Paul Ellering reveals he was going to return to WWE this year, looks back on the success of the Road Warriors, defends Rocco the Dummy, working with AOP in NXT


By Jason Powell, Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

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His transition from wrestler to manager: After I suffered two pretty horrific knee injuries, I had spoken to Ole Anderson. He said to me you know you’re really good on the mic, did you ever think about managing? I said you know, that’s kind of funny because I had a premonition dream that I was going to become a manager. So we got together the Legion of Doom with Jake Roberts, The Spoilers, The Road Warriors, Buzz Sawyer, and the rest became history. Eventually we (The Road Warriors) split off on our own and toured the world.

The success of the Road Warriors: We were the first and only team ever to win the World Tag Team Titles in the NWA, the AWA, the WWF, and All Japan Pro Wrestling. Everywhere we went, we were over huge. The Road Warriors were like Elvis or the Beatles, they were once in a lifetime talents. They really changed the sport of pro wrestling over night and were some of the biggest box office attractions in the world. Hawk and Animal changed the sport.

Joining the Road Warriors in the WWF: I was all onboard to join the Road Warriors in the WWF in 1990, but I didn’t want to break my contract with the NWA/WCW at that point and I still had some time left on that deal. So the plan was for me to always join them in the WWF but just when my contract was up. When I did finally show up in 1992, it was all a part of the grand plan.

Adding Rocco the Dummy to the LOD: You know what, I thought it was a great concept. I love the whole concept of it. It just wasn’t given enough creative juice, it didn’t have a strong creative behind it. Look at Bray Wyatt right now in WWE and what he’s doing with the puppets, I think its great. If they did something like that with more character development with the Rocco dummy, I think it could have worked. Look at how all those Chucky movies at that time were doing. So I liked the concept behind it, but it wasn’t executed well.

Being brought into NXT with the Authors of Pain: I didn’t expect it at all. Triple H called me and ran through the idea with me. They flew me down to Orlando to meet the Authors of Pain and they are just two fantastic guys. As soon as I met them, I knew I wanted to manage them. I was there to lend them some credibility and help those guys get over, I think we accomplished that in the two years and had a great run in NXT.

Future plans in the WWE: Well, the idea was to bring me back in to manage them full time on Raw and go on the road with the Authors of Pain, but the pandemic happened. So with Covid going on, I’m not sure what happens next.

Other topics include his in-ring wrestling career, his feuds with Jerry Lawler and Jesse Ventura, the Road Warrior Pop, the death of Hawk, his relationship with Animal, Vince McMahon wanting to own “Legion of Doom”, feuding with the LOD, being a part of DOA, his WWE HOF induction, his current role in the WWE, his daughter Rachael Ellering following in his footsteps, and much more.

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