AJ Styles explains why he signed with WWE, feels he is in the prime of his career

ajstyles1AJ Styles spoke with Justin Sarachik of Rapzilla.com and spoke about his decision to sign with WWE once his New Japan Pro Wrestling deal expired. “I think the jump was due to timing,” Styles said. “Being in Japan, being away from home, was pretty scary because if something happened, I would have to jump on a plane and go home, and that scared me… It literally came down to timing. There were a lot of offers out on the table and I thought I’d contact WWE, and there was no money left on the table there.”

Styles also said he’s in his prime and spoke about his health. “I’d say I’m in my prime now,” he said. “You don’t really get there until you’re in your thirties. Unless you have been wrestling the top guys for a long time you really don’t get that experience. I feel like I really got that now. I’m able to capitalize on the things I normally wouldn’t. Now is a good time as any. Experience is everything…it’s just like life. We learn from everything we’ve faced in our lives and we know what not to do. Everything that’s happened to me no matter where I’ve been has worked to this point now. I get it, this is where I need to be. I belong in the WWE.” Read the first part of a two-part interview at Rapzilla.com.

Powell’s POV: I really hope Styles is asked in the second part of the interview about what happened with TNA and the company publicly claiming that he had a signed agreement to return. In fairness to the interviewer, it might be a taboo subject that was declared off limits by Styles or WWE beforehand. Styles said similar things about his decision to sign with WWE when he was interviewed by Chris Jericho on the “Talk is Jericho” podcast. It’s good to hear he’s healthy following the back injury he battled late last year, and one can only assume that WWE’s medical testing confirmed that. Styles also spoke about debuting in the Royal Rumble match and facing Chris Jericho in his first WWE program.



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