Pruett’s Lucha Underground Hit List: Pentagon Dark vs. Cage includes unprotected chair shots, Mil Muertes vs. The Mack in a Haunted House Match, and more murder

By Will Pruett, Senior Staffer (@itswilltime)

Lucha Underground Hits

Mil Muertes vs. The Mack: This and the main event caused a little hardcore overload in my brain. I would not have put them on the same episode. This was a fun hardcore almost-comedy brawl inside a cage. Mil Muertes doesn’t gain much from beating The Mack, but it keeps everyone on TV and relevant. The added Melissa Santos and Catrina drama before the match enhanced this show a little as well.

Jake Strong vs. Aerostar: Essentially a squash for Strong. I’m still not buying the former Jack Swagger in The Temple, but this was a solid outing. I’m waiting to find out more about who “The Savage” is.

Drago saves Aerostar: While I would have given him longer to find himself, Drago being back on the technico side of Lucha Underground is a good thing.

Worldwide Underground Wedding Shower: Besides the murder, this was a very fun backstage segment for Johnny Mundo, Taya, Jack Evans, and PJ Black.

Lucha Underground Misses

Pentagon Dark vs. Cage: I’ve often argued that stylistically Lucha Underground has shown us the future of wrestling. This week, it showed us wrestling’s dark and disturbing past. Cage and Pentagon had a Last Man Standing match with the usual LU crazy spots. They also had unusual unprotected chair shots to the head. This has no place in professional wrestling. We’ve seen too many wrestlers suffer too many head injuries. Shame on this episodic TV promotion for allowing these wrestlers to do this. Be better.

Ricky Mundo’s Pen Murder: This show is getting a little too obsessed with killing for me. I know budget cuts happened with this season, but it’s like they’re bringing everyone in once just to kill them off. It’s awkward.

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Readers Comments (2)

  1. I’m a proponent for headshots…

  2. Dear Crowd:

    Every match is not ‘Awesome’! When you cry wolf too frequently, no one watching believes you that “this is awesome.’ 2 of the 3 matches had “this is awesome” chants. Either this is the single greatest wrestling show that has ever aired, or the crowd is a little too unrealistic.

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