12/29 WWE in Providence results: NFL star Rob Gronkowski at ringside, PCB three-way

WWE Live Event
Providence, Rhode Island
Report by PWTorch.com staffer Sean Radican

The most notable thing is that Rob Gronkowski was there and was sitting with a bunch of people in Hype Bros shirts. After the Hype Bros won, they posed with Gronk at ringside. Gronk left shortly after their match and didn’t return although Rusev did some mic work on him with Lana during his match against Ryback.

1. Neville beat The Miz. Neville got the pin after the red arrow. This was a fun opening match with Miz getting lots of beat.

2. The Hype Bros (Zack Ryder & Mojo Rawley) defeated The Ascension. Rob Gronkowski of the New England Patriots was in the front row and jumped up and down with Mojo Rawley before the match. The Ascension got some good heat jawing with Gronk during the match, but the Hype Bros won with a tandem Ruff Ryder on Viktor.

U.S. Champion Alberto Del Rio cut a generic promo on the big screen on John Cena.

3. Rusev (w/Lana) beat Ryback. Gronk went backstage during the match and Rusev and Lana ran him down on the mic saying he sucked and asking where our hero went. Lana called him a stupid American football player, which got big heat. This led to Ryback’s comeback after a long heat segment. Rusev got the Accolade after a distraction from Lana. Ryback tried to fight out of it and the crowd chanted for him. Rusev let go eventually and Ryback ducked a splash off the ropes and hit Shellshocked for the win.

A video for Connor’s Cure Fund played.

4. Kane beat Bray Wyatt. Wyatt stalled a ton during the match, but eventually went for Sister Abigail, which Demon Kane countered into a chokeslam for the win.


5. Big Show beat Mark Henry. Show dominated most of the match and got please retire chants from the crowd. He got on the mic and yelled at the fans that he’s the greatest giant, but Henry jumped him from behind. Henry went for a splash out of the corner, but Show got out of the way and got the pin with the KO punch. The young kids enjoyed the please retire chants.

6. Charlotte defeated Becky Lynch and Paige in a Triple Threat to retain the WWE Divas Championship. Team PCB implodes! Not a lot of heat for this match. Paige got some heat doing Flair mannerisms. Becky had the Fujiwara arm bar on Paige, but Charlotte broke it up and won with a handful of tights on Paige.

7. John Cena defeated U.S. Champion Alberto Del Rio by DQ. Del Rio came out first to boos. Cena got a big pop coming out. He and Del Rio posed back and forth in the ring to cheers and boos. Cena did have a bit of a mixed response, but it was mostly positive. Oh well, it didn’t last long as we got “let’s go Cena” vs. “Cena sucks” chants a short time later. Del Rio dominated and the ref got bumped. Cena then hit the FU for a visual pin. Rusev ran down and kicked Cena to boos. He then tossed the ref into the ring, but Cena kicked out. Cena hit the Attitude Adjustment/FU on Rusev and then Del Rio hit his superkick for a near fall. The crowd gasped. Del Rio then slipped out of another FU attempt and hit a low blow for the DQ.

Post-match, Rusev and Del Rio beat down Cena. Del Rio swung a chair at Cena, but he ducked and he hit Rusev in the back. Cena then hit the FU on Del Rio and his music played almost as soon as Del Rio’s body landed.


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