Moore’s Lucha Underground Hit List: Prince Puma vs. Pentagon Jr. vs. Mil Muertes, Drago with nunchaku, The Mack vs. The Moth, Taya Valkyrie vs. Cage


luchaundergroundBy John Moore

Lucha Underground Hits

The Mack vs. Marty “The Moth” Martinez: A minor Hit as far as match quality was concerned. The hit comes in the unique debut of Marty’s sister Mariposa and the fact that this match served a purpose unlike the last time we saw Marty, Mack, and Sexy Star in the temple. Extra hit points for both Mariposa’s attire as well as Willie Mack’s cheesy acting beforehand.

Fenix Video Package: For the second week in a row we got a video package on a luchador to further develop their character. If there’s anything that other wrestling companies should emulate from Lucha Underground, is to emulate this style of video package where we further develop these characters past their initial intro video. TNA is starting to do it with Mike Bennett and I think that WWE only does it with Brock Lesnar. This Fenix one was a good template in that it wasn’t over the top with the sci-fi like other video packages, it just helped build up Fenix. How lame would it be if we got a Dolph Ziggler-like inset video in Lucha Underground?

Drago’s Nunchaku Battle: I’m in the camp that thinks that sometimes Lucha Underground overuses choreographed martial arts scenes sometimes as it takes away from what happens in the ring sometimes. This scene was cool and it fits in the El Rey/Robert Rodriguez style of moviemaking. It also wasn’t that unrealistic as we’ve seen Hernandez pummeled by Drago’s nunchaku. In the same scene, we also got the return of Aero Star who is back to the future. This time, Aero Star is equipped with green glowing nunchaku and if some super powered sentai warrior came in with super nunchaku, I’d retreat like PJ Black and Jack Evans as well.

Mil Muertes vs. Prince Puma vs. Pentagon Jr: This match might have been the best match so far in Lucha Underground Season 2. Prince Puma always finds a way to make his matches amazing and unique, but on the same token Pentagon Jr and Mil Muertes kept the pace up and added their two cents as well. The key to this match was the non-stop action minute to minute. Just as Puma would hit a move on Mil, Pentagon would come in to take down Puma followed by Mil running in to cut down Pentagon. This sequence played out many times and all in different ways. Pentagon and Puma also made Mil look like a beast by taking him on two on one with Mil coming out on top every time. Those superkicks, those Tope Con Hilos, it was sweet! Pentagon and Puma will not lose anything in the minds of the viewers due to their immense talent and popularity and this program will ultimately skyrocket Mil Muertes and Fenix to main event status.

Lucha Underground Misses

Cage vs. Taya Valkyrie: While from a wrestling standpoint, Taya looked very good and hopefully we see her put on some good matches down the road, this match made me not want to see anymore intergender matches anytime soon. More than just how low rent the scene of Cage getting violent on Taya was; I’m just thinking, what was the point of doing all that if there was nothing to gain? It felt a bit uncomfortable to watch and the goal was to make cage look strong? Really? Couldn’t you have gained your desired effect by having Cage face El Mariachi Loco while having Taya fail at a run in without the tables and bottles? Ughhhh…

Famous B Commercial: These commercials are actually really funny. The miss comes in the fact that we got three weeks of this with little to no difference between the three. Maybe the development here was Famous B saying he’s retired from underground fighting; or that there might be a female valet coming along with Famous B. Maybe they want to make him annoying and that’s the point?


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