Rey Mysterio looks back on winning the Royal Rumble match

By Jason Powell, Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

DAZN interview with Rey Mysterio
Interviewer: Steven Muehlhausen
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Winning the 2006 Royal Rumble: “I think overall, that night was very special. There was an aura in the atmosphere, a vibe, a presence that just made that night an unforgettable night. For me, as much for the fans that have followed my career since I began, or that started following my career that day because of the accomplishment that went down that night. To have pulled out a record time for the long-lasting superstar with the max time inside of a Royal Rumble match, to come out number two, and to know that just two months ahead to gain an opportunity for a world title (at Wrestlemania 22).

“There was no doubt that I was the smallest guy in the company and was the lightest guy in the company, and a Hispanic with a mask. You would have never seen all these features on a superstar that potentially was going to become world champion. I think the most important thing of all, and when I mentioned a presence and this vibe that was felt in the air, Eddie’s (Guerrero) presence have made that night special. I think he was the icing on the cake that made everything come out the way it came out.”

Other topics include when he will retire from the ring, working with son Dominik, staying positive and confident even though he was wrestling as the smallest and lightest person in whatever company he worked for, and more.

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