NWA Powerrr Surge results: Powell’s review of Mims vs. Jeremiah Plunkett, Kamille and Parrow interviewed

By Jason Powell, ProWrestling.net Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

NWA Powerrr Surge
Taped in Atlanta, Georgia at GPB Studios
Streamed April 13, 2021 on the FITE TV

-Joe Galli and May Valentine hosted the show from a desk in the studio.

-Clip aired of NWA Champion Nick Aldis’s promo from last week. He teased the possibility of adding multiple members to Strictly Business and noted that he was open to anyone from any wrestling promotion. He also emphasized that no one’s spot in the group is permanent.

-Galli and Valentine were joined by Mike Parrow. Valentine noted that Parrow was an openly gay wrestler who brought a pride flag to the ring. Parrow said that was great, but he vented about having to go to Japan in order to make his way back to NWA Powerrr. Valentine said he seemed frustrated. He said he was frustrated because he was forgotten. Parrow sent a message to the rest of the roster that he will hurt anyone who steps into the ring with him.

-Footage aired of Thunder Rosa beating Britt Baker in the unsanctioned match that aired on AEW Dynamite, followed by clips of Rosa being interviewed by Kyle Davis on the Powerrr set.

-Kamille joined Galli and Valentine at their desk. Valentine noted that Rosa also runs her own promotion in Houston. Gallis asked Kamille if she would consider working for that promotion. Kamille asked where her video package was. Valentine questioned why Kamille interrupted Rosa’s celebration by spearing her. Kamille said she made it better. Valentine asked Kamille about the team of Thom Latimer and Chris Adonis. Kamille said they were great. Valentine asked about Aldis’s promo. Kamille said she doesn’t know where his head is at. She said that she and Latimer are a power couple and she thinks Latimer should already be in the NWA Title picture.

Powell’s POV: I was skeptical when Valentine took over as the backstage interviewer, but she’s already shown improvement since her first outing. She seemed very comfortable in this back and forth segment with Kamille.

-A Nick Aldis action figure ad aired.

1. Mims vs. Jeremiah Plunkett. Joe Galli and Velvet Sky were on commentary and played this up as a student vs. teacher match. Late in the match, Mims performed a belly to bell suplex for a two count. Plunkett ran the ropes and ducked a clothesline, but Mims caught him the next time and slammed him to the mat. Mims ran the ropes twice, then Plunkett stood up and punched him. Mims came right back with a shoulder block and then hit his Hookup finisher and scored the clean pin…

Mims defeated Jeremiah Plunkett.

-The Austin Idol wrestling school ad aired…

-A breaking news graphic touted that Sal Rinauro has been granted an NWA Tag Team Title match against Aron Stevens and Kratos. Gallis said Rinauro has promised to have a former world champion as his partner.

Powell’s POV: Tim Storm?

-A video package recapped a recent verbal exchange involving Pope, Tyrus, and Austin Idol, plus Chris Adonis beating Trevor Murdoch to win the NWA National Championship, and Pope successfully defending the NWA TV Title and being mockingly applauded by Tyrus and Idol…

-NWA Champion Nick Aldis joined Galli and Valentine at their desk. Aldis said there are people who are on the cusp of earning a title shot, but no one has truly broken through. He said it’s allowed him to spread his wings a bit and also evaluate his Strictly Business faction. Valentine brought up the comments made by Kamille. Aldis took issue with the way Valentine questioned Kamille. Aldis said that just because he and Latimer broke into the business and are close friends, that’s not a requirement to be part of the faction.

Aldis said that if their standards stay as high as they are then everything will be good. Aldis said he simply said no one’s spot is guaranteed just like tomorrow is not guaranteed. Galli asked about Chris Adonis’s role. Aldis said that Adonis winning the National Championship wasn’t enough. Aldis said Adonis isn’t there yet, but he is the frontrunner.

Galli asked if Aldis had a message for the fans. Aldis said he wanted to sincerely extend the following message to fans who subscribe to Powerrr and order the NWA pay-per-views. “You’re welcome,” Aldis said.

-The credits closed the show.

Powell’s POV: A good show closing segment with Aldis. The best thing I can say about this episode is that it didn’t overstay its welcome. It’s not billed as Powerrr and thus I didn’t expect the usual format, but there just wasn’t enough notable content to make this feel like a worthwhile time investment. The match lacked star power and the recap video packages felt pointless. If a person is paying $5 per month for the bundle, then chances are said person is watching all of the shows and doesn’t need the recaps. Powerrr Surge feels like something that the NWA would be better off putting a little more work into, featuring a match with some star power, and then streaming free on their YouTube page with the goal of generating more interest in the product and ideally Powerrr bundle subscriptions. Was this the end of the first $5 block? If so, it was a flat way to close things out and it’s strange that they didn’t do more to promote next week’s show with the goal of enticing viewers to resubscribe.


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