Gutteridge’s WWE NXT Hit List: Glorious 10 vs. Sanity, TM61 vs. Riddick Moss and Tino Sabbatelli, Wesley Blake vs. Buddy Murphy, and Billie Kay vs. Liv Morgan

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NXT Hits

Samoa Joe and Shinsuke Nakamura: This may have gone a tad long, but Graves saved it with the line of the night, “There’s no security left because Joe and Shinsuke beat them all up.” Both men played the segment very well – Joe phasing from surprise to anger to retreat was seamless, and Nakamura dumping the flamboyance in favor of intensity was called for and enjoyable. Joe’s war on NXT could have been more widespread and violent, but I’m glad we’re now back on track for the next Takeover show.

Sanity vs. Glorious 10: Looks like the Ascension Mark II has arrived. Or are they more like the Wyatts Reloaded? Whichever it is, the creative team at NXT sure do like them some post-apocalyptic crazy factions. Sanity’s debut was striking at least, no less so because of Eric Young’s involvement. Using him to get over the younger Alexander Wolfe, Sawyer Fulton, and Nikki Cross is a great idea in theory. But as with the Ascension, the wheels can come off very quickly. I’m sad we didn’t get one Glorious 10 match, but the feud is a chance to try and set up Roode as an actual heel up against the ever popular Dillinger.

TM61 vs. Riddick Moss and Tino Sabbatelli: My expectations of Riddick Moss were skewed earlier this week with the footage of him spiking Hideo Itami with a powerslam at a house show, potentially putting Itami on the shelf for months. With expectations that low, I have to say he and Sabbatelli did better than expected. Both have a long way to go, but there may just be something to their “we’re from the NFL and we’re better than you”, Baron Corbin-esque team. TM61 need to start cutting promos. They have been around for a while, and they still seem like lower card chancers rather than a legit tag team to be respected because we know nothing about them.

NXT Misses

Wesley Blake vs. Buddy Murphy: The effort was there, but it was impossible to care about these former tag team champions who plummeted off a cliff when they lost the titles, before hitting the ground and going straight on through to the molten core when Alexa Bliss dumped them. No one was sad when Joe ran down to break things up, and I think we’ll all be happier once this “I’m not your buddy, Buddy” chapter is over for both men.

Billie Kay vs. Liv Morgan: Another week, another match that warns us all we may be a long way away from getting a solid Women’s division back on NXT.

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