Gutteridge’s ROH TV Hit List: Jay Lethal and Adam Cole sign the contract for Death Before Dishonor, Roppongi Vice vs. The Young Bucks, and Donovan Dijak vs. Lio Rush

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Jay Lethal and Adam Cole: For the record, contract signings still suck as a concept. Thankfully, Lethal and Cole had the promo chops and the intensity to carry this through. Both men got their issues out efficiently, with Lethal in particular selling the “fight” angle they are gunning for. Despite the bulk of the card essentially being thrown together on this show, Death Before Dishonor has a huge main event to salvage it.

Donovan Dijak vs. Lio Rush: It is far too early to say, but these two could be a great start to the revival of ROH’s heyday as a young stud farm. I was a little annoyed to see them face each other, as both need wins right now to establish themselves, but it looks like this won’t be an on-going thing after their Fatal Four Way at Death Before Dishonor. Plus Dijak was given an out for losing as Rush just caught him off-guard. The match quality also warranted a strong Hit.

ROH TV Misses

The Young Bucks vs. Roppongi Vice: The match warrants a Hit for the action, which was as frantic as ever. Plus, both teams got to speak, which is a minor miracle. But after all the work to put the Bucks over as heels with Bullet Club and Adam Cole, why would ROH book them to get a massive babyface reaction before winning a match clean and getting beat up by the heel champions? The Young Bucks themselves flip flop far too often in this regard, but they are nowhere near as schizophrenic as ROH booking. Plus, yet another aborted title match, this time from the hyped Addiction vs. Motor City Machine Guns vs. War Machine? It’s a worrying trend.

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