Otis on winning the WWE Money in the Bank contract, whether he expects cinematic matches to continue after the pandemic

By Jason Powell, ProWrestling.net Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

WWE Money in the Bank winner Otis spoke with Brian Fritz of the Between The Ropes website and was asked about winning the match. “So, it’s like very, like, surreal and still hasn’t sit in with me still yet, that up because a lot of people in this profession, it’s like, we’re on the go so it doesn’t sit in until like you start going, wow, this is real,” Otis said. “I got this bad boy. All right. In the game plan for me, it’s just like my personality – the sooner the better, baby so you never know where I’m going to cash it in but baby, I promise it’s gonna be sooner than later baby. Yeah.”

Otis was also asked whether he expects cinematic wrestling to continue once the world gets back to normal. “Yeah, I think everything happens for a reason,” said Otis. “That’s a very strong quote that I live by. That Boneyard match, I mean, I just felt like I was watching a cool thriller action movie, like big thumbs up to everybody that worked on that. The Firefly match, our Money the Bank match. So if this pandemic which is unfortunate, super sad, we’re losing lives and we’ve got to be careful if you go out in public and you have to wear those masks you can barely breathe in. We’ve got to be careful but if that didn’t happen, would these ideas spark with our creative team, our writers and producers? If this pandemic didn’t, unfortunately, pan out, I don’t know if you would have thought of that Boneyard match or thought of that awesome Firefly Funhouse match. I think we could definitely be in the norm here though.” Read the full interview at BetweenTheRopes.com.

Powell’s POV: As much as I prefer traditional pro wrestling matches, I agree with Otis that the end of the pandemic won’t mark the end of cinematic matches. Otis had more to say about cinematics, what he’s doing differently without fans in attendance, missing out on WrestleMania being held at Raymond James Stadium, and more.


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