Barbara Goodish discusses her late husband Bruiser Brody, his brutal murder, his favorite matches, how he was at home compared to in the ring

By Jason Powell, Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling Podcast with Barbara Goodish
Hosts: Chad and JP (transcription by John Poz)
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On her late husband Bruiser Brody still being remembered after all these years: You know it’s been absolutely amazing, it’s been 32 years since his passing and he is more famous today than he was those 32 years ago. Back in those days you didn’t have the modern technology, you didn’t have YouTube or great television exposure, or iPhones, so with that he has been introduced to a whole section of new fans.

His style of wrestling: He was hardcore before the term hardcore was ever a style in wrestling. A lot of wrestlers will go back and use that hardcore style that he mad famous. A lot of the fans tell him how they just loved his style and want it incorporated more into todays wrestling.

Bruiser Brody at home as Frank Goodish: When he was home, he was never that character that he created. He was Bruiser Brody or King Kong Brody strictly on the road. He was a dad, a husband, a friend to everyone at home. A lot of wrestlers can’t distinguish between the character they created and the real person, but Frank was always Frank with us at home and never brought Bruiser Brody along with him.

Whether she ever consider suing after Brody’s murder: No, I didn’t. People asked me about it, but nothing would have been resolved. I can pretty much guarantee nothing would have been resolved, just judging by how they handled the whole case down there after the murder. Sometimes in life you have to make decisions that are good for you because suing would have created so much stress. We would have spent so much money, wasted so much time and we wouldn’t have gotten any results from it.

Keeping the memory alive of Bruiser Brody: I was at the Cauliflower Alley Club in Las Vegas and a young fan came up to me and told me how big of a fan of Bruiser Brody he was. I asked him, how are you and he told me 29 years old. So he wasn’t even born yet when Frank (Bruiser Brody) had passed. I see younger fans with tattoos of him, that didn’t even see him wrestle when he was alive. It’s just the wonderful legacy that he left behind and the great memories he left with his fans.

Other topics include Barbara talking in depth about his entire wrestling career including WCCW, Japan, Puerto Rico, St Louis, the son of Bruiser Brody and much more.

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