8/19 GFW Impact Wrestling TV taping spoilers: Full results of upcoming television shows (spoilers)

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GFW Impact Wrestling TV Taping
Orlando, Florida at Universal Studios
Report by Dot Net reader Eddy G

Xplosion Taping

1. Taiji Isimori beat Suicide. Ishimori wins with a 450.

GFW Impact Wrestling Taping (airing 8/24 and 8/31)

A black and white Zebra couch was brought out for Eli Drake’s celebration and becoming the GFW World Champion by winning the gauntlet match at the previous taping. Eli Drake is out with CHris Adonis dressed in sharp grey shirts, shades, and cigars. Drake said he’s a bit pissed because he’s been working for 14 years to become world champion and talked about his celebration, which included a woman, some milk, and plastic. Johnny Impact comes down and iintroduced himself as the AAA Heavyweight Champion and said he doesn’t care how it long it took Eli to become champion, he wants to be the next GFW Champion. Eddie Edwards comes down next and says he doesn’t care about Adonis or Mr. Impact – whom he says isn’t at Eddie’s level in GFW – he wants a title shot. Jim Cornette appears and announces next week (9/1) there’ll be a tag match with Chris Adonis and Eli Drake vs Johnny Mondo and Eddie Edwards. If Eli’s team wins he won’t have to defend his title against either man.

A GFW Championship match was next. The judges are: Dutch Mantell, Scott D’Amore and the returning Hector Guerrero.

1. EC3 beat El Hijo Del Fantasma to retain the GFW Grand Championship. EC3 refuses to shake hands and after the second time El Hijo offers a handshake EC3 spits on it. EC3 wins round 1. Fantasma comes firing in round 2, and is the round by the judges. Round 3 is back and forth with the decision with a split decision Mantell gives EC3 the decision, Scott D’Amore scores it for Fantasma and Hector breaks the tie by awarding the final decision to…EC3. Fantasma is stunned and furious and grabs Hector and’ threatens to hit him. While EC3 is watching in the ring, he’s attacked by a man with clown face paint from the crowd. Eddie Edwards comes to make the save.

2. “OVE” Jake and Dave Crist beat Mario Boraka and Fallah Bahh. The crowd was really into Fallh’s offence. I’ve said they should make him a face. OVE an win with an impressive cutter off the top from Boraka on top of one of the Crist brother’s shoulders. A great looking finisher.

3. Petey Williams beat Caleb Konley (w/Trevor Lee). Apparently the heels have some kind of alliance now. Solid action back-and-forth with Petey winning with another beautiful Canadian Destroyer! Lee and Caleb attack after the match, but Sonjay Dutt helps clear them from the ring.

4. Kongo Kong beat “The Standby Wrestler” Richard Justice. Kong wins a quick match-mercifully-with a top rope splash. Kongo keeps beating on Richard until Mahabali Shera makes the save and clotheslines Kong over the top rope. Lots of saves tonight for some reason.

5. Low Ki (w/Diamente, Santana, Ortiz, Konnan) beat James Storm. Several near falls, lots of interference by LAX. Storm nailed the Last Call, but Konnan distracts the referee and Ortiz hits Storm with a tag title belt leading to Low Ki with the Warriors Way for the pin. Solid, long match.

6. Eli Drake and Chris Adonis beat Eddie Edwards and Johnny Impact. Ring announcer Dave Penzer’s voice cracked a bit when he said “Eli” and he chuckled later. There were some “We Want Johnny” and a smaller “No We Don’t” chant begins at the start. Adonis and Drake win when Eli pins Eddie with his finisher. After the match, Bobby Lashley and his crew come out from the crowd. Cornette comes down and threatens to suspend him if he gets in the ring. Apparently Bobby will be representing GFW in Mexico for AAA’s Triple Mania. And “next week” (later tonight) Matt Sydal will face Eli Drake for the Global Championship.

7. Sonjay Dutt and Petey Williams beat Trevor Lee and Caleb Konley.

8. GFW Tag Champions LAX (w/Diamnete, Konnan) beat John Borland and Zachary Wenz. Wenz gets attacked outside by Konnan and Diamnete at the start. Santana and Ortiz hit their top rope powerbomb into a cutter combo finish to end a fast, squash match. OVE appears on stage after the match and claim they’re the best and want a title match. Konnan asks if their names are “The Ovaries?” He says LAX determines when the Fruit Rollups will get a title shot.

9. Taryn Terrell and Sienna (w/KM) beat Gail Kim and Allie (w/Braxton Sutter). KM and Sutter are fighting outside, Allie gets distracted and is rolled up Sienna. Allie and Gail continue to get beat up after the match and Rosemary returns to intervene but Taya Valkyrie debuts. She teases going after Sienna and Taryn, but clotheslines Rosemary and hits her version of a Glam Slam. The three heels then leave.

Jim Cornette returns and hypes Matt Sydal vs Eli later. Johnny Impact appears and wants the winner. LAX comes down and Konnan demands Low Ki should be next in line. Low Ki says this isn’t WWE or Lucha Underground-this is GFW! They start to brawl and security eventually tries to breaks things up.

10. El Pagono and El Hijo Del Fantasma beat Eddie Edwards and EC3. An unknown wrestler from AAA came out and gave Eddie a sit-out powerbomb and El Hijo covers for the win. The three attack Eddie and Ethan after until James Storm nails with a beer bottle for the save.

11. Eli Drake (w/Chris Adonis) beat Matt Sydal to retain the GFW Championship. Very good match with Eli retaining by hitting his finisher.

The final segment is a face off between Bobby Lashley and Moose. Apparently there’s a rumour of Lashley quitting to join Bellator full time? Bobby calls Moose out and calls the fans cheerleaders for chanting “Moose!”

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