Moore’s WWE “Talking Smack” recap: John Cena joins the panel, Smackdown women demand a championship from Daniel Bryan, who says he hates MizTV

talkingsmacklogoBy John Moore

-Renee Young and Daniel Bryan were at the broadcast area of Talking Smack. The jumped right into a discussion about SummerSlam. Renee wanted Daniel’s evaluation of Smackdown heading into the PPV. Daniel turned the question back at Renee because he said he books the show while it should be a viewer like Renee who evaluates it. Daniel Bryan also said he would never want to see an episode of MizTV ever again. Bryan used that to complement Dolph Ziggler for showing fire in the MizTV segment. Renee wanted a prediction on the Smackdown Main Event and Bryan ducked the question by saying that he should be unbiased in his position.

-Renee tried to transition to Erick Rowan but suddenly they were joined by John Cena, fresh from AA’ing AJ Styles. Cena was winded and put over the SummerSlam card as must-see. Renee wanted Cena’s thoughts on AJ Styles. Cena insinuated that Daniel Bryan has been pushing his buttons. Cena then said he is always tested every single WWE super event. Cena said this is AJ’s first test without his lackeys but it wasn’t Cena’s first test. Cena brought up losing to Bryan one time at SummerSlam as one of the times where he didn’t come out a winner. Renee wanted to know Cena’s thoughts on AJ’s hair. Cena said that it was similar to Renee’s hair. Cena then talked about AJ not pulling it out at the Royal Rumble but he survived and made it to face Cena today.

-Bryan wanted to know if Cena believes that AJ could take his spot. Cena said he was just openly waiting for someone to do that. Cena said consistency was the key. Cena said that people have “moments” but what he does is deliver all of the time. Renee wanted to see if Cena had anybody in mind. Cena then compared “The New Era” to “Ruthless Aggression” and used that to compare today’s roster to what he calls was the deep roster of 2002. Bryan wanted some names from Cena as to what New Era superstars he sees potential in. Cena brought up Seth Rollins and Cesaro. Bryan cut Cena off and brought up Vince McMahon saying that Cesaro doesn’t have “it”.

-Cena brought up how Vince McMahon wanted Cena exonerated from the locker room early in his career and hated him for not doing much at first glance. He said he was all hype and no delivery. Cena compared him turning a corner when he adopted the rapper gimmick and compared it to Bryan turning a corner with Kane and Hell No. Bryan said since he can do whatever he wants on Smackdown and wanted some requests from Cena. Cena joked about Shane McMahon wearing a foil belt while making fun of Raw’s WWE Universal Championship.

-Renee’s last question was about Cena referencing Unfiltered. Bryan wondered if Cena runs his own twitter account. Cena motioned for “sticky Nicky” a production crew guy, to come over to the table. Nicky was called over to witness Cena saying that he would show up on Unfiltered, with Renee Young.

-Renee brought things back to the Heath Slater situation. He said the last straw was with Shane who didn’t like being called Stephanie. He said he didn’t mind being called Mick Foley. Bryan said that Heath makes poor decisions on occasion. Renee brought up Heath stepping up to the plate against Brock Lesnar and Randy Orton. Bryan said Orton looked great and ready for SummerSlam. Bryan said the match he always wanted for his own career was a match against Brock Lesnar. Bryan said that he can’t beat Lesnar when Lesnar was at his best, but Brock would underestimate Bryan and that would give Bryan a chance. Bryan wonders how seriously he’ll take Randy Orton. Bryan said that Lesnar doesn’t care about Randy’s “enhancement” comments and physicality makes Lesnar care. Bryan then wanted to know if he’s allowed to say the “S-H word” on Talking Smack.

-Suddenly, Naomi and Becky Lynch joined the Talking Smack crew. Naomi said she was excited to come back and just be herself. Naomi talked about feeling zoned out while doing her entrance. Natalya joined the crew on the opposite end. Bryan wanted Becky’s thoughts on the Smackdown Women’s roster. Becky said they need something to fight for like a title because otherwise what’s the point. Bryan talked about Eva Marie next. As expected, Becky wanted a match and Natalya defended Eva. Natalya said she wanted a belt centered around the Queen of Black Harts.

-Naomi countered Eva’s fake injury praise with her legit eye injury. Becky said Eva was making a mockery of the division. Renee drew attention to SummerSlam and the “Women’s Evolution”. Bryan pointed out how there was a WWE Network special after this show and wanted more thoughts. Naomi also wanted a championship. Bryan asked if the women were given fairness. Becky Lynch said the Smackdown women could use more time on the show. After bickering between Natalya and Becky, Renee cut them off to end the episode.

John’s Thoughts: While this was not as fun as last week’s episode, mostly due to Daniel Bryan being a little more tame on the microphone, this was still a nice post-show for Smackdown. At least Renee Young didn’t have to feel uncomfortable about possibly being reprimanded by the higher ups. It took a while for Bryan to get John Cena to answer questions, but eventually he did and the most unique ones were where he talked about how Vince McMahon hated him at first. It wasn’t a groundbreaking episode, but at least it’s there to flush out a few things.



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