3/5 TNA Impact Wrestling TV taping spoilers: Full results of upcoming television shows (spoilers)

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TNA Impact Wrestling TV Taping
Orlando, Florida at Universal Studios
Report by Dot Net reader Ed Grsic

Xplosion Taping

1. Laredo Kid and Garza Jr. beat Bram & Kingston, Follah Boha & Bokara, and Reno Scum in a four-way tag match. Garza Jr got the pin with a perfect moonsault/lionsault from the middle rope.

Jeremy Borash hypes the 4 vs. 4 team match with him and Josh Mathews. Apparently, Mathews said he would leave the Impact announce team if his team lost.

2. ODB and MJ Jenkins beat Angelina Love (w/Davey Richards) and Laurel Van Ness. Laurel is still wearing her wedding gown and had her champagne bottle. Laurel tried to dance with Love and accidentally tried to tag in ODB at one point (she’s didn’t wear any shoes, boots or knee pads). Angelina finally had enough of Laurel and slapped her outside the ring. ODB hit her with the TKO for the win. After the match, Laurel came back with her champagne, and she celebrated with MJ and ODB. ODB drank some champagne. Laurel took a drink of ODB’s flask and looked disgusted, then spat in it in ODB’s face. Laurel kissed Earl after the match and they left together

JB announced an autograph party for after the show, which leads to Josh saying there wouldn’t be a party. After some more arguing, Chris Adonis, the former “Masterpiece” Chris Masters, came out. He said he’s sick of Josh complaining like a troll and it’s a new era in Impact Wrestling. He threatened to put Josh in the Masterlock and said there would be a party like it’s 1999.

Impact Wrestling Tapings (for April 6)

1. Alberto El Patron beat John Boland. Alberto attacked before the bell ran and won a a quick squash with the double Stomp from the top rope while John was in a tree of woe. El Patron called out Lashley, but Lashley didn’t come out.

Josh and JB stood in the ring and said there they will draft four people each to make up their teams. Josh reiterated that if his team lost, he would leave and he is not leaving. Bruce Prichard arrived to oversee things. Josh picked first and selected Bobby Lashley. JB picks EL Patron. Josh’s second pick was Bram. JB’s second pick was Chris Adonis (yikes). Third for Josh was Eli Drake. Tyrus came out with Drake. Tyrus was Josh’s fourth pick. They attacked Alberto and Adonis. Matt Morgan returned to clear out the ring temporarily as JB’s third selection. JB’s fourth pick was Magnus.

Xplosion match: Reno Scum defeated Garza Jr. and Laredo Kid and Decay (w/Rosemary). Reno Scum won a short and uneventful match. I don’t know what’s happening to Decay.

Xplosion match: Fallah Baha beat Mahabali Shera. Curiously, there was no one at the announce desk. Baha looks a bit like Yokozuna with the body, hair, ring gear. Baha dominated most of the match with his size advantage, but Shera won with the Sky High. Baha was furious after the match and beat Shera down and squashed him with the Banzai Drop. Many fans wanted one more but unfortunately it didn’t happen.

Bruce Prichard came out and said James Storm was the No. 1 contender to Lashley. EC3 came out and said he should be No. 1 contender. Apparently, there was a poll and Storm was voted over EC3. EC3 was mad. Bruce told him to go the back, look in the mirror which he’s sure Ethan loves to do.- He told him to ook at himself and how he lost to El Patron. Prichard said he didn’t just lose, he tapped out. He wanted Ethan to ask himself did he tap out in that match or did he tap out to himself? EC3 said he could go to the back and ask himself how to get back to himself.

2. Allie and Braxton Sutter beat Sienna and Kevin Matthews in a mixed tag match. Sienna tripped over her cousin while attempting a slam. Allie fell on top of her for the win! Kongo came out to attack Sutter afterward and destroyed him with a cannonball in a corner. Crazy Laurel came out in her wedding dress and then she and Sienna beat up Aliie.

3. Andrew Everett beat Marshe Rockett, Suicide, Gregory “Shane” Helms (w/Trevor Lee) in a four-way. This has to be Helms’s first match in years. Lee tried to trip Everett early in the match but referee Stiffler caught him and Lee was sent to the back. Helms kept his jacket and hat on. Everett pinned Rockett with a shooting star press. Helms stayed outside and didn’t do much. Lee tries to sneak attack Everett afterward, Everett nailed an awesome spike huracanrana to take care of him! Good efforts by Rockett and Suicide, too.

4. “The Lone Wolf” Davey Richards (w/Angelina vs DJZ). Davey won quickly with the ankle lock tap out. Eddie tried to come through the crowd to get to Richards but was held back. Alisha came from the backstage and brawled with Angelina before officials broke it up. Eddie got in the ring before everyone was separated.

5. “Team JB” Alberto El Patron, Chris Adonis, Matt Morgan, and Magnus defeated “Team Josh” Lashley, Bram, Eli Drake, and Tyrus. Magnus carried the awful GFW Heavyweight Title with him. That’s it, fire the Jarretts. Alberto and Bobby started off, but Lashley quickly tagged in Drake. The heels worked over Adonis for a long time. There were loud chants for Morgan, who finally tagged in and cleaned house. Magnus made a blind tag and nailed a top rope elbow on Bram to give Team JB the victory.

The babyfaces from the locker room all came out. The crowd sang: “Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, hey, hey, hey goodbye!” Josh got a lot of “Get the f— out” chants! Josh said “that’s classy” to the fans. He said his wife was probably crying her eyes out in the back, but he’s a man of his word and put the mic down on the ramp and was chased off to the back. JB and Alberto thanked the fans. The faces danced in the ring and fans were invited to take pictures after the show. This taping was not as good as the other nights, but it was a decent show to end the week.


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