Stephanie McMahon says WWE doesn’t have enough female creative team members

By Jason Powell, Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

WWE executive Stephanie McMahon spoke with The National and was asked about the number of women on the creative team. “We do not have enough,” McMahon said. “We do not have enough female writers in the writers’ room, we are actively working on that. There is a dedicated focus to how we tell our women’s storylines in the show, but we can always be better.”

Stephanie also credited her husband Paul Levesque with some of the success of the women’s evolution. “He started recruiting elite female athletes, as well as men, and he started training the women the same as the men, giving them the same amount of match time on television at our live events,” she said. “These women, when given the opportunity, absolutely started to steal the show every time, our fans started chanting ‘this is wrestling’ and ‘women’s wrestling.'” Read the full story at

Powell’s POV: It’s cool that Stephanie acknowledges the need for more female writers. I suspect that there is also a need for more ethnic diversity within the creative ranks. Clearly, though, there is a dire need for improved working conditions within creative if the company wants to attract and retain quality minds. While some within the company are accustomed to living their lives based around the whims of Vince McMahon and will even say that’s the gig, it really shouldn’t have to be. Sadly, it will be until Vince isn’t the head of creative, but long term it will be interesting to see how much that changes once the day comes that someone else is overseeing the creative process.


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  1. The problem isn’t enough of one type of writer or another. The problem is having writers instead of a booker and well trained talent portraying compelling characters. Women write just as much crap as men and won’t make things better while Vince still has the final say.

    Improve the quality, with people who are actually good at the job no matter what sex/race they are, and you’ll improve the product. The rest is just window dressing.

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