8/22 GFW Impact Wrestling TV taping spoilers: Full results of upcoming television shows (spoilers)

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GFW Impact Wrestling TV Taping
Orlando, Florida at Universal Studios
Report by Dot Net reader Eddy G

Xplosion Taping

1. “The Cowboy” James Storm beat Chris Adonis. Lots of shortcuts-eye gouging, back scratching by Adonis. Late in the match, Adonis tries for the Adonis Lock, but The Cowboy bites his hand and Adonis turns around into a Last Call. Good match to start off.

2. Rosemarie beat Ava Storie. Solid match from both. Storie applied a Regal Stretch, but Rosemary reversed it into a Last Chancery. Rosemary wins with the Red Wedding. Ava looked really sharp in the ring and she’s definitely going to be a future KO’s champion in time.

3. Mahabali Shera beat Caleb Konley. Shera wins with the Sky High. He’s actually improved a lot this past year.

GFW Impact Wrestling Taping

Josh Matthews joins Jeremy Borash in the ring to hype Bound For Glory. Lots of boos for Josh as usual. He didn’t stick around long and went to the back. I think they’re doing commentary in the studio again since there’s no announce desk ringside. It’s also Latin Night in the Impact Zone.

1. Moose (w/ Stefan Bonnar) beat Bobby Lashley (w/Dan Lambert) by DQ. Good back and forth match with Moose winning by DQ after Lambert hits him with a small trophy. Moose is attacked after by Lashley. Lambert tries to go after Bobby but members of American Top Team are on him, but Moose gets a steel chair and tosses one of the group onto to rest. Moose proposes a Six Sides of Steel Match vs Lashley at BFG.

2. Garza Jr. and Johnny Impact beat Chris Adonis and Eli Drake. All four men worked well together. Garza was very over with the crowd again. Johnny rolls up Adonis for the win.

JB returns and announces he has a special guest, Gail Kim. JB reminds the crowd it’s been 10 years since the KO’s Title where Gail became the first ever champion. They hype the women’s four-way match and confirm it will be Gail’s last ever BFG, which draws a lot of “NO NO” chants. Gail says it will be all business and she will win the KO’s championship at BFG.

3. Impact Grand Champion EC3 beat Suicide in a non-title match. It looks EC3 is a tweener since he used a lot of heel tactics in the match: cheap shots behind the referee, and some choking, The Grand Title hasn’t been defended much recently, so maybe there’ll be another change to it? EC3 eventually wins. Ok match.

Bobby Lashley, Dan Lambert and American Top Team are out next. Lambert asks the crowd if that’s all they’ve got when they boo them. Lambert says the wrestlers are wanna be tough guys and they want the company out of business. Lambert says King Mo and Lashley have accepted Moose’s and Stefan Bonnar’s Six Side’s Of Steel match at BFG. Lambert gets a lot of “WHAT” chants, which seem to rile him up. He also tells Jeff Jarrett that he’s swung his last guitar and the only you idiots will see at Universal are roller coasters.

4. Mahabali Shera beat GFW X Division Champion Trevor Lee in a non-title match. Shera uses his power advantage to toss Lee around early and gets a surprising upset win with The Sky High. Curious booking for your X division champ before the PPV. Lee was also out by himself.

5. Taya Valkyrie beat Rosemary. The ladies start to brawl as soon as the bell rings. Taya wins by reversing a Jackknife cover into a double stomp to the chest. Taya tries to attack more after the match. It was a big mistake as Rosemary sprays her red mist in her face. Rosemary says the hive demands and she chants “Bloody Mary” repeatedly as Taya goes to the back. As Rosemary goes to the back one of the kids has a Decay mask and a sign that says “Rosemary Is My Scary Godmother!” Rosemary sees it and pats him on the head.

6. Johnny Impact and OVE defeated Eli Drake (w/Chris Adonis), Santana, and Ortiz (w/Konnan, Diamentė). OVE was attacked before they could get in the ring by LAX and Adonis. Eli hid on the ramp and attacks Johnny when he is coming out. A bit of short match with Johnny and OVE winning. After the match, LAX attacks OVE outside and they brawl to the back with LAX dominating them. Johnny is left alone and is eventually taken out by Adonis and Eli after they roll up the ring mat and Drake hits his finisher on the exposed wood part under the mat. Johnny is helped to the back to end the show.

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