Jerry Lawler on his removal from the WWE pre-shows, Vince McMahon reaching out to him


WWE broadcaster Jerry Lawler appeared on Cerrito Live and discussed his removal from the Raw and Smackdown Live Pre-Shows. Lawler said Kevin Dunn called him and explained that once the pre-shows had to absorb Lawler’s salary, it made the show expensive to produce. Lawler noted that he is still under contract until the middle of January. He admitted that they will negotiate then and he doesn’t expect to make as much money going forward. Lawler added that Vince McMahon contacted him after Dunn did and assured him that this wasn’t the end of his run with the company, and said the role of WWE Hall of Fame host is his forever. Listen to the full interview at

Powell’s POV: Lawler conceded that he was making a lot of money for doing one day of work. He later explained that he flew in Monday, did the Raw pre-show, stuck around on Tuesday for the Smackdown pre-show, and then flew home. He seems very open to whatever his new role with the company will be, and with Vince reaching out to him personally, it would be very surprising if they don’t reach a new agreement next month. Lawler also spoke about his desire to do a history of Memphis wrestling piece for WWE Network.


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