Lacey Evans on not taking bookings after being released by WWE, getting Vince McMahon’s blessing to have a second child, her beef with Sgt. Slaughter over the Cobra Clutch

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On not taking further bookings: “No, I have not [taken any bookings]. I’ve had a lot obviously reach out. But I did WWE for seven years and it was never my passion, that was never a secret. It was incredible to see my fellow sports entertainers [succeed], that is their passion. But I just knew that, you know, I went out there and did the best that I could, I did my job. But I always looked forward to coming home. My family obviously travelled with me, everywhere that I went for the most part, and that was a struggle, right? Because when I got signed with WWE, I was a mom and I was a wife. I’ve been with my husband since I was 15. It was an incredible opportunity. But it was a lot for whenever you compare what your passion is, and you’re wise and WWE is very, very difficult. If you’re on the road well over 300 days a year, they want a lot from you. And I just, there was always something in the back of my head that was like what the f— am I doing?

“When I wake up now, and I’m on my way to my cafe and I have like, just last night we did a big group outreach for I think it’s NAR-ANON, it’s like alcohol anonymous, but it’s for the families that have family members that struggle with addiction, or have lost their lives to overdose, right? So it’s just the things that I get to do now and the difference that I get to make to me is so rewarding that I have never since August 16, so a few months [on], I have not once questioned if I’m doing the right thing, or if I’m happy or if this is my why. I wake up every day, get my coffee and I go and I try to change lives and make a difference, including in my own home with my kids and my husband. So it’s been awesome.”

On not missing WWE: “Do you want me to lie? No, there’s not [a desire to go back]. You know, some people, they wake up and they put on six-inch stilettos and 10 pounds of makeup and their extensions and they go walk the red carpet and they feel amazing. I’m not those people. And it was very difficult for me, right? To kind of put on that front. And because WWE does a lot of good stuff for a lot of people, but I just felt like more could be done for my why, right?

“So for my passions and mental health and addiction, and life struggles and PTSD and all the shit that people have to deal with every day. It’s like, why the f— am I on a red carpet right now? Like, I’m looking out in the crowd and I see people that are f—ing hurting and they’re taking photos of my shoes. I’m not gonna lie, I miss some of the people, right? Because it is a struggle, and we do kind of become a family at some point. But I don’t I want to I want to help I want to do more. I want to fight different battles that aren’t in the ring.”

On receiving Vince McMahon’s blessing to have a second child: “So when I was in WWE, and I’m looking around at what I thought my life would be, and not only the difference that I could make in people’s lives, but it’s like, Man, I’ve given my husband the shitty end of the stick here. Like, you know, he loves me, and he supports me to the fullest, but like, where are all of our babies at? Where is all the little sound of feet on our hardwood floors and the smell of bacon in the morning? And instead, we’re on a plane at 3:30 in the morning heading out.

“So I went to Vince and I said, Hey, sir, I’m not being used. And I want to have a baby. So I won’t if you plan on using me, I’ll stand by. I said it’s COVID it’s like I’m not being used. And he kind of got quiet and he said go have a baby. And I said are you sure? I made sure because that man is f—ing awesome. He has done a lot for me and my family. And I was just very thankful to be in that room having that discussion and having that opportunity in WWE, right? Life-changing money, blah, blah, blah. And I’m in a cool experience.

“So when he said go have a baby I said are you sure? Like, I could wait you know, it’s not like I’m waiting ten years like you tell me. He’s like No, go have a baby. Just promise me you’ll come back, and I said I’ll be back six weeks after I push this motherf—er out, if I could just go at least give husband one more quickly. So that was the game plan. I wasn’t being used and next thing you know talent creative goes Oh, you’re gonna be with, you know, Ric Flair and Charlotte and I’m like, What the f—? It was wild.

“But me being the motivator? I’ll show up. I’ll do the best and keep rocking and rolling. Well, I’ll be damned if a week before I was supposed to get the title. I have my baby. And it was the best feeling in the world that my husband now has another child that he’s about to hold in his arms in nine months and nobody could take [it away]. So a lot of people say and I ruined my career and this and that. But this morning when I woke up and saw that little shit looking at me with a big smile on her face and my husband waking up in stride. You can’t tell me I ruined anything. I got exactly what I wanted and I’m very thankful and blessed that I have the life that I have.”

On offending Sgt. Slaughter’s family: “I think they’re frickin’ weak. Remember that weak word we just talked about? Yeah. And no disrespect to like Hall of Famers in WWE that have paved the way, he can kiss my ass and his daughter can too, so record that. Have a good day. I don’t know where the hell that came from. They know the game. You go to work. You get told this is what you’re doing. And what a lot of people don’t know what was said and what was done and how they discussed it with him and they talked to him and that is none of my damn concern.

“What do you call it in the military when you frickin’ have seniors above you? You have a rank structure. In WWE when you’re a performer you’re like down here, whatever goes above your head, it is like a lot of times unless you start crying about it and go banging on doors. I don’t like that, I’m not gonna cry about it. You tell me what the f— you need, you tell me what time the bell rings and then and I’ll do whatever it is.

“Then, because I got a family to feed, a husband I love, and I say that with conviction. Because I made sure I was in shape, I made sure I could do the flippy flops, the drop downs, I made sure to create the character. They told me you’re gonna go out you’re gonna do the Cobra Clutch and he’s gonna come in and help and then whatever happened. Next thing you know, he’s not out here I’m still doing the Cobra Clutch.

“But don’t get mad at me because I’m doing my job, you know what I mean? Or let’s have that conversation. Right? And at no point was that conversation ever had and whoever his daughter is, so from that side like, that was wild. It didn’t really ruffle my feathers. I kind of thought it was funny like you know, bless their f—ing hearts, but I didn’t lose no sleep over it. My family still got fed, I still did what I f—ing needed to do. And I just hope they keep that same energy. That same kayfabe energy when they see me because I don’t do shit like that.”


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  1. Sgt. Stolen Valor and his hideous bovine offspring shouldn’t have said a word about Lacey’s gimmick.

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