldn’t know that though because in AEW he rarely gets a chance to cut meaningful promos and everyone is a part of some sort of random faction.

Tony Schiavone was already in the ring. Schiavone hyped up Arron Solow and QT Marshall vs. Cody Rhodes and Brock Anderson (the son of Arn Anderson) for next week. Cody Rhodes, Brock Anderson, and Arn Anderson made their entrance. Brock was wearing an orange polo and casual shorts, looking like he just came straight from the golf course. Cody got on the mic and talked about how Brock will hit a home run next week. Cody talked about how he had to live up to a father’s expectations and how Brock will do the same.

Cody noted he doesn’t mind getting revenge next week too against QT Marshall. Cody said he was beat by Anthony Ogogo. QT Marshall walked out and said he beat Cody all by himself. QT claimed nepotism from Cody for taking care of second generation wrestlers like Brock. Marshall reiterated his mission statement on trying to get more people noticed that Cody has passed over like Anthony Ogogo or Aaron Solow. Marshall noted that he wants to beat Cody’s ass in an arena with a full house. He said he literally wants to beat Cody’s ass in a Strap Match.

Cody took off his belt and wanted to brawl right now. When the faces had their faces turned, QT took off his belt and smacked Arn Anderson in the back with a belt. Brock Anderson attacked QT Marshall. The referees separated everyone to end the segment…

A highlight package aired of Eddie Kingston running in to the aid of Pac and Penta El Cero Miedo last week…

Entrances for the next match took place. An inset promo aired of Pentagon, Kingston, and Pac.

2. Penta El Cero Miedo, Eddie Kingston, and Pac vs. Matt Jackson, Nick Jackson, and Brandon Cutler (w/Don Callis). Pac and Matt started off the match which led to Pac tossing Matt around. Cutler tagged in and flopped like a goof. Pac locked in a wristlock on Cutler. Kingston wanted the tag, but Pac dodged Kingston and tagged in Pentagon. Pentagon hit Cutler in the tailbone with a dropkick. Pentagon hit Cutler with his signature delayed chest slap. Penta tagged in Kingston.

Kingston worked on Cutler with some knees and a standing double stomp for a two count. Kingston hit Cutler with a delayed vertical suplex and elbow drop. Cutler kicked out at two. Pac tagged in and hit Cutler with a pump kick. Matt ran in and ran into Pac’s hip toss. Pac mocked the Young Buck pose. Matt tripped in the ring and got tossed out by Pac. Pac fended off Nick and Brandon, but Matt knocked down Pac with a wrecking ball kick. The heels were standing tall heading into picture-in-picture.[c]

Kingston got a hog tag and hit all three opponents with body slams. Pentagon tagged in and was grabbed by cutler. The Bucks went for stereo kicks on Penta but he ducked leading to the kicks hitting Cutler. Pentagon hit Nick with a Canadian Destroyer. Pentagon hit Matt with a Pentagon Driver for a two count. Madness ensued with all six men brawling and taking turns with signature moves. Pentagon hit Cutler and Nick with a step up Tope Con Hilo. Pac hit Matt with a 450 and locked Matt in the Brutalizer. Nick struggled but managed to kick Pack off.

Penta and Kingston dumped Cutler and Nick to ringside and hit them with stereo suicide dives. Matt rolled up Pack for a two count. Matt recovered and buckle bombed Pack into stereo Gamengiris from Cutler and Nick. Matt ended up walking into Kingston’s signature backfist. Kingston picked up the pinfall win on Matt Jackson..

Eddie Kingston, Pac, and Penta El Cero Miedo defeated The Young Bucks and Brandon Cutler via pinfall in 12:55. 

The heels put the boots to the babyfaces. Gallows and Anderson ran out to assist the Bucks and Cutler. Frankie Kazarian ran out to clear the heels from the ring.

A video package produced by Michael Nakazawa aired hyping up Kenny Omega and Don Callis. The picture showed highlights from AEW Double or Nothing’s world title match, except it painted Omega as a hero as opposed to a villain. The show cut to commercial…[c]

John’s Thoughts: A solid trios match to forward Kingston’s feud against the Elite guys. I’m still not a huge fan of Pac and Pentagon being a tag team. Pac and Pentagon should be singles main eventers. Why did they drop the whole Alex Abrahantes and Pentagon pairing for now? That was working? Eh. What I do like is the Young Bucks heel work where they are really good at being over the top.

The pinnacle made their entrance with MJF leading the charge to the ring. Dash Harwood took the mic first and talked about how stadium stampede didn’t go the way they wanted, but that’s not the type of match made for people like he and Cash Wheeler. He then singled out Santana and Ortiz and said even though they have different home backgrounds, the are both similar for coming from nothing. Harwood said he’s just trying to fill up his bank account and take care of his family. Wheeler said he doesn’t have a family and doesn’t give a shit.

Wheeler talked about how Santana and Ortiz haven’t gotten close to getting the titles and are disappointments. Shawn Spears cut a long promo about Jericho being a joke. Wardlow took the mic and said ended up accepting Jake Hager’s challenge for a MMA cage match from last week. MJF talked about how he’s the best at everything he does. MJF said he idolized Chris Jericho growing up. He recapped the AEW rally from a few years ago where MJF met Chris Jericho backstage and how he looked forward to working with Jericho, but noted that he found out that it wasn’t the dream that he thought it would be…

MJF called out Sammy Guevara and talked about how Sammy isn’t the best speaker in the world. MJF said he’s better than Guevara and you know it. Chris Jericho showed up on the big LED screen wearing a vest and holding a bat. Jericho noted that the Pinnacle will be walking home tonight. The camera panned over and the rest of the inner circle had tools like sledge hammers and saws. The Inner Circle destroyed the Pinnacle’s limo. Jake Hager drove in with a Forklift. Hager ran through the Limo with the lift and then lifted the limo up. Jericho got into the camera and said that the Pinnacle need to find an uber. Guevara called MJF a company bitch and said he’d fight him any day of the week…

Jim Ross hyped Miro vs. Evil Uno for after the break…

John’s Thoughts: A solid segment to continue the Pinnacle vs. Inner Circle feud. They do need to find a way to put heat on the Pinnacle, because the Inner Circle more often than not continue to beat them at every pass. I would say the easy solution is to have these factions split up, but given the promo tease, I wouldn’t mind if they can get a Guevara against MJF feud out of the program along with the even more hype Santana and Ortiz vs. FTR feud. The car beatdown was a bit weak to start in terms of how the Inner Circle was beating the limo, but the segment was saved when Hager ran through the limo with the forklift for a really good visual. Lets see where this goes, but they really need to find a way to put steam behind MJF and the Pinnacle.

[Hour Two] Darby Allin and Sting cut a promo. Allin ultimately asked Sting to stay home and that he doesn’t need Sting’s help next week when he faces Ethan Page and Scorpio Sky by himself. Sting protested a bit, but ultimately said he respects Allin and that he’ll agree to not accompany Allin next week…

A video package aired for Evil Uno. Uno talked about how he looked up to Brodie Lee as a leader and friend. He said he was going to beat Miro for the TNT title to make Brodie proud…

Entrances for the next match took place…

3. Miro vs. Evil Uno for the TNT Championship. Miro dominated Uno with power strikes. Miro no sold Uno’s chops, but managed to pull down the top rope to dump Miro to ringside. Miro hit Uno with a gut punch. Miro missed Uno and accidentally punched the ringpost. Uno hit Miro with a cannonball. Uno went for a high risk move in the ring, but Miro yanked Uno down and hit him with a Saito Suplex heading into the picture-in-picture.[c]

Miro knocked Uno off the apron back from break. Uno recovered and had a bit of a rally, hitting Miro with a huracanrana. Uno hit Miro with a big boot. Uno hit Miro with a Swanton for a one count. The Dark Order showed up at ringside. Uno stompped on Miro’s hands. Uno went for a crossbody, but Miro caught him. Miro rolled up Uno for a two count. Miro was shoved into an exposed turnbuckle and was rolled up by Uno for a two count.

Uno did the signature Luke Harper kiss to the sky and did Brodie Lee’s signature Discus Clothesline which Miro no sold. Miro slammed Uno to the mat and locked in the Camel Clutch. Miro hyperextended the clutch for the submission tapout win.

Miro defeated Evil Uno via submission in 9:36 to retain the TNT Championship. 

John’s Thoughts:As much as I would like to see the Dark Order drop the Brodie Lee tribute act and try to stand out as something meaningful down the road, the Brodie Lee tribute really worked here because of Lee’s connection to the TNT title. Uno and Miro had a good match here with Uno looking sympathetic and plucky. Miro gets some heat for screwing up the feel good story of Uno potentially winning in honor of Lee. It’s really cool to see good ol’ Rusev Miro back as opposed to Video Game Miro.

Excalibur, Jim Ross, and Tony Schiavone checked in from their announce table. Excalibur sent the show over to an Andrade El Idolo vignette. The vignette showed off Andrade’s nice fashion and expensive bling.  The vignette didn’t show his face and ended with the graphic saying “Andrade: Face of the Latinos”…

John’s Thoughts: That simple video was way better than the odd Vicky Guerrero introduction last week. Simple and effective. Didn’t even need any talking, yet we got to know a lot about Andrade in terms of his character. He has swag, and he’s a big deal.

Tony Schiavone introduced Kenny Omega and Don Callis to the ring. Omega and Callis came out to Omega’s Little V entrance theme. Schiavone tried to talk about Jungle Boy conquering 20 men to get a shot against Kenny Omega. Don Callis yanked the microphone from Tony, yelling that AEW is trying to run a conspiracy to take the title off of Omega. Callis said that Jungle Boy may be good, but he’s ultimately a one hit wonder. Omega took the mic and noted how he is supposed to hype up his title matches.

Omega said in Jungle Boy’s eyes he sees a young Kenny Omega. Omega said Jungle Boy is missing something ,but he’s not sure. Callis took the mic and said that ultimately Jungle Boy doesn’t have the guts to get in the ring. Jungle Boy’s entrance cut off Callis’s promo as Jungle Boy made his entrance to the ring. Omega got in Jungle Boy’s face and ranted. Omega noted that noone is better than him on the mic. Callis agreed and Omega told Jungle Boy to get a few words in.

Jungle Boy simply said that Omega talks way too much. A brawl ensued. Omega dominated at first  but he was taken down by a chop block from Jungle Boy. Jungle Boy was about to lock Omega in the Snare Trap, but the Young Bucks ran out to chase Jungle from the ring. Excalibur noted that no one has escaped the

The show cut to Jade Cargill and Mark Sterling. Sterling hyped up Cargill. He noted that Cargill has a family to feed with expensive tastes. Sterling also talked about monetizing Cargill’s catchphrases. Cargill said her first catchphrase is that other people need to keep her name out of their mouth. Cargill then said her next catchphrase was that “I’m that bitch”…[c]

John’s Thoughts: A simple, but solid enough promo exchange to heat up Jungle Boy a bit. Omega may be a bit manic on the microphone, but that works for him as an overprotective gold collector champion. I don’t expect Omega to drop the title to Jungle Boy, at least not anytime in the next few months, but this can lead to a bigger singles push for Jungle Boy. This can also end up being for nil because they have had a chance to push Jungle Boy before and sorta put him on ice for a while.

The show cut to Scorpio Sky and Ethan Page cutting a promo backstage. Sky laughed at the thought of Darby Allin challengeing him and Page by himself. Sky said he’s seen Allin do dumb things like jump off a building or lighting himself on fire. but this is the dumbes. Page said they already cost Allin the TNT title, but what will happen when the Men of the Year bury and beat Allin?

4. Lance Archer vs. Chandler Hopkins. Archer quickly got things started and choke slammed Hopkins. Archer hit Hopkins with the Blackout for the win.

Lance Archer defeated Chandler Hopkins via pinfall in 0:53. 

The show cut to a promo from The Wingmen…

Entrances for the next match took place…

5. Nyla Rose (w/Vickie Guerrero) vs. Leyla Hirsch. Rose caught Hirsch with a clubbing blow and body slam. Hirsch rolled up Rose and locked in a Juji Gatame. Nyla quickly got to the bottom rope. Hirsch pummeled Rose with clubbing blows and a shotgun dropkick. Hirsch went for a Tope, but Nyla caught Hirsch and slammed her into the apron. Hirsch tried to go for another Juji Gatame, but she was controled and swung into the barricade. Rose hit Hirsch with a knee drop for a two count. The show cut to picture-in-picture.[c]

Hirsch hit Rose with a meteora in the corner for a two count. Hirsch hit Rose with a German Suplex and Shining Wizard. Hirsch hit Rose with a step up Moonsault. Rose got to the bottom rope for the pin rope break. Rose ended up recovering and planting Hirsch with a chokeslam. Hirsch recovered when Rose went to the top rope, but Rose ended up pulling up Hirsch and headbutting her down. Hirsch got back up to the top rope and went for a Frankensteiner, but it was blocked. Rose hit Hirsch with a Super Beast Bomb for the victory.

Nyla Rose defeated Leyla Hirsch via pinfall in 8:45. 

Excalibur noted that this win as important because Rose beat a top five ranked wrestler. Vickie Guerrero laid a Rose T-shirt over Hirsch’s face.

The show was sent over to Tony Schiavone interviewing Britt Baker who had Rebel (not Reba) with her. Britt said Rose looked good at flipping burgers last week and she should stick to doing that. Britt bragged about being champion and how Rose is just on the list of jealous bitches in the back. Britt said Rose needs the title, but Britt makes the title. Britt said she was making a whole new era. She ended her promo with her DMD catchphrase…

John’s Thoughts: I keep getting confused every week. Rose is a heel right? Vickie Guerrero’s actions and promo sell Rose as a heel. But Britt Baker is also a heel? I don’t get what they’re doing here. This weird Vickie Guerrero stuff spilled into the segment last week when she introduced Andrade El Idolo. The crowd didn’t know whether to cheer or boo and I don’t blame them?

The commentary team hyped up segments for next week…[c]

Entrances for the main event took place with Taz joining the commentary table…

6. “Team Taz” Brian Cage and Powerhouse Hobbs (w/Ricky Starks) vs. Dark Order’s 10 and “Hangman” Adam Page. Cage tackled Page in the corner to start the match. Page got a few punches in but Cage fought out the corner. Page escaped an early Drill Claw attempt. Cage caught Page with a backbreaker. Page caught Cage with a running elbow. 10 tagged in and hit a few strikes on Cage. 10 whipped Cage into the corner and caught Cage with a pump kick. Hobbs ended 10’s rally with a knee to the back.

Hobbs tagged in. Team Taz hit 10 with a double power bomb to give Hobbs a two count on 10. Hobbs caught 10 with a running knee. The show cut to picture in picture.[c]

10 got the hot tag to Page who knocked Cage off the apron with a big boot. Page went for a body slam on Hobbs but Hobbs adjusted his weight to the ground. Page went for a Plancha on Cage but was caught. Cage went for a power bomb, but Page reversed it into a huracanrana into the ringpost. Hobbs caught Page with a axe handle strike. 10 broke up the pin attempt. Cage hit 10 with a 619. Cage was knocked off the apron. Page caught Hobbs with a right hand, but Hobbs had his hand under the rope . Cage hit 10 with a German Suplex. Team Taz hit 10 with a High Low combo to give Cage a two count on 10.

Hook entered the ring to distract the referee. Starks gave Cage the FTW title to use as a weapon, but Cage tossed it back. Ricky Starks slapped Cage in the face causing Cage to chase Starks to the back, leaving Hobbs in the ring two on one. Hobbs hit 10 with a spinebuster, but Page quickly broke up the pin. Hobbs tossed Page to ringside. 10 caught Hobbs with a ripcord cutter. Page hit Hobbs with a Buckshot lariat to give 10 the pinfall win over Hobbs.

Dark Order’s 10 and Adam Page defeated Powerhouse Hobbs and Brian Cage via pinfall in 11:19. 

The Dark Order walked out to celebrate with Page over cans of beer. Negative 1 was drinking bottled water, of course. Jim Ross closed out the show…

John’s Thoughts: A good match for what it was, but this still continues the worlds most expected and slowest face turn of Brian Cage. I like long term stories, but this Cage thing has been going on for a hot minute. Just turn the guy already and have him work singles matches as pro wrestling’s Wolverine. Through my experience watching Cage over the years, Cage seems to prefer working babyface anyway.

A solid episode of Dynamite. I finally learned why Jake and Jason fear live reviewing this show given how it shoots from segment to segment in lightning speed. This episode had its usual flaws, but is still carried by it’s strong production, great in-ring, and big show feel. My audio review will be available for Dot Net Members on Saturday.

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Readers Comments (11)

  1. Post match nonsense in the opener. An interrupted interview, a six man cluster-f, followed by more post match crap, the Pinnacle gets buried again (are they actually trying to bury those guys?), and they’re again using Brodie Lee’s death to try and get the worst faction in wrestling over.

    Oh, and Darby Allin gets to pick someone other than a 62-year-old with spinal stenosis to beat the team he already beat.

  2. Are they presenting Nyla Rose as a heel because the fans are cheering Britt Baker? Just a thought.

    • Britt and Miro both present the same challenge: they are heels but the audience wants to cheer them.

      So AEW has to continually work to reinforce their heelish nature.

      Rose is clearly a heel. That is what the Hirsch match (including the bullying) was all about.

  3. Really surprised that the TNT Title match didn’t close the show. It’s on TNT, it’s your title, it’s the only title defense on the show. I realize it doesn’t end on a positive note, but it doesn’t have to. And it would have made more people believe that Uno had a chance.

    I don’t think the tag match warranted a main event status. Especially since the baby face turn didn’t fully happen.

    • I wouldn’t read much into it. Dustin vs. Comoroto headlined the week before. I could be wrong, but I don’t think it would have headlined a Dynamite on a Wednesday night. The last hour airs out of prime time on Friday nights, so they’re not necessarily saving the best for last. If you’re old enough, think back to how WWE/WWF handled Saturday Night’s Main Event when it aired in the SNL slot. They delivered the bigger matches early because they knew that viewership would fade as the show went on.

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