NXT Deadline results: Moore’s live review of Bron Breakker vs. Apollo Crews for the NXT Championship, Pretty Deadly vs. Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods for the NXT Tag Team Titles, men’s and women’s Iron Survivor Challenge matches, Alba Fyre vs. Isla Dawn


By John Moore, ProWrestling.net Staffer (@liljohnm)

NXT Deadline
Streamed December 10, 2022 on Peacock/WWE Network
Orlando, Florida at the WWE Performance Center

Pre Show Notes

McKenzie Mitchell and Sam Roberts were the hosts of the pre-show. They were joined by Pro Wrestling Journalist Denise Salcedo (I remember her as the co-host of X-Pac’s old podcast). They sent the show to the Shawn Michaels rules video, explaining the rules to the Iron Survivor Match…

Kelly Kinkaid interviewed Roxanne Perez and asked her what number she drew in the iron survivor match. Perez noted she drew number 1. Kelly wondered if Perez was nervous due to being number 1. Perez said she doesn’t know what to expect. Zoey Stark showed up and informed Perez that she’s in the same spot as number 2. Stark told Perez to enjoy being in the penalty box. The panel gave their thoughts on the women’s Iron Survivor Match. Sam Roberts was in heel mode for the night..

Trick Williams and Carmelo Hayes interrupted McKenzie from a video feed. Melo and Trick hyped up Melo potentially winning Iron Survivor. Roberts asked Melo what number he drew? Melo refused to tell, saying he’ll come out when his music hits. The panel gave their thoughts on the men’s Iron Survivor Match…

John’s Thoughts: Quick notes, while my only criticism for Denise is that she is trying a bit too hard to play a character (I would tell her to maybe tone down her energy about 10%. Pat McAfee had this problem at first and improved by acting more natural). Small nitpick aside, I think Denise is doing a good job as a WWE broadcast member. She’s up to date, and has good confidence. She might have a future as a WWE broadcast member if she wants to pursue that? I remember her being pretty solid going back to her being the Co Host of X-Pac’s podcast.

Kiana James and her busty secretary were in the locker room. For some reason, Kiana’s assistant has a accent now (I don’t think she had an accent last time?). Brooks Jenson showed up and wished Kiana luck. Jensen kept awkwardly starting at Kiana. Kiana told Jensen to wear a shirt that fits next time…

A hype package aired to promote the Alba Fyre vs. Isla Dawn match. The panel gave their predictions…

A replay aired of New Day challenging Pretty Deadly for a tag team title match. The panel gave their thoughts and predictions…

JD McDonagh was reading a human anatomy book. Kelly Kinkaid asked JD why he was reading that? JD said he’s reading up on hurting people because he has to hurt 5 people. He noted that he already hurt Axiom a few weeks ago…

A hype package aired for the Bron Brekker vs. Apollo Crews NXT Championship match. The panel gave their predictions followed by them running through the card again. McKenzie Mitchell closed the show with 3 minutes left at the top of the hour (to be filled with Peacock Commercials for the ad-subscribers)…

Main Show Review

The NXT Deadline intro video aired which had a clock and egg-timer motif…

Vic Joseph and Booker T were on commentary. Alicia Taylor was the ring announcer…

Zoey Stark and Roxanne Perez made their entrances as the first two women in the Iron Survivor match. Alicia Taylor handled the formal introductions from in the ring. She also listed out all five rules for the match, which had a graphic. A plexiglass penalty box was set up at the ramp. Once the match started, the bottom of the screen had a scoreboard graphic which persisted during the match…

1. Women’s Iron Survivor Match for a future title shot at the NXT Women’s Championship. Stark and Perez went for early rollup variations. Booker talked about how Perez became Reality of Wrestling Women’s Champion at the age of 17. Booker was super psyched to call the match of his student. Stark and Perez went on to methodical chain wrestling. Perez got a two count off a huracanrana rollup. Perez then worked on Stark with rollup variations. Stark got a two count after a body slam. The third woman in the match was Kiana James.

Stark gave James a punch to the kidney. Kiana James got a two count off Stark after a Sunset Flip. James landed on her feet during Stark’s half and half. James hit Stark with a Buzzsaw Kick. Perez broke up Kiana’s pin. Kiana took down Perez with a shoulder tackle. Stark dropped James with a dropkick after she tried to slam Perez.

James fell on Perez, so Stark had to break up the pin. Stark baseball slid into the gut of Perez when James whipped her. Stark dominated both opponents for a stretch. James whipped Stark into the ringpost and worked on Perez. Perez fended James back with headbutts. Perez took down Stark with a series of axe handle strikes. Stark knocked down Perez and hit her with the Tilt-a-Whirl GTS for the first pinfall. Cora Jade was the 4th woman in the match.

Jade made sure to bang on the penalty box to mock Roxanne Perez. Jade dominated both opponents while also going for pin attempts. Perez was unleashed from the penalty box. She gave Jade a Thesz Press. Perez gave Stark a Thesz Press too. Perez trapped Stark and James in the corner for European Uppercuts. James broke up Perez’s pin attempt. Jade superkicked Perez during a pop rocks attempt on James. Jade rolled up James for her first point.

Perez rolled up Stark for a two count. Both women kicked Jade to the side. Stark put Perez in a crossface. Jade broke it up by putting Stark in an Indian Deathlock. Perez put Jade in a Triangle. James got out of the penalty box and broke up all the submissions with pin attempts. The last woman out was Indi Hartwell. Hartwell cleaned house with all her opponents. An “Indi Wrestling” chant ensued.

Perez rolled up Hartwell for a two count. Hartwell gave Perez a big boot to score a pinfall. Stark took down Jade and Hartwell with kicks. Stark whipped Stark into the barricade, but James reversed it with a nice looking Mero Sault. Perez got out of the box and whipped James into the ring steps. Perez caught Hartwell with a crossbody. Jade broke up the pin. Jade mist an elbow to the neck. Stark hit Perez with a right elbow. Perez rolled up Stark for her first fall. James was the only woman without 1 fall at this point.

Hartwell paired off with Jade while Perez paired off with James at ringside for brawls. Hartwell and Perez were left standing in the ring. Stark ran in after being let out of  the penalty box. Stark dominated James, Perez, and Jade with strikes. Perez hit Stark with a running uppercut. Stark sidestepped Perez, causing Perez to suicide dive Hartwell. Jade gave everyone but Stark a moonsault. Stark hit all of her opponents with a springboard crossbody.

James hit Hartwell with a 401k (Tornado Paydirt). James was slammed to the mat by Jade and Perez. Perez hit Jade with Pop Rocks to go up two. Booker said Perez needs to run away now (not necessarily, she needs to break up pins too). Perez wiped out Hartwell to ringside with a huracanrana. James hit Stark with a Super Spanish Fly. Jade tried to steal the pin. Perez pulled Jade aside. Jade hit Perez with a Dirty Deeds DDT, but Perez rolled to ringside for the win.

Roxanne Perez (2) defeated Kiana James (0), Indi Hartwell (1), Cora Jade (1), and Zoey Stark (1) in the 25:00 Iron Survivor Match to become number one contender to the NXT Women’s Championship.

Booker T was gushing over Perez winning. He also hyped up Perez coming from Reality of Wrestling. I think Booker T may have been crying by the end of the segment…

John’s Thoughts: A good opening spotfest. I think the Iron Survivor stipulation, while it did nothing to nuance the match to the television viewer, I think it did a better job helping the women pace out a spotfest. It helped the wrestlers space out their big moves, and in that it succeeded. I wasn’t a huge fan of them going with the parity pinfall approach with most of the women being at 1 point for a stretch. I kinda want to see the Iron Survivor Men’s match have someone go out to a far lead hand having everyone else have to play catchup. In terms of in-ring, Kiana James was the huge standout. She showed amazing athleticism and she cleanly executed most of the big spots.

Vic Joseph and Booker T checked in from ringside. Booker T was still crying so Vic Joseph handed him some tissues. Vic sent the show to McKenzie…

McKenzie Mitchell interviewed Ivy Nile and Tatum Paxley about Julius Creed not being available for Deadline to face Indus Sher. Ivy Nile cut a promo about how she’s just looking out for the health of her Diamond Mind teammate (it was poorly delivered). Kayden Carter and Katana Chance showed up to give Nile pops for being a good teammate. Both teams apparently were open to a tag team title match down the road…

An Alba Fyre vs. Isla Dawn hype package aired…

Entrances for the next match took place. Vic Joseph noted that the current referee of the match was the same referee who got hit by Dawn’s poison mist this past Tuesday…

2. Alba Fyre vs. Isla Dawn. Fyre speared Dawn through the bottom ropes to ringside. Dawn blocked a suicide dive with a gamengiri. Fyre came back with a basement Flatliner. Fyre put Dawn in a Koji Clutch. Dawn escaped by rolling up. Dawn dragged Fyre into the buckle to get the advance. Dawn got a two count off a backbreaker. Dawn punted the rope into the throat of Fyre. Fyre rolled up Dawn for a two count.

Dawn quickly ran at Fyre with a running meteora. Dawn hit Fyre with pump kick variations. Dawn caught Fyre with a top rope meteora for a two count. Fyre dumped Dawn to ringside and hit her with a step up triangle cannonball. Fyre gave Dawn a front suplex in the ring. Dawn reversed Yes Kicks. Fyre hit Dawn with a Torando DDT for the two count. Dawn came back with a Stiff High Kick and German Suplex for a two count.

Fyre dumped Isla to ringside and gave her a dive. Fyre hit Dawn with a Gory Bomb at ringside. Dawn kicked out after Fyre dragged her back in the ring. Dawn flashed a grin as she got up. Fyre hit Dawn with a modified Death Valley Driver. Fyre hit Dawn with a Swanton Bomb. The referee couldn’t count the pin because he started coughing up black goo-blood. REF BUMP?!? What? A 2nd referee ran out after a minute for a two count. Booker said someone better call a hospital.

Dawn tossed Fyre into the exposed turnbuckle. Dawn hit Fyre with the Eye of the Hurricane for the victory.

Isla Dawn defeated Alba Fyre via pinfall in 9:52.

Booker continued to say that someone needs to check on the ref due to the supernatural stuff…

John’s Thoughts: “Oh no, Oh mah god” (in a bad way) . That match finish had me cracking up with those words like I was Joseph Joestar. TNA! TNA! I kid. I kid. Anyways, what the hell though? I get that Shawn likes to go above and beyond to protect Alba Fyre with match finishes, but this was goofy. While, I did crack me up, I don’t think comedy was the intention. That aside, up to that point it was my favorite Isla Dawn match ever. I’ve seen Isla Dawn A LOT during her first two years in NXT UK and she’s was mostly used as the gatekeeper jobber to the stars, with pretty average matches. She was way better this time around. I also really love her presentation upgrade. On NXT UK, early on at least, she came off as a cosplay LARPer Witch. She looks big league now with her new witch motif.

McKenzie Mitchell interviewed Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods. Woods talked about how he’s trying to be Triple Crown Champions. Kofi said Pretty Deadly are talented and have big “ASS”pirations. Woods tried to do his hip swivel thing, but McKenzie wasn’t doing it at first. McKenzie then joined New Day in their signature dance…

Entrances for the next match took place. For some reason, Booker T kept saying he was “disgusted” at The New Day. Booker kept stressing that “something wasn’t right” with New Day deciding to come to NXT out of nowhere. Booker then went on to say that New Day are stealing time from young stars, with Kofi even being a former WWE World Champion. Alicia Taylor handled the formal in-ring introductions. Pretty Deadly were dressed up in Santa themed versions of their gear…

3. “Pretty Deadly” Kit Wilson and Elton Prince vs. “The New Day” Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston for the NXT Tag Team Championships. Woods worked on Wilson with methodical chain wrestling. Woods chopped around Wilson. Wilson came back with a strike and shoulder tackle. Both men traded counters. Woods got the advantage with a follow-through sweep and running senton for a two count. Kofi tagged in. Prince blind tagged in to sweep up Kofi for a two count.

Kofi hit Prince with a Monkey Flip. Kofi then started twerking, which won over Booker. Elton Prince then Twerked Back, and pretty well. Both men had a Twerk Off. Kofi even went down and pretty much was having sex with the mat. Kofi gave Prince a jump kick for a two count. Woods tagged in and gave Prince a slingshot splash. Woods caught Wilson with a shotgun dropkick. Woods and Kofi hit Wilson with alternating strikes to give Kofi a two count. Prince got on the apron to block a suicide dive from Kofi. Kofi knocked down Prince and hit down both opponents with a Flip Dive.

Pretty Deadly tossed Kofi into the corner and tossed Kofi into the ringpost to get the upper hand. Pretty Deadly used quick tags to cut the ring in half on Kofi. Kofi hit Wilson with a float over DDT to get a window of opportunity. Kofi got the hot tag to Woods while Prince also tagged in. Woods ran the ropes and took down Prince with a double palm. Woods took out Wilson with a dropkick. Woods hit Prince with a senton and Wilson with a wrecking ball kick. Booker joked that Woods left a skid mark on Prince (Booker made this doo doo mark joke before on Smackdown).

Prince took down Woods with a follow-through lariat for a two count. Woods and Prince traded boo-yay punches. Prince took down Woods with a Northern Lariat. Wilson tagged in and hit Woods with a Codebreaker for a two count. While the referee was distracted Prince and Wilson brought the belts in the ring. Pince tried to do the Eddie Guerrero fake head shot, but all four men laid out each other in a creative hot potato spot.

Wilson managed to hit Woods with a belt shot to the head while the referee was distracted. Woods kicked out. Kofi dragged Wilson to ringside and hit him with Trouble in Paradise to prevent Spilled Milk. Woods gave Prince Snake Eyes. Kofi gave Prince a backbreaker assisted Double Stomp. Woods picked up the win.

The New Day defeated Pretty Deadly via pinfall in 14:05 to become the new NXT Tag Team Champions. 

Booker wasn’t pleased. Vic Joseph laid out all the accolades that New Day have had. Joseph also noted that Kofi Kingston surpassed Booker T for having the most tag team title reigns…

John’s Thoughts: Wonderful entertainment-style match! Nothing too fancy, nothing too epic, just a good ol fun PPV match. This match also proves that a Kofi Kingston vs. Elton Prince twerking match needs to happen. The ring probably can’t handle so much in-ring humping. I joke. Anyways, this was fun. The ending sequence in particular was done well. They got a full on “This is Awesome” chant for a game of hot potato. Booker was oddly over the top in his bias against New Day here, but my guess is it’s because Kofi was about to break Booker’s Tag Team Title record (which I didn’t know was a thing? And I would have thought Bully Ray would have been higher in count?).

A new years themed vignette aired. There was a countdown and shots of a woman. It hyped up New Years (She was blonde. Tiffany Stratton?)…

Katana Chance and Kayden Carter were hanging out a bit with Enofe, Blade, and Odyssey Jones. After Chance and Carter left, they walked into Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne. They taunted the champs. Ivy Nile and Tatum Paxley ran in to brawl with Toxic Attraction. Blade, Enofe, and Jones pulled apart the women…[c]

Alicia Taylor was in the ring with the job of repeating the long Iron Survivor Rules again. JD McDonagh was the first entrance, with new entrance music. Number 2 was Axiom, running out there looking like a purple colored Dino Charge Power Ranger…

John’s Thoughts: JD McDonagh is exactly who I would have put in at the number 1 spot given he’s been NXT’s In-ring MVP for the past few months. This guy really knows how to carry things bell to bell. Axiom would have been the number 2 guy I would have picked, given his experience in timed WWE Heritage Cup matches, and how entertaining those where.

4. Men’s Iron Survivor Match for a future title shot at the NXT Championship. JD attacked Axiom during the motion blur portion of his entrance. JD staggered Axiom with a uppercut. Axiom came back with a suicide dive (that grazed JD). JD swatted Axiom out of the air with a dropkick. Axiom hit JD with a enzuigiri. Axiom hit JD with a nice Shortarm Northern Lariat. Axiom hit JD with a Claymore and Hesitation Dropkick for a two count. JD hit Axiom with a sitout powerbomb for a two count. The third wrestler out was Carmelo Hayes. 

Melo hit JD with a springboard Bulldog. Melo hit Axiom with a springboard reverse leg drop. Axiom put JD in the arms of Melo and hit Melo with a huracanrana to cause him to DDT JD. Axiom dumped Melo and JD to ringside. Melo took out Axiom with a kick and JD with a punch. Axiom and JD caught Melo with Stereo Superkicks. Melo recovered and gave JD a Final Cut Suplex on Axiom. Melo picked up the first pinfall in Axiom. Melo and McDonagh traded methodical offense. After both men took each other out,

Melo blocked Axiom’s Yes kick and gave him a throat punch. Melo fended off both opponents with strikes. All men took each other out with stereo strikes. Fourth Out was Grayson Waller who hit Axiom and JD with his Stunner finisher. Waller picked up two pinfalls over Axiom and McDonagh. Axiom and McDonagh have to share the penalty box. Waller hit Melo with a discus elbow for a two count. Melo caught Waller with a pump boot from the apron. Waller came back with a Stunner on the Apron.

McDonagh tried to prevent Axiom from exiting the penalty box. Axiom closed the door and then pummeled McDonagh with punches. Axiom then slammed the door at McDonagh. Waller tossed Axiom into the plexiglass to end his onslaught. Melo caught Waller with a superkick. Melo hit Axiom with a sitout Dragon Suplex for a two count. Waller shoved Melo over the top rope. Melo dragged Waler and slammed him on the announce table. Waller gave Melo a back suplex on the announce table. Waller asked Booker “Who’s in your fave 5 now, BITCH!”.

Booker asked Vic “he didn’t just say that”. Axiom rolled up Waller for a fall. Axiom gave JD a Poisonrana and Golden Ratio Superkick for another fall. Axiom and Waller have two falls at this point. Joe Gacy made his opponent at this point. Gacy hit Melo with a big boot. Gacy hit both opponents with quick strikes. Gacy hit Axiom with a discus lariat for a two count. Gacy put Axiom in the Labell Lock for the tapout fall. Gacy and McDonagh exited. McDonagh dragged Axiom in the box as revenge from earlier.

Gacy hit Melo with a handstand Lariat for the fall. Gacy, Axiom, and Waller have 2 falls, while McDonagh has 0. Gacy caught Waller and McDonagh with a springboard crossbody. Gacy caught McDonagh and waller with a Tope Con Hilo. JD tried to trap Axiom in the box but he climbed to the top. Axiom hit Gacy, Waller, and McDonagh with a moonsault from the top of the Penalty Box. Melo exited the penalty box with a pump kick on Gacy.

Melo hit Waller with La Mistica for a two count. Melo put Waller in a Crossface to tie things up at 2. Gacy tossed Waller in the box. Axiom reversed Gacy’s power bomb into a Juji Gatame. Melo hit Gacy with a bicycle kick in honor of Booker. JD dragged Axiom off the apron for a snap Devlin Side. JD hit Gacy with a Devlin Side. JD caught Waller with a Devlin Side. Everyone broke up the pin JD went for. JD kept everyone on the mat with boots.

Everyone recovered at the same time to nail McDonagh with stereo pump kicks. Gacy hit Waller with a Uranage on the steps. Gacy hit Melo with a Bully Bomb and Modified Crossface. Gacy put McDonagh in the crossface. Axiom broke it up and got put in Gacy’s submission. JD and Melo broke up the moves and knocked down Gacy with strikes. Axiom hit JD with his signature DDT Sault. Melo hit Axiom with his leg drop finisher. Waller dragged Melo out of the ring and picked up the fall. Waller dragged everyone away so Melo couldn’t get pins. Waller ran away enough to pick up the win.

Grayson Waller (3) defeated Axiom (2), Joe Gacy (2), Carmelo Hayes (2) and JD McDonagh (0) in a 25:00 Iron Survivor Match to earn a future title shot at the NXT Championship. 

The show cut to commercial…[c]

John’s Thoughts: Welp, that wasn’t a trainwreck. In fact, it was a good match. As I said in the women’s match, the time and penalty box stipulation actually assisted the wrestlers in pacing out their match. This men’s version was way better than the women’s in that they stepped things up by having the match rules add to the stipulation. I’ve reviewed a ton of King of the Mountain matches for this site, and those things end up like trainwrecks due to the rules confusing the wrestlers involved. The stipulations here enhanced the match. Good on them for using the larger plexigalass box instead of the shark cage so they could use that. Everyone got a chance to shine here. Gacy and Axiom in particular stepped up in terms of elevating themselves in the eyes of the audience. Hayes and McDonagh were really good as well. As expected, McDonagh was stellar in laying out the match bell-to-bell.

Vic Joseph and Booker T hyped an upcoming “New Years Evil” themed show of NXT in a few weeks…

McKenzie Mitchell interviewed Drew Gulak as to why he’s returned to NXT. Gulak said he hasn’t reached his full potential and he blames himself. He said he’s here to grind in the ring. He said if he can see someone he can help, who will help in return, that’s even better. Damon Kemp showed up and introduced himself to Drew Gulak. Gulak didn’t like Kemp’s reputation. Kemp told Gulak to watch his first match on NXT in two months. Gulak calmly wished Kemp luck…

Toxic Attractoin vs. Paxley and Nile, the debut of Lyra Valkyria, and Von Wagner vs. Odyssey Jones was advertised for this upcoming Tuesday. Vic sent the show to the Breakker vs. Crews hype package…

Entrances for the next match took place.  Bron Breakker got a slideshow which had still shots of all his title matches and victories. Alicia Taylor handled the formal in ring introductions for the championship match…

5. Bron Breakker vs. Apollo Crews for the NXT Championship. Both men soaked in dueling “Apollo” and dog bark chants. Both men had a quick stalemate during the first collar and elbow. Crews and Breakker then started a Test of Strength. Crews hit Breakker with a Monkey Flip, but they went right into the Test of Strength. Breakker did the same, and they went back to the Test of Strength. Both men countered bulldogs to end up at another stalemate.

Crews kept Breakker under control with a side headlock. Breakker escaped and both men traded side headlock takedowns. Crews and Breakker stood up for another stalemate acknowledgement. The stalemating continued for a few sequences. Crews shoved Breakker on the chest to fire him up. Crews gave Breakker a dropkick and standing moonsault for a two count. Crews caught Breakker at ringside for a moonsault. Crews hit Breakker with a slingshot senton for a two count. Crews put Breakker in a crossface.

Breakker escaped and put Crews in an Alligator Roll. Breakker hit Crews with a delayed Vertical Suplex. Joseph noted that Breakker is a former Baltimore Raven. Breakker gave Crews a standing moonsault. Breakker then got good air off a Tope Con Hilo. Breakker went for a dive, but Crews caught him out of the air with a Leaping Knee. Crews took his time seething. Hen then closed his eyes (presumably having a vision).

Crews then hit Breakker with a suplex combo. Crews hit Breakker with Chained German Suplexes for a two count. Joseph noted that Crews has transformed after the “vision”. Breakker got a two count off a jackknife pin. Crews hit Breakker with a triple deadlift Power Bomb for the two count. Crews hit Breakker with a Five Star Frog Splash for a two count. Breakker got a breather after sending Crews into the top buckle.

Breakker hit Crews with a few tackles and a spinebuster. Breakker hit Crews with a Bulldog for a two count. Crews escaped Breakker’s finisher and got a two count on Breakker. Breakker hit Crews with a Uranage for a two count. Crews recovered and hit Breakker with Breakker’s Military Press Power Slam finisher for a nearfall. Crews and Breakker traded punches. After reversing a backdrop, Breakker caught Crews with a Spear for the victory.

Bron Breakker defeated Apollo Crews via pinfall in 14:34 to retain the NXT Championship.

Highlights from the match aired. The WWE Signature appeared as Bron Breakker was posing to close the show. But before the show could close, Grayson Waller rolled in the ring and hit Breakker with his stunner finisher. The show closed with Waller holding the title belt over Bron Breakker…

John’s Thoughts: A good babyface-vs-babyface matchup. What worked here was the build up and the match played out like a video game mirror-match where both wrestlers have the same moveset, which is good. It also felt like a good ol strongman clash. Only thing that I didn’t like was Apollo presumably having a “vision” in the middle of the ring. That aside, the power vs. power matchup worked out. Apollo Crews was actually elevated, even though he was the veteran and he lost. This was one of Apollo’s higher stakes matches and he looked good. I’m actually ok with Breakker tearing through Crews and presumably Waller en route to losing the title to Carmelo Hayes at the Mania Weekend event at Staples Center (I refuse to call my hometown arena the “Crypto center” of whatever they call it. I’ll probably be in attendance there too).

This was a good NXT PPV/PLE that exceeded nonexistent expectations. The Iron Survivor thing was a great unknown, and thankfully the women’s match was good and the men’s match was great. New Day vs. Pretty Deadly was a nice treat. Dawn vs. Fyre was a great match, but it had the weird “Curse” thing that happened in the end. Is Isla taking lessons from Danhausen? Anyways, good stuff. I haven’t gotten to the ROH PPV yet, but I assume the only match really worth watching is the Briscoes vs. FTR match (which I’ll definitely watch because that’s sure to be amazing). Because Deadline is either free or less than $5 via Peacock, Deadline is the better bang for your buck with five unique matches that deliver. Ey! and if you want the best bang for your buck, go to Impact’s YouTube for this past Thursday’s 60 minute Speedball Bailey vs. Josh Alexander match. Lots of good wrestling this weekend.

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  1. Perez wins it with a stupid Canadian Destroyer? Literally the worst option in the match. HHH is as bad as Cocaine Tony.

  2. Mama Shango wins and we’ve now had an hour of fucking horrible women’s wrestling.

    Fire HHH before he figures out a way to bankrupt the company.

  3. Supernatural crap? Really? I was really enjoying the match until that.

    That first match was pretty good. I would have rather seen Hartwell win though.

  4. Get Pretty Deadly on the main roster ASAP and let them be the modern version of of the obnoxious foreign heel tag team.

    Pretty Deadly are great. New Day looked like their old selves with a fresh opponent to work with. Elton Prince holding the tag rope while climbing inside the ring for the tag made me guffaw. I honestly don’t think I’ve ever seen that and it was brilliant. They woke up a dead crowd and put on a match that the final two matches are going to struggle to even come remotely close to.

  5. What a tag match. I’m comfortable calling that the match of the night. The best part was all four laying on the ground with the belt in the middle of them while the crowd was chanting “this is awesome.” A very close second was the twerk off.

    My only complaint is that I believe the wrong team went over. A win would have been a huge boost for Pretty Deadly.

  6. Excellent job by all 5 guys in their gimmick match. Hopefully it’s a thing that only shows up every now and then, but they did a great job with it this time.

  7. Wow. Gacy can wrestle?

    Also I agree with TGO, pretty deadly to the main ASAP

  8. Hey greatestturd. Go outside. Talk a walk. I’d tell you to get a date but I know that’s impossible. You’re not some great wrestling sage. What a loser you are. You woman hating virgin incel. Get a life

  9. Breakker and Crews just put on the best Central States Heavyweight Title match of 1983. Tough match to have in front of a crowd after that gimmick match but they got them into it by the end.

  10. I knew TGO was old, but Central States? Wow, thanks for making this Aussie feel young again.

    Supernatural crap? Yep, because Undertaker and Kane have never done that.

    Bron is going to be a star, but he needs to be real.. Bron Steiner, otherwise it’s goofy

    What does Booker have against Kofi anyways? Kofi wears the dreads better than Booker?

  11. Wow I feel bad for the greatestturd after that central states remark. I thought he was after but after that comment I realize he’s in his mid 60’s to 70’s and suffering from Alzheimer’s. What a dumbass

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    I don’t care about his age. He still lives in Mommy’s basement, taking in the fumes from his own farts.

  13. It’s getting aggressively annoying to come here, read the results and then see two grown men attack each other in the comments section. Almost every recap it happens.

    It’s wrestling! Predetermined wrestling. Is it that big that two people have to insult each other as much as you do?

  14. It’s literally just Brian who occasionally posts under other names to agree with himself. Everyone else is an adult.

  15. Why Am I Watching This? December 11, 2022 @ 5:28 pm

    OMG, when Wilson threw the belt to Prince and flopped during the hot potato, I lost my mind. That was comedy gold that got past so many people.

  16. Wrong again o greatestturd. I only post under this name. It’s just that no one likes you or your stupid takes you decrepit old prick

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