8/21 GFW Impact Wrestling TV taping spoilers: Full results of upcoming television shows (spoilers)

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GFW Impact Wrestling TV Taping
Orlando, Florida at Universal Studios
Report by Dot Net reader Eddy G

Before the Tapings started, an employee was trying to hand me a “Marry Me Laurel” sign. Apparently she’s trying to find that special man still. (Buyer Beware!)

Xplosion Taping

1. Grand Champion EC3 beat Moose in a non-title match. This was a regular match without rounds. Very rare and surprising to see these guys in an Xplosion match. Funny spot on the outside when EC3 was against one of the ring posts and Moose missed a chop, and right after Moose was by one of the ring post and EC3 missed with a chop. EC3 steals the win with a roll up and a holding the tights.

2. “The Cowboy” James Storm beat Caleb Konley (w/Andrew Everett). Storm wins with The Last Call.

GFW Impact Wrestling Taping (airing 9/21)

GFW Global Champion Eli Drake is out with Chris Adonis; both were suit pants, suit jackets, and shirts with no ties. Eli was bragging about his win at Victory Road over Johnny Impact. Eli said Johnny wasn’t here tonight and may not ever be back again. Eli calls out Jim Cornette and said he’s making him go to Mexico and Japan, but no one’ s taking the title off of him. He says he’s had the night off and is looking for a woman between the ages of 18-30 with some DD’s to meet up later-YEAH. Eli saysAdonis isn’t off though and has an opponent for him-Hector Garza, Jr.

1. Chris Adonis beat Garza Jr. by DQ. Adonis controlled most of the match, until Johnny Impact comes out to attack him for the DQ. Johnny accidentally hit Garza Jr. and officials have to come down to break things up. Jim Cornette appears and tells Johnny and Garza to save it for next week when the winner of their match will face Eli Drake at BFG for the GFW Global Championship.

Taryn Terrell is out and asks why we cheer for that loser Gail Kim, and why Robert Irvine-who Taryn calls “Bobbie.” Gail goes to the ring and just wants to talk, but of course it leads to a brawl with Taryn eventually getting out of the ring.

2. Rosemary beat Hannah Harper. This was Hannah’s debut and she lost a quick match in under three minutes after Rosemary gave her a Red Wedding. Rosemary gets the mic after and implores Taya Valkyrie to come down and “Dance With The Demon.” Taya comes to ring and makes quick work of Rosemary with her finisher. This was just a fight, not a match.

LAX (Santana, Ortiz, Diamente, and Konnan-still no Homicide) came out. Konnan announces that LAX will invoke their rematch clause for the GFW Tag Titles. OVE gets in the ring and say name their match. Konnan says a 5150 street fight. OVE doesn’t even know what that is, but they agree. Diamanté gets a mic and says a 5150 match means OVE will be facing all of LAX. This may be the first promo she’s done. LAX and OVE fight with LAX standing tall.

3. X Division Champ Trevor Lee beat Suicide in a non-title match. Lee wins with a roll up. A short, uneventful match.

4. Johnny Impact beat Garza to become No. 1 contender for the Global Championship at Bound For Glory. These two worked well together with lots of lucha libre spots. Garza looked solid in the ring-he a has future star look to him: good aggression and connects well with the crowd. Late in the match, Garza applies a Boston Crab, the two exchange pin attempts before Impact wins with a Sunset Flip. The two men raise each other’s hands after. Really, really great showing by both men. Cornette goes to the ring to congratulate Johnny, but Chris Adonis sneaks into the ring and hits Johnny in the back with a large piece of plywood in the back. Johnny refuses help to the back at first, but officials eventually help him walk to the back.

5. Dezmond Xavier beat Andrew Everett (w/Trevor Lee, Caleb Konley). Lots of interference, but Xavier wins after two hand springs into a Pele Kick.

Jeremy Borash is in the ring and was about to announce the latest member of the hall of fame, but American Top Team came to the ring and pushes JB out. They want King Mo and Lashley to fight Moose and Shane Sewell at BFG. Mosse and Sewell came out but Lashley attaches them from behind and is rolled into the ring where American Top Team and Bobby beat them up. Trevor Lee, Konley, and Everett came in to help, but they were easily disposed of. Bobby hit two spears on Moose and he and his team pose in the ring.

6. Johnny Impact beat Chris Adonis. Adonis attacks before the bell, but Johnny wins with a 450 leg drop off top. Eli Drake comes down to try a sneak attack in his dress shirt and pants. Johnny pulls Eli’s belt off and hits him with it until Adonis turns the tables. Garza Jr. makes the save when he chases the heels away with a steel chair. This ends the show.

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