NXT Vengeance Day results: Moore’s live review of Bron Breakker vs. Grayson Waller in a cage match for the NXT Title, Roxanne Perez vs. Jacy Jayne vs. Gigi Dolin for the NXT Women’s Title, New Day vs. Gallus vs. Pretty Deadly vs. Chase U for the NXT Tag Titles, Carmelo Hayes vs. Apollo Crews in a best of three falls match

By John Moore, ProWrestling.net Staffer (@liljohnm)

NXT Vengeance Day
Streamed February 4, 2023 on Peacock
Charlotte, North Carolina at Spectrum Center

Pre-show notes

Sam Roberts and Matt Camp checked in from the WWE studio set. McKenzie Mitchell was on location. Camp and Roberts ran through the advertised Vengeance Day card. Camp noted that Shawn Michaels added a stipulation to the Breakker vs. Waller Cage Match. The match can now only be won by pinfall or submission, not by escaping the cage.

McKenzie noted that Bron Breakker and Grayson Waller are staying at different hotels to not get into any altercations. Twitter footage aired of Apollo Crews and Carmelo Hayes arguing in a hotel lobby. McKenzie sent the show to the Apollo Crews vs. Carmelo Hayes hype package. The studio hosts gave their thoughts and predictions on the match…

The hype package aired for the women’s championship triple threat match. The studio hosts gave their thoughts and predictions on the match. As usual, Roberts was leaning heel. Camp didn’t lean either way and was more straightforward…

Camp sent the show to Wes Lee cutting a promo on Instagram. Lee was shown leaving his home, ensuring the world that he’s going to defeat Dijak and remain champion. Camp and Roberts gave their predictions for the North American Championship match…

The show cut to Brooks Jensen and Josh Briggs coaching Fallon Henley and Kiana James up for their upcoming title challenge. James said it was sweet that Jensen studied up on her opponents for her…

McKenzie Mitchell interviewed Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston. Woods plugged their new t-shirts which featured them as NXT and Triple Crown Champions. Kofi hyped up each of their opponents. Kofi noted that Andre Chase is the hometown guy, but he won’t win the titles at the expense of New Day. New Day and McKenzie did a few of New Day’s catchphrases…

The show cut to footage of Andre Chase, Duke Hudson, and Thea Hail outside of the Spectrum Center. All three of them were freezing. Andre Chase gave them an inspirational pep talk. The studio hosts gave their predictions…

A still shot was shown of the inside of the WWE Performance Center where the wrestlers who couldn’t make the trip were all having a watchparty for NXT Vengeance Day. The studio hosts gave their predictions for the NXT Title Match. The pre-show closed with a Bron Breakker vs. Grayson Waller hype package….

Main Show Review

The show started off with an intro video to hype up the PLE. The video was hosted by Charlotte Flair, who’s family is associated with Charlotte, North Carolina (Her wrestling name was named after the city). Charlotte hyped up all the matches on the card…

Vic Joseph and Booker T were on commentary. Alicia Taylor was the ring announcer. The arena looked well attended according to the camera shots…

Entrances for the North American Championship match aired…

1. Wes Lee vs. Dijak for the NXT North American Championship. Dijak’s size advantage gave him the advantage during the initial collar and elbow lockup. Lee got Dijak in a headlock, but Dijak escaped with a gut punch and shoulder tackle. Dijak kept jawing at Lee and telling him to simply give up. At one point Lee acted like he was giving up by laying down. instead Lee gave Dijak an overhead kick. Lee hit Dijak with a shoulder check and slingshot huracanrana.

Lee hit Dijak with a wrecking ball kick. Lee went for a crossbody, but Dijak caught Lee out of the air and seamlessly transitioned into a Death Valley Driver. Dijak worked on Lee with wristholds and raining strikes. Dijak hit Lee with the Time to Fly for the two count. Lee went for a crossbody but was caught, given a knee to the gut, and tossed to ringside like a bag of garbage. Dijak got a two count after softening up Lee a bit.

Dijak continued to soften up Lee with methodical offense. Lee dumped Dijak to ringside with a dodge, which gave him a moment of respite. Lee worked on Dijak with boxing blows. Lee tripped up Dijak with a basement dropkick. Lee hit Dijak with a chambered thrust kick. Lee struggled to German Suplex Dijak. Lee shook up Dijak with a roundhouse, which allowed him to deadlift Dijak into a Bridged German Suplex for a two count. Both men traded hands on the apron. Dijak went for a DVD, but Lee slipped out.

Lee backdropped Djak on the apron. Lee hit Dijak with a Fosbury Flop. Dijak caught Lee out of the air and went for Feast Your Eyes. Lee escaped with a Poisonrana. Lee hit Dijak with a Michinoku Driver for a nearfall. Dijak avoided a 450. Lee hit Dijak with a superkick. Dijak caught Lee off the springboard into a sitout Chokeslam for a nearfall. Dijak put Lee in a standing Crossface Chickenwing. Lee went for a snapmare, but that only allowed Dijak to grapevine the Crossface Chickenwing.

Lee kept his arm pumped to not fade away. Lee got to his feet. Before Lee could go to the rope, Dijak went to Feast Your Eyes. Lee avoided it with a rollup. Lee reversed a sitout chokeslam. Dijak dared Lee to knee him in the face. Lee gave Dijak a knee. Dijak came right back with a Cyclone Boot for a nearfall. Dijak hit Lee with a boot and lariat for another nearfall. Dijak dragged Lee to the top rope.

Lee countered a Super Power Bomb with a Frankensteiner. Lee hit Dijak with the Final Flash (Spiral Tap). Dijak kicked out of Lee’s finisher at two. Dijak went for a Suicide Dive, but Dijak saw it coming and shoved a flying Lee into the timekeeper barricade. Dijak trapped Lee in an office chair with a broom as a seatbelt. Dijak hit a trapped Lee with a superkick. Dijak went to the top rope. Out of nowhere, Tony D’Angelo and Channing Stacks Lorenzo pushed Lee out of the way and ate Dijak’s Moonsault, taking the bullet for Lee. Lee caught Dijak with a kick and Mars Attack Backflip for the victory.

Wes Lee defeated Dijak via pinfall in 17:01 to retain the NXT North American Championship. 

Highlights of the match aired…

John’s Thoughts: Hot damn. I never expected them to go balls to the wall in the opening match. This was your old Black and Gold style Takeover level match. That Ring of Honor style with epic false finishes. This was great and kudos to both men for putting on quite the show. It helps that they don’t overdo this style in WWE so this type of match felt fresh. What also felt fresh was seeing NXT in an arena, which give a bigger show feel compared to the Performance Center. I’m ok with them protecting Dijak here because it would have hurt him a bit to lose one of his first matches clean after his reboot. Not sure how I feel about a Dijak vs. D’Angelo feud, which will somehow also include Underboss Stacks.

Grayson Waller and Bron Breakker were shown arriving at the Spectrum Center from earlier today. Vic Joseph and Booker T checked in from the commentary table. They sent the show to McKenzie Mitchell who interviewed the women’s tag team champions Katana Chance and Kayden Cater. Chance and Carter hyped up their upcoming title defense…

Entrances for the NXT Women’s Tag Team Title match aired…

2. Katana Chance and Kayden Carter vs. Fallon Henley and Kiana James (w/Josh Briggs, Brooks Jensen) for the NXT Women’s Tag Team Championship. Carter tossed down James and shook her booty in the face of Brooks Jensen. Briggs covered the innocent eyes of young Jensen. Carter rolled to ringside and gave Jensen a booty slap. Chance tagged in and gave James a slingshot senton. James and Henley entered the ring and gave their opponents stereo lariats. Henley got a two count on Carter.

Chance tagged in and the champs hit Henley with tandem offense. James tagged in and gave Chance a knee to the back. James gave Chance a back suplex for a two count. Henley tagged in and gave Chance a Twisting Facebuster for a two count. Carter blind tagged herself when Henley went for a suplex on Chance. Carter hit Henley with a running splash and James wiht a dropkick at the same time. Carter hit Henley with a Facewash boot. Carter tossed Chance into both opponents for a crossbody.

Chance hit Henley with a Koppu Kick for a two count. James tagged in. Chance hit James with an assisted rebound huracanrana. Carter tagged in and ate a spinebuster for a two count. Joseph noted that Jensen was wearing a suit that James gave him as a gift. Carter backdropped Chance, but James got the knees up to block the splash. henley tagged in and hit Chance with a springboard blockbuster. James and Henley hit Chance with a double Michinoku Driver. Carter broke up the pin.

James missed a Moonsault on Carter at ringside and Carter came back with a cutter to the floor. Henley and Chance traded forearms. chance gave Henley a tackle to the gut. Carter tagged in and went for a superplex. Henley escaped. Both women traded strikes on the top rope. Chance blind tagged in. Carter put Henley in the top rope electric chair, which allowed Chance to hit Henley with a Super Frankensteiner for the two count.

James shoved Chance off the top rope to prevent the tag champs from hitting Henley with their finisher. Henley rolled up Carter. James held on to Carter’s legs to give Henley the tainted pinfall victory.

Fallon Henley and Kiana James defeated Kayden Carter and Katana Chance via pinfall in 9:20 to retain the NXT Women’s Tag Team Championships.

Carter was disappointed as the former tag champs were selling that they were screwed out of the title. Briggs and Jensen celebrated with the new tag champions…

John’s Thoughts: Yes, this was a buffer match; but it was a logical and productive buffer match that forwarded the women’s tag title picture while also bringing down the crowd a bit from the high workrate Dijak vs. Lee match. This match was still solid tough as both teams put in hard work and there were enough false finishes to keep things interesting. If a title change were happening, which it did, this was the way to go to continue to keep Henley and James at odds, while also continuing the story of James gaslighting Henley in the eyes of horny Brooks Jensen.

The show cut to Drew Gulak cutting a promo via Instagram. He was coaching Hank Walker. Gulak told Walker to take the Lee vs. Dijak match as a lesson; where larger opponents need to ground high flyers like Lee to win. Walker also admonished Walker for dressing up like a plumber or something. Gulak said that Walker needs to get more proper ring gear…

The show cut to a Lyra Valkyria cutting a promo where she talked about Cora Jade ducking out of their advertised match this past Tuesday. Valkyria said she’d be back in action this upcoming Tuesday…

An Apollo Crews vs. Carmelo Hayes hype package aired…

Trick Williams was in the ring to give Carmelo Hayes a personalized ring entrances. Williams introduced Melo as the 2021 Breakout Superstar, the winner of NXT War Games, the longest reigning North American Champion, the final Cruiserweight Champion, and “Him”. Carmelo Hayes made his entrance wearing a shirt with Apollo Crews’s face x’d out with blue spraypaint. Melo took off the shirt and rubbed his shoes in it.

Apollo Crews also got a personalized entrance. Various video walls showed highlights from Apollo’s WWE Career. Apollo Crews made his entrance…

3. Apollo Crews vs. Carmelo Hayes (w/Trick Williams) in a Best-of-3-falls match. Crews and Melo soaked in the moment to start of the match. Apollo and Melo started the match with a stalemate during the opening chain wrestling sequences. Apollo took down Melo with a Kesa Gatame and Melo escaped with a legscissors. Crews blocked a Juji Gatame attempt. Both men traded counters from the Kesa Gatame and Front Chancery. Crews ate a slap out of disrespect.

Crews gave Melo a slap and got Melo to the ground. Apollo showed off a bit of finesse with his agile dodges. Melo went for a dropkick, but he was caught in a wheelbarrow. Melo landed with his feet on the 2nd ropes. Melo went for a dive, but he went right into Apollo’s dropkick. Apollo gave Melo a power slam into the buckle. Apollo hurt Melo in the ribs with a power Irish Whip. Apollo then gave Melo a backbreaker, focusing on the ribs.

Melo went for a springboard, but he jumped right into a German Suplex from Apollo. Apollo continued to dodge Melo’s moves. Trick got in Apollo’s face to give Melo a breather. Crews saw the attack coming and stepped aside. Apollo dropped Melo at ringside. Apollo hit Melo with a Moonsault at ringside, which both men sold the effects of. In the ring, Apollo hit Melo with a Slingshot Senton for a two count. Trick dragged a chair from under the ring, to sit on.

Apollo hit Melo with a delayed vertical suplex for a two count. Melo managed to get a breather by giving Apollo a throat first cutter off a backdrop. Trick teased using the chair while Melo was taunting and recovering in the ring. Melo smothered Apollo with clubbing blows and head slams for a two count. Melo grinded on Apollo with methodical offense. Melo had the advantage for over two minutes.

Crews managed to counter Melo and hit Melo with two German Suplexes. Apollo got a moment of respite after hitting Melo with a backdrop. Joseph noted that 12 minutes in, and we’ve still haven’t had a fall. Apollo rallied with powerful strikes. Apollo reversed a Final Cut into a leaping lariat. Apollo hit Melo with a corner splash. Melo went for a slingshot and was hit mid-air with Apollo’s Gamengiri. Trick was shown praying to God on the chair.

Apollo dragged Melo inside of the ring with a Deadlift Superplex for a two count. Apollo hyped up the crowd by pumping up his hands. Apollo hit Melo with close range clinch strikes. Melo escaped a Military Press. Apollo escaped a crossface. Both men traded counters and pin attempt. Melo hit Apollo with a La Mistica Slam for a two count. Carmelo hit Apollo with a Final Cut Suplex for a two count. Carmelo put Apollo in the Crossface. Apollo tapped.

Carmelo Hayes picked up the first fall via submission in 15:54. 

Joseph wondered if Apollo tapped up to have more endurance for the long haul. Both men traded fatigued strikes and holds. Melo got the advantage with a throat punch and face slam. Joseph talked about how Melo doesn’t want to be a “Casanova” (a reference to his indie name). Apollo recovered and hit Melo with a suplex and moonsault combo. Melo caught Apollo draped with a gamengiri. Melo hit Apollo with a springboard draping leg drop. Apollo hit Melo with an innovative Blockbuster DDT-ish move for a two count.

Apollo and Melo brawled to the top rope 20 minutes into the match. Both men took each other out with stereo bulldogs. Melo broke the count first and Apollo broke the count at 9. Crews admonished Melo for trying to take a cheap win. Apollo hit Melo with a high knee. Apollo hit Melo with a high angle Back Suplex. Melo came right back with a Codebreaker. Apollo came back with a pop-up Death Valley Driver. Trick got on the apron and exposed the turnbuckle while the referee was checking on Melo and Apollo.

Trick ran around the ring to inform Melo that he exposed the buckle. Apollo came at Melo with enraged strikes. Trick’s plan backfired as Apollo gave Melo a power Irish Whip into the exposed turnbuckle. Trick tried to use the steel chair. Daba Kato (a.k.a. Commander Azeez, Babatunde) made his return and ragged Trick to ringside. Melo recovered with a slingshot move and the Nothing but Net Leg Drop for the win.

Carmelo Hayes picked up the second fall via pinfall in 23:31 to win the match two falls to none. 

After Trick and Melo left, Daba Kato acted like he was helping Apollo to his feet, but instead dragged him into a headbutt. Daba Kato hit Apollo with a Sky High onto a steel chair to leave him lying…

John’s Thoughts: A good and well paced marathon. Carmelo came out of this match looking strong as he actually had to overcome his interference backfiring. The match was well paced consisting of evenly time-distributed acts. I like that the match ended with the sweep as we’ve been conditioned as wrestling fans to expect the 2nd fall to even things up. Based off the commentary, I expect Melo to be the challenger to the NXT Championship at the Los Angeles arena show. Crews seamlessly bounces back from his loss by being put in a program with his former enforcer Daba Kato.

Briggs and Jensen were celebrating with Henley and James after their title win. James congratulated Henley and thanked Jensen for setting this match up.

An ad aired for NXT Stand and Deliver which will be happening WrestleMania Week in Los Angeles at the former Staples Center…

Bron Breakker was shown warming up in the locker room…

A WWE Black History Month PSA aired. Vic Joseph talked about how Kofi Kingston was not only a former WWE World Champion, but also the most decorated WWE Tag Team Champion when he picked up the NXT Tag Team Title. The show cut to Chase U hyping each other up outside the arena (footage from the pre-show)…

Entrances for the tag team championship match took place. A Chase U student section was shown in the crowd. Vic Joseph noted that Andre Chase’s brother and former tag team partner (Lance Bravado) was in the crowd to watch his brother. As usual, Booker continued to hate on New Day. Alicia Taylor handled the formal in ring championship match introductions…

4. “The New Day” Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods vs. Andre Chase and Duke Hudson (w/Thea Hail) vs. “Pretty Deadly” Kit Wilson and Elton Prince vs. “Gallus” Mark Coffey and Wolfgang for the NXT Tag Team Championships. Kofi and Woods dominated Elton Prince early on. Woods dumped Prince to ringside. Woods shoved Wilson into Prince’s shoulders. They did their taunts to New Day. Kofi caught Pretty Deadly with a baseball slide. Pretty Deadly fell to the floor after Thea Hail yelled at them with her megaphone. Chase and Hudson tagged in to work on Prince with tandem offense.

Wilson tagged in and took an Atomic Drop from Chase. Mark tagged out Chase so he and Wolfgang can work on Wilson. Wilson fell into Woods who tagged in. Woods hit Mark with rapid palm strikes. Mark came back with a knee. Wolfgang tagged in and hit Woods with a basement lariat. Prince tagged out Wolfgang. Prince and Wilson kept Woods isolated in their corner with isolation offense and tag outs. Prince gave Chase and Hudson a cheap shot, which allowed Woods to recover and hit Prince with a dropkick.

Kofi got the hot tag and cleaned house with all of his opponents. Kofi hit Pretty Deadly and Mark Coffey with a Boom Drop. Prince ducked a Trouble in Paradise, but ate a SOS. Wilson broke up the pin. Everyone took turns hitting their signature moves on each other. Prince sent Kofi into a gutbuster by Wilson for a two count. Kofi dumped Wilson to ringside. Woods and Kofi hit Prince with their UpUpDownDown (Double Stomp Backbreaker) finisher. The rest of the wrestlers broke up Kofi’s pin on Prince.

Chase dropped Kofi onto a pile of wrestlers at ringside. Wilson came in and clubbed Chase with a right hand. Chase hit Wilson with a superplex to ringside on top of the pile of wrestlers at ringside. Gallus tossed around Chase after they recovered. Joseph noted that there are no DQs or countouts. Hudson tossed around Gallus to prevent them from throwing Chase through the table. Duke Hudson cleared off the table. Wilson hit Hudson with a running uppercut. Hudson kept a low base to block a double suplex through the table. Prince saved Wilson from eating an Alabama Slam through the table.

Pretty Deadly undid Hudson’s work by putting the equipment back on the announce table. Hudson caught both Prety Deadly members with a double lariat. Hudson hit Wilson with an Atomic Drop and Senton. Hudson hit Prince with a suplex. Mark Coffey hit Hudson with a flying shoulder tackle. Hudson recovered and did a kip up. Wolfgang distracted Hudson while he was tuning up the horn. Gallus dragged Hudson to the announce table and gave him a Double-team Uranage through the table.

Chase had to fend off both Gallus boys with right hands. Chase dumped Wolfgang to ringside. Chase hit Mark with a Russian Legsweep. Chase hit Mark with the Chase U boots. Chase hit Mark Coffey with a High Fly Flow for a two count. Chase then put Mark in a Figure Four which drew “woo’s” from the Charlotte Crowd. Wolfgang broke up the move with a Swanton Bomb. Gallus hit Chase with their Power Slam Enzuigiri Finisher. Chase kicked out of Mark’s pin. Kofi flew at Mark with a flying axe handle.

Kofi dropped Wolfgang to ringside. Kofi went for a trust Fall at ringside, but he was caught out of the air. Pretty Deadly slammed Kofi with Spilled Milk. Woods caught Mark with a Haymaker. Woods went for a Limit Break on Mark, but Wolfgang caught Woods out of the air. Gallus hit Woods with a High-Low Power Slam to give Mark the win over Woods.

Gallus defeated The New Day, Andre Chase and Duke Hudson, and Pretty Deadly via pinfall in 16:46 to become the new NXT Tag Team Champions.

Vic Joseph noted that both sets of NXT Tag Titles changed hands tonight…

John’s Thoughts: A fun and high-energy multi-team cluster that really really worked. What I thought WWE did best here was not tip their hand as to who was winning. I felt like every team had an equal shot to win. I actually bought into Chase U winning with the commentary team laying it on thick all night that Andre Chase was in his home town and had his family in the crowd. I almost expected this to be a buffer, but it stood out as anything but Kudos to Xavier Woods, for doing the job to the up-and-coming tag team. Gallus was actually the team that gains the most from winning the tag team titles. Each of the other three teams are already made in terms of character and in-ring. Gallus not only lack charisma without Joe Coffey, but they also ate a ton of losses coming off their NXT debut. These big guys are fun big ol’ boys and will have the opportunity to win us over with their brutality, and hopefully develop in terms of becoming better characters.

An ad aired for the show Against the Ropes on Netflix which was a Luchadora show featuring Rey Mysterio…

Vic Joseph thanked the music group Beartooth for providing the song “Riptide” as the theme song for NXT Vengeance Day 2023…

A hype package aired to hype the Women’s Championship Triple Threat…

Entrances for the NXT Women’s Championship triple threat took place. Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne made their entrance together as the Toxic Attraction tag team. Alicia Taylor handled the formal in-ring championship match introductions…

5. Roxanne Perez vs. Gigi Dolin vs. Jacy Jayne for the NXT Women’s Championship. Jacy and Gigi flanked Perez to start the match. Perez fended both women off with European Uppercuts. Jacy managed to trap Perez with a Gory Special which allowed Toxic Attraction to gain the numbers advantage. Perez went for a double crossbody, but Gigi caught Perez and Jacy followed up with a pump kick. Perez ducked Jacy’s pump kick and rolled up Jacy for a two count. Jacy and Gigi swarmed Perez again for the numbers advantage.

Toxic Attraction went for their high-low finisher, but Gigi ducked when it looked like Jacy was going to “accidentally” nail her with a big boot again. Perez bout both opponents in a wrist hold and hit them wtih a double armdrag. Perez hit Dolin with a Suicide Thesz Press. Jayne hit Dolin with a cannonball after Perez did a sidestep. Jacy and Perez traded submission and pin counters. Jacy worked on Roxanne with ground and pound. Jacy worked on Roxanne with methodical offense while Gigi was still recovering at ringside.

Gigi ended up dragging Jacy to ringside. Both women bickered a bit. Gigi demanded that they both get back on the same page. Gigi and Jayne did a handshake. Jacy ate a baseball slide after Gigi pulled Jacy into it. Gigi pummeled and tossed around Perez at ringside. Perez tried to rally back with right hands, but Gigi gave Perez a backbreaker on the apron. Jacy broke up Gigi’s pin attempt. Gigi and Jacy then stopped each other from pinning Roxanne. Gigi and Jacy had a shoving match in the center of the ring.

Both women traded rollups. Perez caught both opponents with a diving crossbody. Perez took down both opponents with axe handle strikes. Perez hit Jacy with a Shotgun Dropkick. Perez hot both opponents with alternating European Uppercuts in the corners. Perez hit Jacy and Gigi with a Legsweep and DDT at the same time. Perez got two counts off both opponents. Jacy caught Perez and put her in the Tree of Woe, while Gigi was lying on the bottom buckle. Jayne hit both opponents with a running cannonball.

Jayne hit Perez with a Kiss from a Rose, which Joseph referenced in honor of Mandy Rose. Gigi broke up Jacy’s pin. Gigi and Jacy traded punches with Jacy getting the upper hand. Jacy told Gigi to “suck it”. Perez got a few two counts off rollups on Jacy. Perez caught Jacy with a hook kick. Dolin ran in to prevent Perez from hitting Pop Rocks on Jacy. Gigi hit Perez with a Bridged Suplex. Jacy broke up the pin with a Running Senton.

All three women traded hands while on their knees. Perez ended up rallying once they got to their feet. Toxic Attraction hit Perez with stereo superkicks. Toxic Attraction knocked each other out with stereo headbutts. Both women fell on top of Perez and Perez had to kick out of both pins. Jacy and Gigi agreed to get back on the same page. Gigi asked Jacy to “Get the Tables”, as an ode to Bully Ray and D-von Dudley. Perez escaped from getting powered bombed through the table.

Perez hit Gigi with Pop Rocks. Perez tackled Jayne into the apron and dragged her back in the ring. Jacy caught Perez on the top rope with a Gamengiri.  Jayne blocked a Superplex and pummeled Jayne with clubbing blows. Perez kicked Gigi and sent her through the table. Perez hit Jayne with Super Pop Rocks (Super Code Red) to pick up the victory.

Roxanne Perez defeated Jacy Jayne and Gigi Dolin via pinfall in 14:42. 

An ad aired for WWE’s Elimination Chamber PPV…

John’s Thoughts: A creative match with all three women putting in hard work. This match ended up being the comedown after two high-energy matches, and it was still pretty solid. The women did their best job to tell both the story of Perez having to overcome the numbers advantage and the story of Jacy and Gigi being at each others’ throats. Credit to them to get here given that this match was supposed to involve Mandy Rose before Rose’s abrupt release. The outcome was totally expected though given that there was no reason to think Gigi or Jacy are ready to headline the Mania weekend match. Perez is the best bet in that case for the LA show. Speaking of which, which single wrestler do they build up for the Mania show? I don’t think NXT has a singles star or heel heated up enough to be a clear choice to have a showdown with Perez.

A Bron Breakker vs. Grayson Waller hype package aired…

The camera followed both challengers to the ring from the Gorilla Position. Grayson Waller had a sexy shawty behind him with golden sneakers on a pillow. Waller was heading to the ring wearing Scott Steiner style chain mail on his head. Waller then made his entrances with a conga line of shawtys with glow sticks and champagne.

Bron Breakker broke through the logo of Grayson Waller’s talk show on a poster during his entrance. Waller kicked the cage door into Waller before Breakker could enter the ring. Breakker recovered and tossed around Waller at ringside. Breakker slammed the cage door in the face of Waller. The bell rang when both men stood across from each other.

Vic Joseph noted that they can’t win the match by escaping the cage and can only win via submission or pinfall…

6. Bron Breakker vs. Grayson Waller in a Steel Cage Match for the NXT Championship. Breakker quickly ran the ropes and took down Waller with a quick shoulder tackle. Breakker hit Waller with a delayed vertical suplex and standing moonsault. Waller hit Breakker with a few right hands and a floating DDT for a two count. Waller barked like a puppy to mock Breakker. Breakker blocked from being slammed in the cage and returned the favor with strikes. Waller did a roll into Breakker’s spinebuster. Breakker caught Waller into a snap spinebuster which Booker said he had taken from Breakker’s dad.

Breakker gave Waller a top rope Bulldog. Waller baited Breakker into tackling the cage. Waller got a two count. Waller worked on Breakker with methodical offense while also mocking Breakker. Waller even acted like he was taking a dog piss on Breakker. Waller went for a crossbody, but was caught by Breakker. Waller raked Breakker’s to escape the hold. Waller hit Breakker with an innovative Unprettier Blockbuster for a two count. Breakker recovered and caught Waller in the corner with a Frankensteiner for the two count.

Joseph noted that Waller and Breakker were on the same WarGames team that went against Team Black and Gold. Breakker went for a dive, but right into a high knee from Waller. Waller hit Breakker with a crossover elbow drop for the two count. Waller used the ropes to tie Breakker up in a crucifix position. Waller worked on Breakker with punch and kick variations. Waller mocked Breakker by doing boxing punches and Breakker’s break pose. Waller hit Breakker with a spear while Breakker was tied up. Breakker powered up and broke free, looking recovered.

Breakker tossed Waller against the cage. Waller did a leapfrog to avoid a spear. Waller hit Breakker with a low blow. Waller hit Breakker with a rolling stunner for a two count. There were dueling “let’s go Waller” “Waller Sucks” chants. Waller took his time and climbed to the top of the cage. Breakker recovered and caught up with Waller at the top rope. Breakker dragged Waller down and hit Waller with a Superplex. Breakker hit Waller with a spear and pulled down the singlet straps. Joseph said that Breakker needs to go for the pin, but Breakker decided to stalk over Waller.

Breakker dragged Waller by the hair and yelled at Waller for talking trash. Breakker yelled that this is his dog pound and he runs NXT. Breakker ran the ropes and hit Waller with a spear for the win.

Bron Breakker defeated Grayson Waller via pinfall in 14:25 to retain the NXT Championship. 

Breakker climbed to the top of the cage to pose with his championship. Back at the ramp, Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams walked onto the stage. Breakker and Melo glared at each other from a distance. Vic Joseph closed the show by saying NXT is on the road to Stand and Deliver…

John’s Thoughts: While this match was a good match, it was hard to have this match stand out from the other standout matches on the show. I’ll give them credit for effort. Both men tried their best to tell a compelling story. The other matches on this show stood out so much more combined with Bron Breakker’s “LOL Cena Wins” levels of plot armor making it hard to suspend disbelief during nearfalls. Waller especially tried his best to draw heat, but it was just a tough mountain to climb, especially since it seems like crowds are getting less intrigued by Breakker the more he tears through opponents. I am intrigued by Breakker’s presumed program with Carmelo Hayes though.

I’ve been saying for months that if Melo doesn’t get called up, then he’d be the heir apparent champion heading into Mania weekend. He’s presumably not called up, so I assume he’s going to get in there with Breakker at the big show based off the show closing moment. This will be a test for Breakker, but we saw today that Melo can definitely carry his end of the bargain. This NXT Vengeance Day show was really good. All the matches stood out in a different way and all had that Takeover feel to it. I’ll still give the main event an A for effort, but the other matches had the bonus of having lots of veteran talent involved.

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Readers Comments (2)

  1. I enjoyed the wrestling on this show but continue to have a massive issue with the commentary of Booker T. All he does throughout the show is yell non-stop jibberish. Other than Smackdown, WWE needs some help with their broadcast teams. Booker make me want to hit the mute button and Kevin Patrick is like hitting the mute button with his dead air.

  2. We knew the New Day weren’t walking out with the tag belts, and the other championship matches were 100% predictable. Good wrestling in most cases but I wish the outcomes weren’t so obvious.

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