Gutteridge’s Ring of Honor TV Hit List: Jay Lethal vs. Donovan Dijak, Colt Cabana vs. Adam Page, and Kazuchika Okada vs. Matt Sydal

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Jay Lethal vs. Donovan Dijak: This was a great match until the finish. It was Dijak’s best so far by a long way, and Lethal walked a perfect line of intensity that made it hard not to cheer for him, without him betraying his heel persona. As I said, it was just slightly let down by the ending – it gives Dijak an excuse for losing, but he had put in such a good showing against the champ that it didn’t feel necessary to protect him.

Matt Sydal vs. Kazuchika Okada: As openers go, this set the tone nicely – entertaining (thanks in large part to a strong home stretch), but not outshining the main event. That said, I still have yet to see a truly stellar match from Okada in ROH. I have no doubt they exist, but so far I have yet to see the match that shows me what his X-factor is.

ROH TV Misses

Colt Cabana vs. Adam Page: The match wasn’t Miss worthy, but with ROH most matches tend to be good, so grading on a scale is necessary. No, this is a Miss for two other reasons. Firstly, it took ROH 64 days to get Cabana on TV following his debut at Supercard of Honor. There have been three WWE PPVs since then. Secondly, Page being in the Bullet Club seems detrimental to both – he doesn’t seem high profile enough for the Club yet, and he really should be given a chance to stand on his own post-Decade.

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