WrestleMania World Title match participants in 22 events has lived in the same city

In 22 of the last 31 WrestleMania world title matches, at least one of the participants has lived in Tampa, Florida. Paul Guzzo of the Tampa Tribune wrote a piece on this interesting tidbit and had local real estate agent Vincent Arcuri supported this information. “Nashville has country music stars, Hollywood has actors — we have wrestlers. We have the best wrestlers,” said Arcuri, who has sold homes to more than 20 of them. Read the full breakdown at TBO.com.

Powell’s POV: As I was quoted as saying in the story, I assumed the number would be high, but I didn’t expect it to be that high. I assume it will only grow if you include Florida overall with most wrestlers going through the WWE Performance Center in Orlando. It’s an interesting and recommended story.




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