9/14 Moore’s GFW Impact Wrestling Review: Low Ki vs. Johnny Impact for a GFW Title shot at Victory Road, Lashley makes his decision, more Dan Lambert and American Top Team, Taya Valkyrie’s in-ring debut, Sonjay Dutt vs. Trevor Lee in a falls count anywhere match for the X Division Championship

By John Moore

GFW Impact Wrestling
Taped August 2017 in Orlando, Florida at Universal Studios

Dan Lambert and Bobby Lashley were shown entering the Impact studio to start off the show. One of the nameless MMA fighters tossed around a backstage crew member with the other nameless MMA fighters giving cheesy laughs. A hype video played to hype up the upcoming Johnny Impact vs. Low Ki match…

After the GFW opening theme, Braxton Sutter and Allie entered the Impact Zone. Jeremy Borash and Josh Mathews checked in on commentary…

1. Braxton Sutter (w/Allie) vs. Garza Jr. Borash talked about Garza’s deep wrestling heritage and how he’s following in the footsteps of his uncle, Hector Garza. Garza had Sutter locked up in a backpack headlock position. Sutter shifted the force to his favor. Garza countered with a side slam. Garza and Sutter then had a fast-paced counter sequence. Sutter laid in some chops on Garza when he was more into taking his t-shirt off. Garza tried to stop the match to take off his pants but Sutter didn’t halt.

Sutter caught Garza with a second rope cutter. Borash mentioned that Garza is from Konnan’s Crash promotion and used that as a segue to hype up LAX vs. oVe. Sutter got a nearfall after a power slam. Josh gave Sutter credit for hooking the leg with the powerslam move. Garza yelled for a time out again and it made a bit more sense this time for Sutter to stop since he was trying to avoid a move. Garza blew a kiss at Allie and ripped off his tear away pants. Allie had a shocked face. Sutter yelled “are you kidding me?” to Garza. Sutter baseball slid out of the ring and sidestepped Sutter’s baseball slide. Garza put Sutter in a handstand and gave him a superkick. Garza gave Sutter snake eyes on the steps.

Garza went for a suicide dive but put the brakes on when Allie was in the spot that Sutter was once in. Sutter shoved Garza into the ring steps. Sutter earned a close nearfall after a gutwrench suplex. Sutter then showed frustration by going for quick pin attempts. Allie tried to rally the crowd for Sutter. Garza caught Sutter with a superkick and delayed lionsault. Garza picked up the win.

Garza Jr. defeated Braxton Sutter via pinfall in 4:43.

Allie had her sad face on after the match. Garza opened the ring ropes to let Allie in the ring. Allie went to console Sutter. Sutter yelled “you know better!” at Allie. Josh Mathews said Allie’s pink shirt might be a huge distraction. Sutter was about to storm off but had second thoughts and gave Allie a hug. Sutter held Allie’s hand to leave but Allie pulled Sutter back. Allie had her angry face on. Allie and Sutter then looked uncomfortable heading to the back. Jeremy Borash hyped up Johnny Impact vs. Low Ki. Josh Mathews then hyped up Trevor Lee vs. Sonjay Dutt in a falls count anywhere match. Borash hyped up El Hijo Del Fantasma vs. EC3 for the Impact Grand Championship… [C]

John’s Thoughts: I’ll give a wait and see approach to this one because there is some good that can come out of it. Allie should be more of her own act away from Sutter and Garza is very talented. I hope they don’t go to Allie and Garza because that doesn’t put the spotlight back on the charismatic Allie. I’m also not sure why they never gave Laredo Kid and Garza a real shot because they were a real fun tag team to watch. To tell you the truth, I side with Sutter on this one and he’s supposed to be the heel. Can you blame Sutter for not wanting Allie to associate with a man who is obsessed with ripping off his pants in public?

El Hijo Del Fantasma (a.k.a King Cuerno) made his way to the ring. Josh Mathews introduced the judges which were Dutch Mantel and Scott D’Amore who were the usual judges. Replacing Bruce Prichard was Hector Guerrero…

John’s Thoughts: Whoa! At one point, Hector looked like a skinnier Eddie. He looks different with grey hair!

2. Ethan Carter III vs. El Hijo Del Fantasma for the Impact Grand Championship. Josh Mathews argued that since Hector Guerrero was in AAA, he might be biased towards Fantasma. Fantasma went for a handshake but EC3 slapped away Fantasma’s hand. Jeremy Borash said Fantasma is wrestling this match right after facing Johnny Impact and El Texano Jr. in a ladder match (even though this was taped before, their timelines confuse me since they jump back and forth on their connotation). Fantasma tried to smother EC3 in the corner.

A curse word was bleeped from EC3 as he was separated from Carter. Carter took down Fantasma with a shoulder block. Fantasma came back with a few armdrags. Jeremy Borash and Josh Mathews started to talk about Dan Lambert. EC3 fired up on Fantasma with a few chops. After a pin attempt, Carter locked in a side headlock. Fantasma hit a front kick on Carter. Carter came back with a TKO to the outside on Fantasma. The round ended with Borash and Mathews agreeing that EC3 won. The score card said that EC3 won the round unanimously.

John’s Thoughts: Is that the first time under Anthem that we’ve seen a unanimous decision in a round? They usually follow such illogical logic that it stands out when they do something right for once.

Fantasma kicked off the second round with a dropkick and boots. EC3 shoved Fantasma to the ground and slowed things down. Fantasma jumped over EC3 and gave him a huracanrana. Fantasma gave EC3 a jumping knee followed by a double knee strikes. Fantasma nailed EC3 with a frogsplash for the nearfall. Fantasma then finished the round with a surfboard. Fantasma won the second round unanimously. [C]

EC3 tried to rollup Fantasma but then lifted Fantasma into several power bombs. Fantasma caught EC3 with a kick and cross body block. Carter and Fantasma traded punches. EC3 blocked an armbar. EC3 hit a TKO on Fantasma. Fantasma caught EC3 with a back dropkick. Carter retreated to ringside. Fantasma hit Carter with his Arrow From the Depths of Hell Suicide Dive. EC3 caught Fantasma with a hanging one percenter but couldn’t cover Fantasma. Josh Mathews pointed out that the story of this match was that both men could have picked up a win if the clock didn’t stop them. Dave Penzer announced that it was a split decision with D’Amore picking EC3, Dutch picking Fantasma, and Guerrero picking EC3…

Ethan Carter III defeated El Hijo Del Fantasma via split decision.

Fantasma went to ringside to argue with Hector Guerrero. Fantasma pulled Hector by the collar. Hector pushed Fantasma. Fantasma went in the ring to argue with EC3. Pagano then ran in to help Fantasma put the boots to EC3. Jeremy Borash called Pagano “one of the most dangerous hardcore wrestlers in Mexico”. Eddie Edwards ran in to save EC3 from the AAA wrestlers. Josh Mathews said that even though EC3 doesn’t get along with Eddie Edwards, “brothers band together”.

John’s Thoughts: I’m not quite sure what to say. The match wasn’t atrocious. It was just there like most Grand Championship matches. The sudden shift of Fantasma from respectful to heelish was odd, but that’s been my view of Fantasma going back to when I watched AAA, that his character is odd. Fantasma is not a great character. He’s a great wrestler. He speaks English well. King Cuerno is an amazing badass bounty hunter. I hope they repackage Fantasma because I feel he has more to offer under a different persona. Not to mention the guy has the best Suicide Dive that I’ve seen live and it looks like that dive won over the Impact Zone too. As for Pagano. He was there too. I hope this doesn’t lead to a AAA “invasion”.

Jeremy Borash and Josh Mathews were then shown from a dark area with a TV behind them. Josh Mathews reminded the viewers that LAX was facing oVe in Mexico. They then transitioned to a LAX cinematic. Konnan pointed to a building and said this was now their home. They were greeted by Homicide who was super hyped to see LAX return to him. Ortiz and Santana acted like they just found their long-lost brother. Konnan said Homicide has been making that paper by selling LAX brand beer. Konnan was then censored. He might have been talking about getting some pu**y, [bleep], and booze. I’m not sure. Ortiz sounded like he really wanted pizza. LAX were then shown in a strip club getting some of dat booty from the strippers. Konnan said it was time for business. Konnan said the deck is stacked against oVe since LAX has the referee paid off, they’re going to drink TJ bottled water, they can speak Spanish, and their insurance is gringo killer Homicide.

Josh and Jeremy talked over a hype video package for oVe vs. LAX. Jeremy Borash said this was a four-team match between oVe, LAX, and two other teams I couldn’t catch the name of. Instead of getting a match we got highlights with epic trailer music playing. One of the masked guys hit a crazy tilt a whirl huracanrana. It was hard to catch the rest of the action due to blur and lighting. Santana and Ortiz got a nearfall after a Suplex Crossbody combo. Jake Crist was shown showing heart. Ortiz broke up oVe’s pin attempt. Homicide hit the gringo killer on one of the masked guys and LAX picked up the win on him.

Jake and Dave Crist approached the four LAX members in an empty ring arena. Some other Crash members joined Konnan in surrounding oVe. Konnan said they were in TJ which was far away from those trailer parks in Ohio. Konnan asked oVe to get the hell out of here before he makes them disappear. Dave told Jake as they were leaving that they were about to have some fun since they know where LAX’s clubhouse is…

John’s Thoughts: That was interesting to say the least, but overall a bit disappointing since I was hoping we would get an actual match as opposed to highlights.

3. Grado vs. William Weeks. Borash said Grado requested for this match as his final match so he can go out on top. Grado hit his Bionic Elbow combo on Weeks. Grado then hit the wee boot on Weeks to pick up the win.

Grado defeated William Weeks via pinfall in 0:49.

Jeremy Borash gave some farewell notes about Grado. Grado said tomorrow morning at 10am he has to take a flight back to Glasgow, Scotland. He talked about how it sucks being in coach in the middle seat. Grado then called the Impact fans the greatest wrestling fans in the entire world. He thanked the fans for allowing him to live his dream. Joseph Park then walked out to his entrance theme. Joseph Park was out of breath and said he had some big news. Park said the offices of Park, Park, and Park have opened up a “Sports and Entertainment Management Division”. Park said Grado is Park’s first signee which means Park sponsors Grado’s visa and he can stay in the US. Grado then hopped for joy and gave Park a hug.

Park handed Grado a contract and pen. The crowd gave Park a “thank you Joseph” chant. Grado signed. Park said now it’s time to get to work. Park said he’s going to get Grado bookings, appearance, polaroid shoots, and even on those podcasts that all the boys are raving about. Park said they are about to make a lot of money and it was time to put hustle behind his muscle. Grado and Park then celebrated in the ring. Josh Mathews said this was an atrocity. Grado went to give the fans hugs as Josh called this simply horrible. They then cut to backstage where Caleb Konley was trying to hype up Trevor Lee… [C]

John’s Thoughts: The Park and Grado segments continue to be very fun. Park can seemingly make anyone more lovable and he did it for both Jeremy Borash and Grado since dropping Abyss full-time. I totally expect this to continue since that’s been their gimmick with this visa thing. As for the upcoming X match, Did they hype this in past weeks? I remember they giving big pushes for matches like oVe vs. LAX and even Fantasma vs. EC3 with a Cornette segment, but I don’t remember what set up this X title match.

McKenzie Mitchell was interviewing Johnny Impact about his thoughts on his upcoming match. Impact/Mundo talked about he and Low Ki being on the short list of innovators in this business. Impact said he needed a match against that dude. Impact said people say Low Ki’s voice sounds like a movie trailer voice over. Mundo-pact said Low Ki’s movie is about to end with him waking up in Slam Town…

John’s Thoughts: If you watched last night’s Lucha Underground episode you would have seen that the whole Slam Town catchphrase is meant to make Johnny Mundo sound like a dork his into his own BS when he’s playing an arrogant Miz-like Hollywood A-lister. It’s purposely dorky. I’m not sure why he’s carrying it over to his babyface persona.

Jim Cornette had a sigh of disappointment because Bobby Lashley brought Dan Lambert and American Top Team into his office. Lashley said Cornette told him to make a decision. Lashley said he made a decision and picked his team. He said he wants a release so he can go to MMA and win a title there. Cornette asked Lashley if he really wants this because Lambert is going to bleed Lashley dry without him knowing. Cornette said Lashley has more money opportunities in Wrestling. Cornette said he’s had it because of the baggage that Lashley is bringing with him.

Cornette asked Lashley to take all “these” off of Universal Studios and if they don’t leave he will send them an escort. Cornette asked for one more thing from Lashley and that was for Lashley to confront a pissed off Moose to settle their differences however they so please. Cornette said then will he give Lashley a release to be broken and bankrupt with Lambert. Lambert then said he didn’t need an escort because he’s going to see Lashley at the party. Lashley gave Cornette a thumbs up and a thank you. Cornette said now is the time when Lashley gets polite…

John’s Thoughts: Speaking of dorks. Dan Lambert is back, but it’s not as offensive as past weeks. Now I’m kinda hoping that Lashley leaves so we don’t have to see his investor friend Dan on TV. It’s a shame too since Lashley is one of the best heel talkers and wrestlers in the business.

4. Sonjay Dutt vs. Trevor Lee in a falls count anywhere match for the GFW X Division Championship. Lee shoved Sonjay before he could get in the ring so GFW rang the bell. Lee tossed Sonjay around outside. Sonjay took advantage of Lee’s showboating by giving him a drop toehold into the ringpost. Sonjay hit a low angle crossbody on Lee who was on a steel chair. Lee gained momentum and put the boots to Sonjay in the ring. Sonjay rolled off the back of Lee and then followed up with a running huracanrana.

Sonjay threw a chair in the ring. Lee threw the chair away. Lee and Dutt traded slow strikes. Lee came back with a pump kick. Sonjay returned the favor with a pump kick of his own. They then took each other out with a pump kick. Lee went for the pin first to no success. Lee gave Sonjay a few European Uppercuts. Sonjay came right back at Lee with a rope run tornado DDT. Lee crotched Sonjay off the top rope. Lee hit Dutt with a high vertical Superplex on Dutt. Lee tried to pin Sonjay on the outside of the ring.

Sonjay dodged Lee tossing a chair into his direction. Sonjay tossed Lee on the barricade. Sonjay then dragged Lee past the barricade to continue the brawl. Sonjay hit Lee with a standing moonsault heading into commercial. [C]

Lee and Dutt brawled to the studio lot. Caleb Konley punched Dutt a few times backstage. Sonjay then ate (unprotected) Trash Can and Lid shots to the head. Sonjay sidestepped Lee which made Lee hit Konley in the head with the can. Dutt gave Lee some superkicks to allow for a pin attempt. Lee was hit with the lid. Dutt went for his signature wall run DDT but Lee crotched Sonjay on a loose barricade. Konley chopped Dutt and Lee hit Dutt with a superkick. Lee rolled up Dutt for the win with a pole helping him out with leverage. Lee also had a hand full of tights.

Trevor Lee defeated Sonjay Dutt via pinfall in 9:22 to become the new GFW X Division Champion.

Lee and Koney jogged away from the studio lot. They then cut to Borash and Mathews in their darkened announce room. Josh hyped up Impact vs. Low Ki again. Richard Justice was shown doing his squats. He was approached by Dan Lambert and American Top Team. Justice introduced himself to Lambert as The Standby Wrestler. Lambert said that was stupid.

John’s Thoughts: The concept of Dan Lambert as a character is stupid!

Justice said it’s not stupid since he has a really important job. Justice said he’s American too since he has an American Flag headband. He asked if he could join the top team. Colby Covington the MMA fighter kicked Justice. Mathews finally gave one of the guys a name. A nameless MMA fighter gave Justice a guillotine choke. They walked away and put an American Top Team shirt over Justice. Josh Mathews then hyped up a new pro wrestler contest called “Global Forge”. Scott D’Amore talked about this being a weekly show. They showed wrestlers training in D’Amore’s gym and doing promos. D’Amore and Naomichi Marufuji were shown as judges. Amore talked about how champions like Bobby Roode, Eric Young, Rhyno, Sienna, and Gail Kim have trained at his dojo. This sounded like a low budget commercial for D’Amore’s dojo. Jeremy Borash hyped up Taya Valkyrie’s GFW in-ring debut.

John’s Thoughts: Going back to the match, Dutt and Lee put in some work. Dutt is a good wrestler in-ring but there is something missing with him in connecting with crowds not in India. I can’t say I’m excited about Trevor Lee as champion given how his past runs have gone. I’ll just throw my hands up in the air and hope either gets released so he can strive somewhere else or they finally give the guy the push that his immense technical talent deserves.

Taya Valkyrie made her entrance as Josh Mathews recapped the formula swerve from the week prior. Taya wore a better golden streak leotard this week compared to that sky blue one she was wearing last week.

5. Taya Valkyrie vs. Amber Nova. Amber Nova was the lady that Dave Penzer announced was “from the garage” a few months ago. Borash said he was going to tell us later why Taya has been the talk of the wrestling world. Taya gave Nova a side slam to start. Josh Mathews recapped how Taya was trained in British Columbia by Lance Storm. Taya blocked a huracanrana and gave Nova a sitout powerbomb. Taya had the match won but she pulled up Nova’s shoulders. Taya hit Amber Nova with Beth Phoenix’s Glam Slam to pick up the win.

Taya Valkyrie defeated Amber Nova via pinfall in 1:20.

Taya lightly kicked Nova out of her way as Borash cut to Eli Drake’s backstage promo. Drake asked Chris Maters if he smells something. He said that smell was desperation of everyone trying to reach unreachable heights with little T-Rex arms. Drake said he’s on another level. Drake said there were two dummies tonight who are fighting for number one contendership at Victory Road. Drake said from day 1 since he looked at the title Cornette said they can’t have that on Drake and Jim led a trail of breadcrumbs to E-li Drake’s door to put an X on Drake’s back and Drake marks the spot. Drake said he spots two marks which he’s going to watch tonight. That’s not an insult, that is just a fact of life…

John’s Thoughts: I’m a little spoiled with this one. Taya is way beyond one minute enhancement matches in my mind, but that’s because I’ve reviewed her high workrate matches on for a year or so. I even reviewed a Taya match last night on Lucha Underground. That said, it was a decent introduction of her to viewers who aren’t familiar with her work and she definitely has more upside at this point. She has a good look, entrance costume, and I’m a huge fan of her GFW entrance music.

Low Ki came to the ring to LAX’s entrance music and video. Low Ki no longer wears a suit jacket and instead wears gun holsters. Johnny Impact made his entrance next…

6. Johnny Impact vs. Low Ki to become number one contender to the GFW Global Championship. Josh Mathews said Victory Road was happening in two weeks. Ki blocked a kick with his foot and then gave Impact a straight jab. Impact played footsies with Ki. Impact landed an elbow on Ki. Ki came back with a punch combo to corner Impact. Ki slipped to the ground. Impact made a double leg takedown. Low Ki countered into the rear guard on Impact. Impact countered into a kneebar on Ki. Impact made it to a vertical base. Ki jumped and gave Impact a jumping donkey kick.

Ki gave Impact a loud chop in the corner. Impact used his traceur skills to elude Low Ki for a bit but Ki caught Impact with a dragon sleeper on the ropes. Ki broke the hold since it was on the ropes. [C]

Ki caught Impact with a front kick. Impact came back with a back hook kick. Impact then used a capoeira combo on Ki. Impact caught Ki’s feet and gave him a roundhouse to the back. Impact hit an innovative baseball slide German Suplex on Ki. Ki regained momentum and gave Impact clubbing elbows on the top rope. Ki then locked in an innovative Tree of Woe Dragon Sleeper. Impact blocked a fisherman buster. Ki hit Impact with his tidal wave kick. Josh and JB talked about Dan Lambert at this point. Impact hit his variation of the Tidal Wave, the Flying Chuck.

Impact counted down which allowed Ki to escape Impact’s corkscrew senton. Ki got a pin attempt. Ki and Impact struggled to get to their feet. Ki went for a rope hung Warriors Way but Ki only hit rope since Impact dodged. Johnny Impact hit Ki with Starship Pain to pick up the victory.

Johnny Impact defeated Low Ki via pinfall in 7:24 to become the number one contender to the GFW Global Championship.

Borash said Eli Drake was now put on notice and that the championship match was happening at Victory Road. Eli Drake made his entrance to confront Impact from the ramp. Chris Adonis blindsided Impact. Chris Masters did the Masterlock on Impact for the knockout. Drake picked up the scraps by hitting Impact with the Gravy Train.

Jim Cornette was shown in his office begging Lashley to reconsider his decision. Lashley said he just came here to say his goodbyes and after he shoves it up Moose’s ass and Cornette’s ass via the process he’s going back to his boys where they appreciate him. Lashley asked Cornette to come out and see what he’s going to do to Moose. Lashley then teased a handshake and left Jim hanging. Cornette said Lashley is going to find out the hard way…

John’s Thoughts: Going into the match I expected some type of crazy video game spotfest given Impact’s moveset but instead we got a technical martial arts fight which was great. I haven’t seen Mundo wrestle like that since the end of his WWE run where they were really pushing his skills as a traceur. Low Ki is a different story and no one in the business wrestles like him. This match was so good that I personally thought eight minutes of TV time was just too short and it’s great when a match has you wanting more! This should have been in the main event and because they had that Lashley segment I’m afraid we’re in store for some more Dan Lambert and American Top Team. God help us!

Josh Mathews said Taya Valkyrie is an Impact trending topic. Taya was then shown confronting Karen Jarrett backstage (because all heel knockouts have to feud with Karen freakin’ Jarrett?). Taya shoved Karen around and asked her if she saw what she did. She’s aid she wants Karen to take a good look at what she’s doing because that’s what a real queen looks like…

Lashley was in the ring. Lashley said he’s been plagued with a decision to make which was between Pro Wrestling and Mixed Martial Arts. Lashley said he’s been doing good at both but he’s being forced to make a decision. Lashley then put over American Top Team as the best team in the world and said that his team wants him to come home to win “The Mixed Martial Arts World Championship”. Lashley said since they’ve been begging he’s making his decision. Lashley said his decision is he’s going home back to fighting with American Top Team since they are his real friends and teammates. Lashley said since it’s his last night he’s going to show why he is the best two sport athlete. He then asked Moose to bring his ass out to the ring so he can leave the way he came into this business, on top.

Moose walked to the ring wearing a Moose hoodie and sweatpants. He did his Moose dance to the ring. Moose started things off with a right hand. Lashley came right back at Moose with his own punches. Lashley clotheslined Moose over the top rope. Lashley gave Moose a lariat on the outside. Moose struggled but hit a clunky powerbomb on Moose on the outside. Moose blocked a spear with a boot. Lashley and Moose brawled in the crowd. Borash talked about the last straw being Moose beating Lashley in Mexico. Lashley and Moose brawled to the balcony area. They brawled in front of some kids. Moose gave Lashley a big boot in the crowd area. Lashley tried to use a trash can. Moose used the can on Lashley’s back. Borash and Mathews talked about Dan Lambert throughout the brawl.

Lashley countered Moose and hit him with a swinging neckbreaker. Mathews pointed out how Lashley leaving could affect everyone’s paychecks due to the money he brings in. Moose gave Lashley a gore on the outside. Moose fired up in the ring but Colby Covington, Random MMA Guys from American Top Team, and Dan Lambert choked out and beat up Moose. Security wan out but was beat up by the MMA guys. Lambert tossed a security guy outside. Lashley tossed another one out. Lashley, Dan Lambert, and American Top Team did a Ginyu Force like pose to end the show…

John’s Thoughts: Yup! One week without Dan f’n Lambert was just a tease, too good to be true. Lashley vs. Moose has the potential to be a great feud and their in-audience brawl was fun and something we don’t see too much in TNA/GFW. Moose has been unfortunate with a lot of bad booking and bad luck. Lashley is a top tier wrestler and talker! Lambert is a professional wrestling fan who invested in a gym. Okay. I wouldn’t like it, but I wouldn’t mind maybe having Lambert feud with Mahabali Shera or Grado in the undercard if Jarrett wants to help his money mark buddy out, then have him play pro wrestler on the undercard. Not their freakin main event that should have the likes of Johnny Mundo, Low Ki, Bobby Lashley, Eddie Edwards, Eli Drake, and others. Dan Lambert is being pushed over their roster. What’s more disrespectful is his MMA guys are unnamed tokens with UFC fighter Colby Covington just getting a name on this episode. This is a strange situation.

As an MMA fan, why would I want to watch a show headlined by guys with no name and a businessman? WWE has Shayna Baszler and Rhonda Rousey tearing things up on their network! If crossover was the story GFW/TNA wants to tell, they have Lashley, they have King Mo Lawal, they had Rampage, they had Tito! Dan Lambert? Give me a f’n break! You know what would be the greatest MMA gimmick to bring into GFW? Bring back Double J Double M A where Jeff Jarrett was beating up kids in a dojo. Jeff Jarrett MMA was awesome! (look up that gimmick on YouTube, you’ll love it!).

With that out of the way. This ended up being actually a pretty good episode once you get the Dan Lambert out of the way. Just think of Dan Lambert and Karen Jarrett as piss breaks. The grand championship match and Pagano’s tepid debut was an afterthought, but we got some good action throughout. Grado and Park were as fun as usual. Dutt and Lee had a good match. If anything, check out the show for a really good Low Ki vs. Johnny Impact match that was cut too short if this is one of Low Ki’s last matches in GFW. Again, a good show, just extricate Dan Lambert. You can even turn off your TV/DVR the moment Karen Jarrett popped up randomly on TV, even though the Moose and Lashley brawl started off hot. Jason Powell will be by later on with his GFW Hit List and member exclusive audio review.

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