Daniel Bryan addresses in-ring return possibility on Talking Smack

Daniel Bryan delivered an interesting line about the possibility of him returning to the ring during Tuesday’s Talking Smack talkshow. Bryan and The Miz had another heated argument. Miz said Bryan wants to be a wrestler, but he can’t because of his head. “I can’t or they won’t let me?” Bryan replied. “We’ll see in a year-and-a-half, we’ll see what happens.”

Powell’s POV: Most of what is said on Talking Smack is said in-character, but Bryan has indicated in multiple interviews that he feels he could still wrestle. He has also stated that some concussion specialists agree with him. The WWE medical staff disagrees, but they obviously can’t prevent him from doing so elsewhere once his deal expires, presumably in a year-and-a-half based on his line. Bryan will turn 36 in May.

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