ACH says he quit WWE/NXT, considers Jordan Myles to be a slave name

By Jason Powell, Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

ACH released a profanity filled video claiming that he has quit working for WWE/NXT. He followed up by saying that people should not call him Jordan Myles because he considers it a slave name.

Powell’s POV: You can check out the video below, but please note that it’s absolutely NSFW due to several f-bombs. WWE has not announced any change in his contractual status. I reached out to the company’s PR staff for clarification, but they have not responded as of this update. I will let you know if that changes.


Readers Comments (5)

  1. He’s either the dumbest person to come through WWE in a while or this is an elaborate angle. I’m guessing dumb is the right answer.

  2. Wow first ROH and now WWE. This guy is going to run out of places to work.

    Have fun botching on the indys

  3. Clicked on the link to find “that page doesn’t exist”.

    • Tracked down the video. In all seriousness, WWE security needs to keep on eye out for him at events and their offices. He’s just not right in the head and I worry if his blaming will graduate from words to action. People on Twitter are joking about CTE; whatever the catalyst, he sees himself as a Nat Turner figure, and, in this day and age, I’d rather WWE were overly cautious regarding him.

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