Powell’s Ring of Honor TV Review: The Kingdom vs. Cody and The Young Bucks for the ROH Six-Man Tag Titles, Jay Briscoe vs. Christopher Daniels, Flip Gordon vs. Silas Young

By Jason Powell, Prowrestling.net Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

Ring of Honor TV
Taped July 21 in Atlanta, Georgia at Center Stage
Aired in syndication on August 25 and Mondays on the FITE TV app

The ROH opening aired and then the broadcast team of Ian Riccaboni, Colt Cabana, and Caprice Coleman checked in and hyped the show. The ring announcer was Bobby Cruise…

1. Jay Briscoe vs. Christopher Daniels. Both men flew solo with no one in their corners. There was no Code of Honor handshake. Daniels performed an early Arabian Press moonsault. Jay was in control heading into a commercial break. [C]

Daniels performed a uranage and pointed to the ropes for his Best Moonsault Ever finisher. Mark Briscoe ran in and struck Daniels with a chair for the disqualification. Frankie Kazarian and Scorpio Sky ran out and chased off the Briscoes…

Christopher Daniels defeated Jay Briscoe by DQ.

The Jay Lethal and Jonathan Gresham video package aired to hype their 30-minute Iron Man match for the ROH Title that will air in two weeks… [C]

Powell’s POV: The opening match was fine for what it was. This obviously would have been disappointing to anyone expecting a match at the level they are capable of working, but it was a TV match with a TV finish. Meanwhile, ROH aired the same video package for Lethal vs. Gresham last week. It’s a good one so no complaints. I’m impressed that they are taking the time to promote a match a few weeks in advance. I really hope that becomes the norm.

Footage aired of Madison Rayne winning a four-way to earn a Women of Honor Title match, which will air on next week’s show…

2. Silas Young vs. Flip Gordon. A Young promo aired as he made his entrance. He said Gordon is a boy trying to live in a man’s world. Gordon made his entrance and his promo aired. He said he lost to Young in an ROH TV Title match the last time they met in the ring. He said a lot has changed since then and he’s going to prove it.

Young wrestled in his t-shirt to start. He eventually took it off and threw it at Gordon, who was down in the corner. A short time later, Gordon performed a nice springboard missile dropkick. Gordon sent Young to ringside and then performed a flip dive onto him heading into a break. [C]

Powell’s POV: Riccaboni was terrific going into the break. He was energetic about babyface Gordon taking offensive control, he questioned whether Gordon could put Young away, and then he said they had to take a commercial break even though he didn’t want to. The guy comes off like he just loves everything about the product he is calling and that’s exactly what you want from a play-by-play voice. He is a tremendous throwback to the days of trusted broadcast team members who hosted the territory shows.

Young cut off Gordon with a backbreaker and a clothesline and got a two count. Gordon rebounded with a falcon arrow. The wrestlers traded punches. Young ducked a kick from Gordon, who connected with a spinning kick. Young caught Gordon with a boot, who responded with a Pele Kick. Gordon and Young threw forearms at one another in the middle of the ring. Young ran the ropes and Gordon followed into a rollup and a bridge for the 1-2-3…

Flip Gordon defeated Silas Young.

After the match, Young sat in disbelief. Gordon offered Young a handshake. It looked like Young was about to shake his hand when Bully Ray ran out and low blowed Gordon. Ray glared at Young. Ray shook his head no and left the ring without any physicality with Young. Riccaboni encouraged the producers to go to something else while adding, “I don’t want to see this guy (Ray) anymore”…

Powell’s POV: A good television match with the simple to follow story of Gordon trying to show his improvement by beating a former champion he once lost to. The match was entertaining and the post match angle was intriguing. I could see Young being a great partner or opponent for Ray.

Marty Scurll delivered a promo in front of the ROH banner. He congratulated Kenny King for embracing his inner villain. He told him to enjoy the good feeling while it lasts because The Villain is out to get his revenge… [C]

A Kenny King video package aired. He said change is necessary as highlights of him using the ropes for leverage to pin Scurll were shown. He spoke about returning wide-eyed and being the best wrestler he would be last year when he won the ROH TV Title in his hometown. He vented about not being able to defeat Austin Aries as highlights of their match was shown. He brought up how everyone loves Ric Flair when he’s known as the dirtiest player in the game. He asked how grimy he has to be to win the ROH Title once. King said he’s not a bad guy, but if he will do what it takes to beat a guy…

Powell’s POV: They are telling and interesting story with King and it’s nice that they were able to show the clips and have it all make sense. It was clunky along the way, but it makes sense now and I’m looking forward to seeing where he goes from here.

NWA Champion Nick Aldis joined Riccaboni and Cabana on commentary. Ring entrances for the main event took place. Aldis said he has no ill will towards Cody or Brandi, it’s strictly business for him. The Bucks and Cody were super over, while the Kingdom received the usual flat reaction… [C]

3. “The Kingdom” Matt Taven, TK O’Ryan, and Vinny Marseglia vs. Cody (w/Brandi Rhodes, Burnard the Business Bear) and “The Young Bucks” Matt Jackson and Nick Jackson for the ROH Six-Man Tag Titles. Riccaboni noted that Aldis and Cabana made history by having the first NWA Title match in China earlier this year. Aldis said he doesn’t like to make friends, but he does like to make history.

It was all Cody and the Bucks early, which the crowd enjoyed. The Bucks dove onto Taven and Marseglia. Cody ran up the ropes and leapt off the top and onto Taven on the floor. Aldis stood up and he and Cody looked at one another for a moment. Eventually, the heels isolated Matt Jackson for a stretch heading into a break. [C]

Cody took a hot tag and worked over a coupe of Kingdom members. Cody put Taven in a Sharpshooter. The Bucks eventually joined him by putting O’Ryan and Marseglia in Sharpshooters. Taven reached the ropes to break it and the Bucks also gave up their holds. Marseglia caught Cody with a kick and then it was rapid fire spot time.

Cody caught Taven with a springboard dropkick. Marseglia brought the balloon into the ring. Matt Jackson superkicked it. The Bucks superkicked O’Ryan, then Cody and the Bucks hit a triple superkick on Taven. Cody hit CrossRhodes on Taven and had him pinned, but O’Ryan pulled Cody to ringside.

There were a series of dives. Brandi went up top and dove onto the pile and she somehow appeared to land on her face, but fortunately she popped right up.

Burnard stood on the apron and teased a dive, but Taven kicked him. Taven hit his finisher on Cody and had him pinned, but Matt broke it up. In the end, Cody ended up alone in the ring with Marseglia. Cody performed CrossRhodes on Marseglia and pinned him.

Cody and The Young Bucks defeated The Kingdom to win the ROH SIx-Man Tag Titles.

Riccaboni immediately pointed out that Taven was the legal man. Aldis said the officials in ROH have no idea what they are doing. Riccaboni said he would see everyone at All In and signed off on the broadcast…

Powell’s POV: An entertaining main event. I’m not sure where they are going with the disputed finish. Cody and the Bucks don’t really need the ROH SIx-Man Tag Titles. Hell, ROH doesn’t really need six-man tag titles.

Anyway, this was a good hour of television. Everything had a purpose and there was some good storytelling with Gordon, Young, and Ray, as well as Kenny King. I’m surprised there wasn’t more direct hype for All In and a final verbal exchange between Aldis and Cody. The event was certainly mentioned and obviously that’s why Aldis was on commentary, but I thought we might see some advertising or a crawler with ordering information. Haydn Gleed will be by with his audio review later today.

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  1. Cody needs the lose the bear as it’s really stupid and he doesn’t need it in his act.

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