Joey Styles on his return to ECW Arena, the new look of the venue now known as 2300 Arena, whether the appearance brought down the atmosphere back in ECW’s glory days

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On returning to the ECW Arena after a decade away and the changes to the facility: “I can’t believe this is the same building and to be honest it was a dump. It’s too cold in here because of air conditioning and I never thought I would complain about it being too cold in this arena because it never had air conditioning and in the summer I would sweat through my suits. Also, right above us is a lighting rig, a professional lighting rig which is built in to the arena, their is a professional sound system built in to the arena, they have video walls. This is a fist class facility with a real bathroom, real showers and two different bars and they sell food and it is just absolutely amazing and in fact I don’t even recognize it. It really is just a phenomenal facility for wrestling or boxing or MMA and it is a thrill to be back here and see the renovations.”

Did he ever feel that even though the craziness of ECW was the allure, did the building’s appearance bring down the atmosphere: “That never bothered me. I always had a good time and was excited driving down here. I’d rather appear in this building than any other building and I certainly don’t want to disparage Madison Square Garden or any arena I’ve been in with 80,000 fans because being here is more emotional and means more to me because of Barely Legal and all of the great shows we did. So no, it never bothered me that it wasn’t fancy and it doesn’t bother me now working for different indies that the building’s are not fancy because to me that is just fun.”


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