James “Kamala” Harris dead at age 70

By Jason Powell, ProWrestling.net Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

James Harris, who wrestled as Kamala, died on Sunday at age 70. While the cause of death has not been disclosed, Harris battled a variety of health issues in his later years, including having both legs amputated due to diabetes.

Powell’s POV: The Kamala gimmick started in the Memphis territory, and I saw a lot of his work in World Class Championship Wrestling, the AWA, and WWE. My condolences go out to the Harris family.


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  1. Perfect monster gimmick for the territory days and he worked it as well as anyone could. From all accounts one of the nicest guys in the business as well.

    • A sad day indeed! So many kids I knew growing up loved Kamala! He could do it all, play the villain or the lovable babyface! His WWF feud with The Undertaker was a lot of fun.

      Sadly, WWE is already trying to ERASE his legacy. In this era of political correctness and “woke” BS, they want to demonize this man and all his achievements as a “negative stereotype.”

      When ESPN aired SummerSlam 1992 last week they DELETED Kamala vs Undertaker completely. They also edited out the end of Nailz vs Virgil.

      I guess the woke PC crowd thinks the best way to honor black wrestlers is to erase them completely. Don’t expect any tribute on RAW.

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