10/10 NXT UK TV results: Gleed’s review of Piper Niven vs. Jazzy Gabert, Dave Mastiff vs. Kenny Williams, The Hunt vs. Pretty Deadly, Jordan Devlin vs. Jack Starz

By Haydn Gleed, ProWrestling.net Staffer (@haydngleed)

Taped October 5-6, 2019 in Brentwood, England at Brentwood Centre
Streamed October 10, 2019 on WWE Network

After the bad music and video package, Nigel McGuinness checked in and announced that his new broadcast partner is Tom Phillips…

1. “The Hunt” Wild Boar and Primate defeated “Pretty Deadly” Sam Stoker and Lewis Howley.

Gleed’s Ramblings: Pretty Deadly are essentially the British version of Breezango, loads of talent but have a lame Model Rick Martel style gimmick. They are definitely the next big UK Tag Team, but I’m still not sure about the presentation. The Hunt have been the jobbing tag team to the stars but seem to be taking on Gallus so taking the win gives them some momentum heading into that program. Just as an FYI, Tom Philips is already grating me with his “oh isn’t the British culture cute” banter.

After the match, Imperium’s music hit and out came Marcel Barthel and Fabian Aichner. Marcel started shouting Animals and claiming that the Hunt were defecating over their mat. Primate heard enough and hit a beautiful suicide dive. The brawl was pretty even until Alexander Wolfe came out…

Gleed’s Ramblings: I could swear that The Hunt were attacked by Gallus a couple of weeks back. By the way, I doubt we will see Walter in front of the crowd for a couple of weeks as these tapings were held over the weekend, and obviously Walter faced Kushida last night in NXT, so I don’t know if they would have him bouncing back and for across the pond.

A video package on Ilja Dragunov was shown with a graphic saying he is making his return next week…

2. Jordan Devlin defeated Jack Starz.

Gleed’s Ramblings: Devlin has clearly been in the States based on the fact he’s incredibly tanned, and he’s looked ripped at the moment, so I’m guessing he’s been at the Performance Center. As for the match, it was what it was. I liked that they give Jack Starz some more offence, but considering it came out of no where it made Devlin look a little weak.

After the match, Jordan grabbed a microphone and he questioned how many more people how many people on the brand does he have to beat to prove he’s the biggest star. Dave Mastiff’s music played. He climbed in the ring and Devlin rolled out and gave him a little wave. Dave grabbed a microphone and said since you are the greatest superstar in all of this company, why don’t you have a match with me? Devlin declined and went backstage.

Gleed’s Ramblings: Yeah, I like the idea of these two having some issues.

3. Dave Mastiff defeated Kenny Williams. Kenny sold a rolled ankle part way through the match so they gave him an out for losing.

Gleed’s Ramblings: Williams is not really doing anything at the moment, which is a shame. Considering we just saw the genesis of a television feud between Mastiff and Devlin, there was no doubt who was going to win this.

Xia Brookside was backstage and started to cut a promo, but Nina Samuels interrupted her and mocked her for giving an update to her “loyal followers”. Nina went to walk off, but Xia challenged her to a match if she’ll put her “money where her mouth is”…

NXT UK Tag Team Champions Mark Andrews and Flash Morgan Webster made their entrance and grabbed microphones. Andrews talked about the energy from the fans and he thanked the fans for being behind them leading to their title victory. He said thank you. Flash said that when they won the titles they will take on the world. So with that they are willing to take on anyone anywhere. Immediately, Gallus’s music hit and we saw they were in the commentary booth.

Mark Coffey said he would be impressed with the tag champs if he wasn’t so embarrassed by the pair of them. He mocked Andrews for his speech to the fans and sucking up to the fans before their match next week. He said the only reason they don’t come down right now is so that they want something left of them next week. Flash said “next week we will kick your asses”…

Alyisha Taylor interviewed Noam Dar backstage. Dar said that he beat Trent Seven and it doesn’t matter if it was via DQ a win’s a win. He had Trent’s towel over his shoulder. He started to talk about what he will be doing next. Trent came into the picture and said this is not over. They started to jaw at each other with referees and Sid Scala holding them back. Noam took a cheap shot, which angered Trent but they were separated. Sid said that they will settle this in the ring in two weeks time…

A video package setup the events leading to the main event between Viper and Jazzy Gabert…

4. Piper Niven defeated Jazzy Gabert (w/Jinny). The finish of the match came when Jinny tried to interfere but Piper knocked her out of the ring with a headbutt. On the outside Rhea Ripley hit Jazzy with a big boot and Piper hit Gabert with her finisher for the victory…

Gleed’s Ramblings: I can’t say I understand why the babyfaces got their win immediately. I am looking forward to seeing the former adversaries team up together, they just need to get the heels heated back up. Overall, not a bad show and definitely an improvement from the last four weeks that aired from the Cardiff tapings. We started to get some build up for feuds which will play out on TV, and it makes the matches feel like they have some significance and it’s not just a company saying we put on one hell of a Takeover show on Saturday so Sunday we will tape four weeks of us phoning it in, which is what essentially happened after NXT UK Takeover: Cardiff.



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