Kenny Omega on challenging WWE Tag Champs New Day, The Elite and Bullet Club, NJPW talent departures


Logo_NewJapan_dnChad Dukes Wrestling Show interview with Kenny Omega
Host: Chad Dukes
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Kenny Omega on the New Day challenge: “I think what people need to focus on, and by people I mean companies, we need to focus on putting our best foot forward for the sake of pro wrestling. It’s not just about, ‘It’s my company versus your company and as long as I’m making more dollars and cents than you we’re better.’ Who cares? If we make pro wrestling better as a whole everybody’s making more money. So the best thing to do is to take the hottest acts, regardless of where they’re from, let them go at it. People want to see these dream matches, let them see it. That’s why we took it upon ourselves to challenge New Day. Did we have New Japan’s blessing? Of course not. Are we going to get in trouble? Maybe. I don’t know. We haven’t heard yet. But we’re just trying to make a statement. We’re trying to for lack of a better term, bait these guys out into changing, helping us change pro wrestling. At the end of the day, if this match does happen, I don’t want to be the guy to take credit for it, I just want to be a guy that said, ‘I was part of something special,’ but myself and the Young Bucks we’re being the guys to instigate it. We’re the ones that are showing that we first have no fear, we’ll put ourselves out there, we’re not afraid to get in trouble, we’re not afraid to take a chance on something that would otherwise be a huge faux pas. So call it a challenge, call it an extension of an olive branch, it is what it is. We want to wrestle the best and we want to give the fans the best.”

Kenny Omega on The Elite and the Bullet Club: “My hope for the Bullet Club and for The Elite is that going forward we aren’t just the same old Bullet Club trying to pick up the pieces and trying to re-hash the same old ideas. For me to be the new A.J. or for me to be the new Prince Devitt, I don’t want that, I want to be my own person, I’ve always wanted to be my own person. Now that I’m sort of in a position to be a leader and to sort of set the new standard, a new rule, I think it’s just easier to call myself The Elite with the Young Bucks because they’re the ones that truly supported me from day one. They’re the ones that accent everything that I do that no one else can do. We accent each other we help each other. They’re the guys that are always with me in the think tank. They’re the guys that are always striving to push ourselves to be crazy or to be better. I mean yeah we have a Bullet Club, that’s that’s that’s the New Japan thing. We’ve got cool merchandise, people like wearing the design, people like wearing the shirts, that’s fine, but in terms of identity, we want to be known as the Elite.”

Roderick Strong on bringing what he does in PWG to his ROH performances and the PWG-ROH relationship: “I think PWG is the rawest form of me. Which is what I’m trying to bring to Ring of Honor now. But it’s something that takes time to develop and fine tune and until I felt like I was as comfortable as I could be with that I didn’t want to do that. You know I think what I’ve done in Ring of Honor will pale in comparison to what I do in Ring of Honor from this point forward… I think in one sense it broadens the Ring of Honor name brand. Based on the fact that some people that don’t necessarily know what Ring of Honor is but follows PWG will get the opportunity because of guys like me, Adam Cole, the Young Bucks, that they hear that Ring of Honor name and the same at PWG. People with no idea what what that is all about get to see guys that do not necessarily work here but maybe one day will. So I mean it’s just great for wrestling overall.”

Michael Elgin on the New Japan departures: “You know anybody who thinks there’s trouble with departures in New Japan, they don’t watch the product because if they watch the product they would understand that four people leaving a company like New Japan is nothing. And I’m saying it’s nothing when it’s guys like A.J.Styles, when it’s guys like Nakamura, and it’s guys like Gallows and Karl Anderson. The talent pool there’s just so deep and they have such good connections here with Ring of Honor, in Mexico with CMLL, they’re working with Rev Pro in the U.K., there’s an unlimited amount of guys and untapped talent that maybe some of the world doesn’t realize is out there that New Japan knows about. So, I don’t think there’s going to be ever trouble with New Japan.”


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