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Gutteridge’s WWE NXT Hit List: In-person perspectives on Sami Zayn vs. Tye Dillinger, four-way tag match

By Darren Gutteridge


Sami Zayn vs. Tye Dillinger: This fine match could have been utter trash, and the crowd still would have been insane for it. For the live crowd, this was the encore treat after the main card. Despite seeing three hours of wrestling, they popped for everything. As fellow Dot Net staffer Haydn Gleed, who attended this show with me will confirm, I damn near pierced ear drums with my high pitched scream whenever Zayn’s shoulder was hit, for fear of a repeat of the injury. With such a bleak main roster situation, Zayn’s return is the Christmas present we all needed. And was it just me, or did he look bigger than usual?

Gable and Jordan vs. The VaudeVillains vs. Hype Bros vs. Blake and Murphy: This was a great tag match to begin with. One of the best four-way tags I can remember. The crowd in the arena elevated it even more, making this one of the most entertaining matches of the night, rivaling anything on the main card. The crowd popped for a hammerlock for crying out loud!
WWE NXT Misses

Elias Samson vs. Bull Dempsey: Not a barn burner of a debut. Samson’s pre-match promo reminded me of Bray Wyatt at his most frustrating – he spoke with confidence, but there was no substance to his words. In-ring, I loved his look, but the match was nothingness. Though his finisher was pretty on the money, I have problems buying an elbow drop as a finisher in 2015.

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