Gleed’s NXT Hit List: Samoa Joe apologizes and then attacks Shinsuke Nakamura, Liv Morgan showcased before challenging Asuka

Logo_NXT_dn_crop600By Haydn Gleed

NXT Hits

Samoa Joe and Shinsuke Nakamura angle: This is exactly what was required to reignite the feud between Joe and Nakamura. It wasn’t that people didn’t want to see another match between the two, but so much of the appeal of the first one on one was the joy of seeing these two incredibly talented performers in the ring together, obviously this time around they needed to give the feud a little more juice. Not only was it the right thing to do, but it was executed brilliantly. From Joe holding the fans in his hands thinking that he’s not that bad a guy after all to turning on them and Nakamura in a way that will put so much heat on Joe. Nakamura is perfect in this role as the sympathetic babyface who has something to prove to Joe and is out for revenge. This segment was the peak of the show and boy was it a good peak.

Liv Morgan: The Hit is not for the match against Rachel Fazio per se, but it’s more to do with NXT trying to rebuild their women’s division. Time will tell whether or not Liv has the ability to match those came before her, but at least the powers that be have recognized that they need to replenish what the main roster has taken.

Overall Show: A minor hit. The show peaked in the first ten minutes, but everything that followed was inoffensive and it was an entertaining hour of television/network viewing.

NXT Misses

None: Although there are no missus per se for the show, that’s not to mean it was the perfect show by any means. NXT seems to tread water between the Takeover live specials, but unlike in the past where the show felt like it dragged and nothing of consequence happened, this show struck a good balance of a big angle and average matches that had some purpose. Liv Morgan was showcased as a new woman we should keep an eye on. Bobby Roode and Hideo Itami had the opportunity to showcase what they have in front of the Full Sail audience, and continue their comeback from injury in the case of Itami. I was close to giving The Authors Of Pain squash match a miss, but it was so blink and you miss it that it didn’t overstay it’s welcome.

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