Gutteridge’s NXT Hit List: The Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic begins with The Revival vs. Cedric Alexander and Andrade Almas, and The Authors of Pain vs. The Bollywood Boyz

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NXT Hits

The Revival vs Cedric Alexander and Andrade Almas: A good match with a great and long overdue turn for Almas. Lord knows he has been crying out for this almost since his NXT career started. Almas and Alexander can no doubt have some show stealing matches down the road, and I’m excited for where they go after their feud is over too. All that, and the NXT tag champions got a solid non-title win in the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic. Win-win.

Samoa Joe takes out Dan Matha: The fact Matha got vignettes for a few weeks before his debut made Joe’s attack feel more like he is intentionally upsetting the applecart for Regal over and above Joe simply stomping to the ring following a match. Matha may feel as letdown as the Eley Brothers from last week that his debut involved him getting dominated, but it served the greater good.

Rich Swann vs. Patrick Clark: Whatever the hell Clark was doing aside, this warranted a Hit based on crowd reaction. The Cult of Full Sail have taken Rich Swann to heart, and made him seem like a star, which is exactly the opposite of what is happening to Swann on Raw right now. Hopefully he becomes a player in the mid to upper card on NXT.

NXT Misses

Authors of Pain vs. The Bollywood Boyz: It is now a genuine possibility that the Authors of Pain will advance all the way to the final in nothing but squash matches. In fact I’d make them the favorites to win at this point. That’s a Miss right there. Not helping this match was their opposition – have you ever seen two guys less into their gimmick than The Bollywood Boyz?

Peyton Royce vs. Danielle Kamela: Good lord, this was ugly. Those fears that the NXT Women’s division is going downhill rapidly without a surefire way to climb back up are growing by the week.

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