Jay Bradley on working with Billy Corgan in Impact Wrestling, his own WWE debut match, TNA Gut Check

By Jason Powell, ProWrestling.net Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

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On working The Big Show on Smackdown: I got called 48 hours beforehand the Saturday night before the Tuesday and I would be debuting against Triple H. When I got to the building that day… The Big Show came with the creative staff to flip it to me versus the Big Show then to me versus Triple H and then The Big Show. It was pretty nerve racking getting TV time and wondering where this is going to go. I remember after that match my phone blew up that night. From family friends and old colleagues and everybody else was emailing me and saying they watched. I have nothing negative to say about the match and The Big Show said he was really happy for what I did for him that night.

On making it through TNA’s Gut Check: I was literally going through my head, the mic is in my hand and the ball is in my court. I either put the ball in play and connect with the audience or I don’t. But it’s all on me. There was no scripting. I got to improve my mic skills with the likes of Dusty Rhodes and Al Snow and used that to my advantage and I was happy with that segment and how it went.

On working with Billy Corgan: Billy is very well spoken and self educated on a number of topics. With Impact, it looks like the previous ownership was looking for money or notoriety for having him around. I think some of the talent he worked with saw the creativity he could bring. At a set of tapings, I watched him put the Decay together with the three individuals involved and the way he pulled this into play where he took it upon himself to develop the idea and saw what it become, it became the hottest thing for awhile, but that was his baby and that was a lot of him and a lot of input with the talent, which is great because they allow you to be creative with them and mould it all together. That’s kind of what the Aiden O’Shea character was.


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