NWA “10 Pounds of Gold” – Tim Storm vs. Jocephus, Impact Wrestling tag team appears

The seventh installment of the NWA’s “10 Pounds of Gold” digital series focusses on the aftermath of the Tim Storm vs. Nick Aldis title match, and Storm’s recent title match against Jocephus. Check out the video at the NWA Wrestling Youtube page.

Powell’s POV: Aldis talks about when he thought he had the match won, and both men discuss the controversial finish of their match. Meanwhile, there is footage from the Storm vs. Jocephus match that was held at a Tried N True Pro Wrestling in Clarksville, Tennessee. The Impact Wrestling wrestler cameos feature the Veterans of War tag team of Anthony “Crimson” Mayweather and Jax “Wilcox” Dane. In a fun side note, Dane is the man that Storm beat for the title. It’s another good episode and they are clearly building up to a Storm vs. Aldis rematch. You can check out the new video below along with the previous installments of the series (start at the bottom to watch from the beginning).


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