7/28 Heavy on Wrestling “Fortunebaynia” results: Sting, Booker T, Ken Anderson, Greg Valentine, Honky Tonk Man, Colt Cabana, Arik Cannon, Ultimo Dragon, Tito Santana, Super Crazy, Adam Rose, Victoria, ODB, Darin Corbin

By Jason Powell, ProWrestling.net Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

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Heavy On Wrestling Fortunebaynia II
Tower, Minnesota at Fortune Bay Casino
Report by Dot Net Member Chris Ketchmark

A sold old show with a few no-show fans due to cool, rainy weather at the outdoor show.

The ring announcer welcomed us to the show and introduced Sting, who came to the ring in his crow make-up, gear and robe. Sting played to the crowd and thanked us for attending. He was interrupted by Settle For Nothing: HOW Champion Darin Corbin, Lore, and Sebastian Taylor. Corbin told Sting he was standing in the champ’s ring and asked what he was going to do about it. No. 1 contender Arik Cannon came out to side with Sting. Referees came out to prevent a brawl. Sting said: “We have a champ, we have a challenger, we have refs. Let’s have a title match Right Now!

1. Arik Cannon defeated Darin Corbin (w/Lore, Sebastian Taylor) to win the HOW Heavyweight Title. Sold action from two veterans who have teamed and worked against each other many times over the years (the Tommy Dreamer and Raven of Minnesota Indy Wrestling).

2. Mitch Paradise won a 13-Man Heavy Rumble (Royal Rumble rules) for his choice of an HOW title match. Mitch Paradise was #1 and King Leonidas was #2. Super Thunderfrog was #3, Sebastian Taylor was #4, Lore was #5, Duke Cornell was #6. Thunderfrog was the first elimination, Kyle Pro was #7. WWE Hall of Famer Tito Santana was #8. Devin Monroe was #9. Devin Monroe was the next elimination. Tito Santana was eliminated. Scott Story was #10. Kyle Pro was eliminated. Scott Story was eliminated. Levi Cruise was #11, Chaos 300 was #12. Levi Cruise was eliminated. Angel Dorado was the final entrant. Chaos 300 was eliminated. Angel Dorado was eliminated. Duke Cornell was eliminated. Sebastian Taylor and Lore were eliminated on opposite sides of the ring and we were down to the final two that started it all, Leonidas and Paradise. Mitch Paradise eliminated King Leonidas when ringside referee Dan Jesser pulled the top rope down to aide Paradise. Following the match, Jesser tore off his referee shirt and announced himself as Paradise’s new manager and guaranteed Paradise would be champion with a year. They proceeded to beat down Leonidas with Singapore canes and garbage can lids.

The Fortune Bay entertainment coordinator came out with Ax and Smash of Demolition to gave away an autographed Sting bat and title belt to two children.

3. Ultimo Dragon (w/Sonny Onoo) beat Super Crazy, Wildcat, and Adam Rose (w/his Bunny and Rosebuds) in a four-way match Ultimo Dragon pinned Wildcat to win the match. Dragon and Crazy stood out and worked well together.

4. ODB and Kara Noya beat Victoria and Brooke Valentine. Madusa was announced as a special commentator for the match. Victoria did a lot in the match. The ladies worked hard and ODB pinned Valentine to win the match for her team.

5. “Rhythm and Boom” Colt Cabana, Honky Tonk Man, and Greg Valentine (w/Jimmy Hart) defeated The System, David Arquette and RJ City. City complained prior to the match that Arquette has done nothing for his career, hasn’t gotten him on any talkshows, and better not screw up this match because he sucks. Arquette was over and got a great response from the crowd. Colt Cabana a, The System and RJ City worked the bulk of the match. Valentine was wrestling in a t-shirt, shorts, and tennis shoes. Cabana pinned The System to win the match. Post match saw City and The System get in Arquette’s face and blame him for the loss. Rhythm and Boom helped Arquette clear the ring and they danced while Honky Tonk sang his theme music. Arquette seemed to be having a blast and even hit a flying head scissors in the match.

6. Luke and PJ Hawx beat Riley Jackson and Mr. Ken Anderson. Jackson and Anderson were the babyfaces, but drew heat from the Minnesota crowd when announced as being from Green Bay, Wisconsin. Luke Hawx pinned Jackson to win the match for the father and son duo. Post match, Ken Anderson turned on Riley and gave him a Mic Check, saying he was even worse a trainee than Air Wolf.

Booker T was announced and brought out a new the new HOW Fortune Bay Heritage Title belt.

7. Nate the Great Edwards beat JDX and Air Wolf to become the first HOW Fortune Bay Heritage Championship. Excellent work from all three with many high spots and near falls. Edwards stole the pin from Air Wolf on JDX to win the new belt. Post match Edwards was gloating and got in Booker T’s face saying he was retired and old generation. Edwards said he is the champ, got the job done, and is the new generation. Booker T laid him out to send the fans home on a happy note.

No announcement yet on Fortunebaynia 3. The ring was shielded from the rain by a canopy and most of the crowd wore ponchos that were provided. A very entertaining, three-hour show despite the weather.


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