WWE Crown Jewel results: Powell’s live review of Roman Reigns vs. Logan Paul for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship, Brock Lesnar vs. Bobby Lashley, Bianca Belair vs. Bayley in a Last Woman Standing match for the Raw Women’s Championship, Braun Strowman vs. Omos, Drew McIntyre vs. Karrion Kross in a cage match

By Jason Powell, ProWrestling.net Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

WWE Crown Jewel
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia at Mrsool Park
Streamed live November 5, 2022 on Peacock (WWE Network internationally)

The show opened with a video package narrated by Titus O’Neil… Pyro shot off on the stage and around the top of the open-air venue. Michael Cole and Wade Barrett checked in on commentary from ringside. Cole introduced the Arabic broadcast team, who spoke briefly from the desk next to Cole and Barrett…

Bobby Lashley made his entrance. A video package recapped his recent history with Brock Lesnar, who then made his entrance. Mike Rome was the ring announcer…

1. Brock Lesnar vs. Bobby Lashley. Before the match, Lesnar took his lap around the ring. Lashley went to ringside and ran him into the ring steps. Lesnar sold a knee injury. Lashley rolled Lesnar inside the ring and then speared him. Lesnar went back to ringside. Lashley followed and then speared Lesnar through the barricade in front of the timekeepers area.

Back in the ring, Lashley speared Lesnar again and then covered him for a near fall. Lesnar got his first offense with a German suplex around 90 seconds in. Lesnar followed up with two more German suplexes. Lesnar continued to sell a bad knee. Lesnar hoisted up Lashley and gave him an F5. Lesnar covered Lashley for a near fall.

Lesnar went for another F5, but Lashley slipped away and clotheslined him over the top rope to ringside. Lashley went to the floor, hoisted up Lesnar on his shoulders, and then ran him into the ring post. Lashley threw Lesnar back inside the ring and went for another spear. Lesnar cut him off and went for an F5, but Lashley slipped away and put Lesnar down with a spinebuster. Fans booed.

Lashley caught Lesnar in the Hurt Lock. “I don’t want to give up, shut up” Lesnar told the referee. Lesnar dropped to one knee, then showed signs of life by holding up his right arm. Lesnar powered his way to the corner, then kicked off the turnbuckle and landed on top of Lashley, who held onto the Hurt Lock while the referee counted him down.

Brock Lesnar beat Bobby Lashley in 6:00.

After the match, Lashley acted surprised and frustrated by the match outcome. Lashley put Lesnar in the Hurt Lock again. Lesnar faded. Lashley released the hold and Lesnar sold the hold…

Powell’s POV: A good big man match. I thought Lashley attacking Lesnar before the bell would set up Lashley going over, but the approach they took with Lashley dominating before taking the loss was well done. By the way, there were “fight forever” chants during the match, so thanks for that becoming a worldwide thing, you f’n nerds. Yes, I’m kidding.

An ad aired for WWE Survivor Series – WarGames to the tune of Black Sabbath’s “War Pigs”… A Liv Morgan video aired (presumably while ad-based Peacock subscribers were watching ads)… Dakota Kai and Iyo Sky made their entrance…

Byron Saxton interviewed Alexa Bliss and Asuka in the backstage area and asked them how prepared they feel to defend the titles after only holding them for five days. Bliss said they have been preparing for this moment for months. Bliss was momentarily distracted by the Bray Wyatt insect logo appearing on the television screen next to her. The duo made their entrance while Cole acknowledged the history between Bliss and Bray Wyatt…

2. Asuka and Alexa Bliss vs. Dakota Kai and Iyo Sky for the WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles. All four women wore gear that covered their arms and legs. Referee Aja Smith also wore a long-sleeve shirt under her referee shirt. Asuka and Bliss sent both challengers to the floor and performed a double baseball slide spot.

Back in the ring, Sky dropkicked Asuka, who was on the top rope. Asuka was hung up in the tree of woe for a moment and then Kai struck her. Asuka fell to the floor and sold a knee injury before returning to the ring. Sky targeted the bad knee. The crowd chanted “Let’s Go Asuka.” Kai and Sky continued to isolate Asuka.

Bliss eventually took a hot tag to a strong crowd reaction. Bliss worked over both challengers. Bliss hit a double dropkick on Kai and Sky while they were on their knees. Bliss spiked Kai with a tornado DDT and covered her, but Sky ran in and broke up the pin. Sky dragged Kai to her corner and then tagged herself in.

Bliss performed Code Red on Sky for a near fall. Bliss went up top for her finisher and was cut off by Sky. Kai joined Sky on the ropes and they set up for a double suplex, but Asuka ran in and snuck underneath them to perform a tower of doom spot.

Asuka tagged in and hit Kai with a missile dropkick. Asuka followed up with a series of strikes and a Codebreaker. Kai avoided a Hip Attack, but Asuka suplexed her and bridged for a two count. Asuka tagged out and then dropped Kai with a kick. Bliss went up top and was briefly distracted by Sky on the apron. Bliss went for Twisted Bliss, but Kai put her knees up.

Asuka took out Sky with a knee lift on the floor. In the ring, Bliss put Kai down with a DDT. Bliss went up top for her finisher. Asuka and Sky fought their way back inside the ring. While the referee focused on clearing them from the ring, Nikki Cross attacked Bliss and then rolled out of the ring, which led to Bliss being pinned…

Dakota Kai and Iyo Sky defeated Asuka and Alexa Bliss in 12:50 to win the WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles.

Powell’s POV: This was the best of the Kai and Sky vs. Asuka and Bliss matches. They were given a good amount of time and yet didn’t overstay their welcome. The Cross finish was set up with a backstage shot on Raw that showed Bayley speaking with Cross while Kai and Sky stood by. Obviously, the question now is what role Cross will play in the Raw Women’s Championship match. Meanwhile, I guess the progress is that the female wrestlers no longer have to wear baggy t-shirts over their gear? If nothing else, the wrestlers upped their Saudi gear game with some cool, colorful attire.

A Becky Lynch video aired… Cole read through the Riyadh propaganda plug… An SUV was shown arriving at the venue. Logan Paul, Jake Paul, and their entourage exited the vehicle. Saxton asked Logan how he was feeling. Logan said he was feeling great and feeling like he was about to shock the world. He said it only takes one lucky punch… A video package recapped the Drew McIntyre and Karrion Kross feud…

3. Drew McIntyre vs. Karrion Kross (w/Scarlett) in a steel cage match. Kross and Scarlett had a black and white entrance, while McIntyre brought his stupid giant sword to the ring with him. Cole played up the idea that McIntyre needed to win the match. The cage was lowered around the ring. Cole noted that Jessika Carr was the referee. Carr and Scarlett had their arms and legs covered.

Early in the match, Kross caught McIntyre in the tree of woe while standing on the top rope. McIntyre sat up and then tossed Kross in the ring. McIntyre got down and was greeted with a flying knee from Kross, who covered him for a two count. Kross performed a Doomsday Saito suplex. McIntyre ducked the Kross Hammer and came right back with a Future Shock DDT.

McIntyre counted down for his finisher, but he was distracted by Scarlett, who climbed the cage to ring apron level and then shook it. Kross took advantage of the distraction and applied a sleeper. Kross released the hold and hit McIntyre with the Kross Hammer.

Kross tried to escape by climbing over the top of the cage. McIntyre went to the top rope and ended up performing a superplex. A “this is awesome” chant broke out. McIntyre had ringside referee Dan Engler open the cage door. Scarlett sprayed a substance into the eyes of McIntyre and Engler. Kross crawled to the open door, but McIntyre caught him and applied an ankle lock.

Kross eventually kicked McIntyre away. McIntyre came right back with a big kick. Scarlett closed the cage door and locked it, then taunted McIntyre by holding up the key. McIntyre tried to go over the top of the cage. Scarlett unlocked the cage door. Kross crawled toward the door, but McIntyre dropped to the floor at ringside to win the match…

Drew McIntyre beat Karrion Kross in 13:00 in a steel cage match.

Afterward, Kross said this wasn’t supposed to happen as he watched McIntyre play to a fired up crowd…

Powell’s POV: An enjoyable match. It wasn’t the type of gritty cage match that I enjoy, but there’s only so much WWE wrestlers can do when they are not allowed to blade. Even so, they made good use of Scarlett and the cage, and the finish was fairly suspenseful.

An SUV arrived outside the venue. Roman Reigns, Paul Heyman, Jimmy Uso, Jey Uso, and Solo Sikoa excited the vehicle. Saxton asked Reigns if he had any response to Logan Paul saying it only takes one lucky punch. Reigns walked away. Sikoa glared at Saxton, then shoved the mic away. Heyman mocked the “one lucky punch” talk. Heyman said Reigns is the best defensive wrestler in history, meaning Paul will never hit the one lucky punch…

Cole and Barrett spoke at ringside. Cole said he’s been around Reigns throughout his run and something about tonight feels different…

4. “The Judgment Day” Finn Balor, Dominik Mysterio, and Damian Priest (w/Rhea Ripley) vs. “The OC” AJ Styles, Luke Gallows, and Karl Anderson. Cole pointed out Ripley’s hairstyle and said Ripley told him that she was paying homage to “the late great Beth Phoenix.” Ripley’s arms and legs were covered.

A few minutes into the match, Dom took a powder to avoid being worked over. Anderson followed him to the floor and was hit with a boot from Priest. Back in the ring, Dom covered Anderson for a two count. Dom played to the crowd and was booed heavily before tagging out. Anderson was isolated by the heels.

Priest tagged in and crotch chopped The OC corner. Priest knocked Gallows off the apron with a punch. Anderson put Priest down with a neckbreaker. Anderson was about to make the tag, but Balor pulled Styles off the apron and ran him into the ring steps. Anderson put Priest down with a spinebuster. Gallows returned to the apron and took the hot tag while Priest tagged Dom.

Gallows pulled Dom inside the ring and worked him over. Gallows tagged Anderson in and they set up for the Magic Killer, but Priest ran in and broke it up. Anderson ducked a clothesline that led to Priest tumbling to ringside. Dom rolled up Anderson for a two count. Anderson and Dom threw simultaneous clotheslines and then both men tagged out.

Styles and Balor entered the match. Styles got the better of Balor and then slapped Priest to the mat. Styles went to the apron and threw a knee at Dom, who was on the floor. Styles turned his focus back to Balor and set up for a Styles Clash, but Balor pushed him into the corner. Balor avoided a Calf Crusher and rolled Styles into a leg lock that Anderson broke with a senton.

Gallows put Dom down. Priest took out Gallows. Styles took out Priest. Balor put Styles down with an inverted DDT for a two count. Balor went up top for his finisher, but Styles cut him off. Styles set up for a superkick. Dom grabbed Styles’ leg to stop it, but he was taken out. There was a big spot where Gallows had Dom in Electric Chair position while Priest had Anderson in the same position. They fell to the mat at the same time that Styles superplexed Balor.

Styles set up for a Phenomenal Forearm, but Ripley pulled him off the apron and dropped him face first onto the apron. “Somebody’s gotta kick her ass,” Cole said. Balor hit the Coup De Grace on Styles and then pinned him…

“The Judgment Day” Finn Balor, Dominik Mysterio, and Damian Priest beat “The OC” AJ Styles, Luke Gallows, and Karl Anderson in 14:00.

Powell’s POV: Man, I guess mingling with Saudi officials is really rubbing off on Cole. Anyway, this was a solid six-man tag match. Beth Phoenix is clearly going to seek revenge on Ripley at some point, but it will be interesting to see if The OC has another female to counter Ripley’s involvement.

A Seth Rollins video package aired… Cole set up a video package on the build to Braun Strowman vs. Omos. There was also a tale of the tape graphic…

5. Braun Strowman vs. Omos. MVP did not accompany Omos to ringside after Strowman roughed him up on Smackdown. Strowman and Omos met in the middle of the ring. Strowman had to look up at Omos. Strowman told Omos that he had all of Saudi Arabia behind him. Omos called for a test of strength. The crowd booed. Omos repeatedly asked Strowman if he heard that.

Omos put Strowman on his knees with the test of strength. When Strowman started to stand up, Omos threw a knee to his gut. Omos barked at Strowman that he owns him. Omos whipped Strowman into the opposite corner and then clotheslined him. Omos bounced off the ropes and then hit Strowman down with a big boot. Omos followed up with a kick to the ribs that led to Strowman rolling to the floor.

Strowman clotheslined Omos over the top rope and then returned to the ring. Strowman hit Omos a couple times and then failed to bodyslam him. Omos bodyslammed Strowman with ease. Strowman hit Omos with a boot from his back and then failed to bodyslam him again. Omos picked up Strowman and held him there before slamming him to the mat. Omos played to the crowd for heat.

Omos put his foot on Strowman for a cover, but Strowman immediately rolled out of it. Barrett said he’d never seen Omos look so confident in what he was doing and noted that it was happening without MVP in his corner. Omos tossed Strowman across the ring and then played to the crowd for more heat. Omos looked into one of the cameras and said he could do this in his sleep.

Omos grabbed Strowman by the throat and then Strowman returned the favor. Strowman hit Omos with a couple of punches that dazed him. Strowman continued to throw punches. Omos got pissed and went for a clothesline that Strowman ducked. Strowman clotheslined Omos, who failed to go over the top rope until Strowman pushed him over. Omos landed on his feet.

Strowman went to ringside and charged Omos, who knocked him down. Omos rolled Strowman back inside the ring and followed. Omos barked that he’s the giant. Omos went for his tree slam finisher, but Strowman powered him hands free. Omos threw a knee into Strowman’s gut. Omos charged Strowman in the corner, but Strowman moved. Strowman used Omos’s momentum to scoop him up and then powerslammed him for the three count…

Braun Strowman defeated Omos in 7:20.

Powell’s POV: This was perfectly fine for a battle giants. Omos did actually seem more confident, especially when it came to playing to the crowd. I’m mildly surprised that they didn’t have Omos go over just to give Strowman a mountain to climb on a future show.

A WWE live events video aired… Entrances for the tag team title match took place. In between the entrances, the broadcast team recapped Jey Uso working over Sheamus with a chair on a recent Smackdown. Cole noted that Jey had his arm in a sleeve. Cole said Jey told him that he believes he suffered a broken wrist on the European tour. Cole said Jey would have an MRI on Monday, but he told him that he will defend the tag titles against New Day on Smackdown…

6. Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso vs. Ridge Holland and Butch for the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Titles. Cole noted that the winning team will defend the tag titles against Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods on Friday’s Smackdown. The Usos teased taking their titles and leaving during the opening minute, but the challengers stopped them. Butch used joint manipulation on Jimmy and stomped his elbow. Cole said the Butch was targeting Jimmy’s elbow because Jey injured the elbow of Sheamus when he attacked him with a chair.

Holland and Jey tagged into the match. Holland ended up performing running splashes on both Usos in opposite corners. Holland powered up both Usos and dumped them to the match simultaneously, then covered Jey for a two count. Jey had his right wrist and multiple fingers taped. Holland hit nine of the Ten Beats on Jey before Jimmy pulled his brother to ringside.

Holland went to the floor and hit Jey with a shoulder block. Jimmy went for a suicide dive, but Holland hit him. Holland held Jimmy’s arm over the ring steps and then Butch stomped it. Holland told Jimmy that’s what he gets for Sheamus. Back inside the ring, Holland got a two count on Jey. Butch tagged in and did a head fake on the ropes that caused Jey to throw a superkick. Butch followed up with a dive onto Jey for a near fall.

Butch and Holland set up for a double team move on Jey that Jimmy broke up. The Usos threw superkicks. They eventually cleared Holland for them ring. Jimmy tagged in and went for a top rope dive, but Butch caught him in a hold on the way down and then targeted Jimmy’s fingers. Jey made a blind tag. Jimmy powered up Butch and then Jey threw a kick at him.

The Usos hit simultaneous top rope splashes on Butch and Jey had him beat, but Holland returned to break up the pin. The crowd started yelling “Uce.” Jey asked Butch if he heard that. Butch grabbed Jey’s bad hand and did the finger break spot before tagging out. Holland cleared Jimmy from the ring and then performed White Noise on Jey for a good near fall.

Holland and Butch ran Jimmy into the barricade at ringside. They returned to the ring and then Butch tagged in. Holland held up Jey and then Butch kicked him. Butch covered Jey, but Jimmy returned to break up the pin. A “this is awesome” chant broke out.

Butch caught Jey with a kick, but Jimmy made a blind tag. Butch went to the ropes. Jey hit him with a superkick and then joined him on the ropes. Jey grabbed Butch and lowered him into a 1D from Jimmy in the ring. Jimmy covered Butch and got the three count…

Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso defeated Ridge Holland and Butch in 10:45 to retain the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Titles.

A graphic listed The Usos vs. New Day for the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Titles on Friday’s Smackdown…

Powell’s POV: A good match that lacked any sense of major mystery regarding the outcome. It was unavoidable given that everything has been building toward New Day attempting to stop The Usos from breaking their record for the longest tag team title reign in WWE history. That said, I must admit that Holland’s White Noise on Jey had me wondering for a half-second. Jey put weight on his bad arm when he had to get up from the mat at times, so hopefully his injury is minor. Somehow, some way, that injury is clearly Sami Zayn’s fault!

A Cody Rhodes video aired… Entrances for the Raw Women’s Championship match took place…

7. Bianca Belair vs. Bayley in a Last Woman Standing match for the Raw Women’s Championship. Both wrestlers had their arms and legs covered. Belair had special lighting for her logo and some pyro shot off during her entrance. Mike Rome delivered in-ring introductions for the title match. Mike Rome delivered in-ring introductions for the title match. Belair avoided Bayley’s early attempt to use a kendo stick as a weapon.

A short time later, Bayley had Belair seated on a chair at ringside. Bayley went to the barricade, ran and leapt from it, and clotheslined Belair. Cool spot. Bayley pulled a table out from underneath the ring, which got a rise out of the crowd. Bayley set up the chair on the floor and then Belair blocked her suplex attempt. Belair suplexed Bayley on the entrance ramp.

Belair grabbed Bayley, who fell off the ramp and landed about a foot down on the floor. Bayley sold an injury while the referee held back Belair. Bayley suddenly came to life and hit Belair to regain offensive control. Bayley rolled Belair back inside the ring and then worked her over with a chair. Bayley ended up trapping Belair behind the ring steps and then placed a ladder over the top opening. The ref counted to seven and then Belair emerged from the opening. Bayley worked over Belair with a kendo stick.

Belair blocked a kendo stick shot and then picked up the top half of the ring steps and threw them toward Bayley, who avoided them. Belair followed with a spinebuster onto the bottom half of the ring steps. The referee counted and then Bayley got back to her feet at nine. Bayley ducked a kendo stick shot and then ran up the ramp.

Belair chased Bayley and worked her over with kendo stick shots on the ramp. Bayley grabbed Belair and slammed her onto the stage with a Bayley to Belly. Barrett questioned whether even Bayley would be able to get back to her feet. Both women beat the referee’s count. Bayley found a production crate and wheeled it into Belair, who fell inside of it and the lid closed. The referee counted. Bayley went over to the crate and hit her hands on the top of it, which triggered Belair to spring up and hit Bayley with the top of the crate.

Bayley put Belair in a crossface on the stage and told her to give up. Bayley released the hold and stood up. The referee counted and Belair got to her feet. Bayley reemerged behind the wheel of a golf cart. Cole called it DWI – Driving While Insane. Belair awkwardly stepped aside while Bayley hit the brakes. Bayley ended up climbing on top of the golf cart. Belair tripped Bayley and then joined her on top of the cart and fired repeated punches at her.

Belair dropped down and got behind the wheel. Belair drove the golf cart down the ramp with Bayley on top of it. Once Belair stopped, Bayley grabbed Belair’s braid. Belair pulled Bayley off the top of the cart using her braid and tried to put her through the table, but Baley overshot it and didn’t hit enough of it to break it. Belair grabbed Bayley and powerbombed her through the table. Bayley got to her feet at nine.

Belair tossed a bunch of chairs inside the ring and stacked them up in front of a ladder that was lying in the ring. Belair scooped up Bayley and slammed her onto the chairs. Belair placed a chair over Bayley and then went up top and went for a 450 splash, but Bayley rolled out of the way and Belair landed on the chairs. Belair got to her feet at nine and was immediately struck by Bayley, who opened the ladder.

Bayley grabbed a chair and worked over Belair with it. Bayley set up the chair in the ring and slammed Belair’s head onto the top of it. Belair blocked Bayley’s second attempt and then performed a KOD onto the chair. Bayley moved the chair slightly while in the air and her knee landed on the top of it. Belair placed Bayley inside the opened ladder that was lying on the mat. Belair wedged the chair under the bottom rope and Bayley was unable to escape before the referee’s ten count…

Bianca Belair defeated Bayley in 20:20 in a Last Woman Standing match to retain the Raw Women’s Championship.

Powell’s POV: The best match that Belair and Bayley have had in their current program. It’s been a cold feud, but they worked really hard and produced a fun spectacle match. I initially thought Bayley took a bad landing on the chair, but the replay seemed to show that she actually moved it intentionally so that her surgically repaired knee would strike the top of it. That’s really impressive, though it does make me wonder why they feel the need to show certain replays. From a storytelling standpoint, it’s odd that Bayley apparently had Nikki Cross interfere in the women’s tag team title match, yet didn’t have her interfere in her match even though it actually would have been allowed per the No DQ rules of a Last Woman Standing match. Perhaps there will be more to that story on Monday’s Raw.

Bray Wyatt made his entrance through his door on the stage. Wyatt had his lantern as he headed to the ring and the fans created the firefly effect with their phones. The crowd popped once he was in the ring and chanted “welcome back.” Wyatt said he comes from a very prestigious wrestling family. He said some might say that it was even larger than life. He said he wanted to be great since he was a young child. He said great wasn’t enough, he wanted to be greater than all of them.

Wyatt said he did what he thought he needed to do. He said he gave in. He said he made a monster of himself. He said it didn’t take him long to figure out that he was no longer afraid and no longer felt pain when he was wearing his mask. He said some might say the sensations felt good. He said he found himself in a kingdom of nothingness. He said being the monster destroyed him and ran off everyone. He said he was alone and had nowhere to run. A “we love you” chant broke out.

Wyatt said the thing is that no one loves him. He said people love the idea of him and the things he’s capable of. “I don’t even love me,” Wyatt said. He added that it doesn’t have to be the ending of his story. Wyatt said that’s not the man he wants to be remembered as. “My name is Bray Wyatt,” Wyatt said three times. He said he wants to rewrite the ending to his story.

A video played on the big screen. The Uncle Howdy character asked why wear a mask. He said it must hurt forcing yourself to be someone you’re not. Howdy said you can’t fool him and questioned who knows Wyatt better than he does. Howdy said Wyatt will give in and when he does, he wants him to remember how good it feels. He said that if you’re worried about the aftermath, hurt them. “Just don’t take the mask off,” Howdy said. “Tell me I’m wrong”…

Powell’s POV: More of the same and that’s not a bad thing as far as I’m concerned. I know there are fans who are really anxious for Wyatt to form a faction or get to whatever the plan is for the character, but I’m enjoying the slow build. Of course, it’s possible that it could be dragged out too long, but I don’t feel like we’re anywhere close to reaching that point.

A Survivor Series – WarGames ad aired… Cole and Barrett spoke about the WarGames addition to Survivor Series. Barrett said he’s called WarGames matches and they have twice the number of rings and bedlam. Cole set up a video package on the main event…

Entrances for the match took place with Logan Paul coming out alone. He played to the crowd once he was inside the ring and received cheers. Cole played up the “one lucky punch” theme. Cole said Roman hasn’t been pinned since December 15, 2019. Reigns made his entrance along with Paul Heyman. Cole said Reigns’ title reign is up to 797 days. Cole said he has sources close to Reigns who have told him that Reigns has been very aloof and won’t take advice. Cole played up the idea that Reigns wasn’t as prepared for the match as he normally would be. Barrett rebutted Cole’s comments…

8. Roman Reigns (w/Paul Heyman) vs. Logan Paul for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship. Mike Rome delivered in-ring introductions for the title match. Paul received a mixed reaction and he pointed at Reigns, who smiled in response. Reigns was cheered and there was a brief “Roman” chant. Reigns smirked at Logan, who smiled in response before the bell rang to start the match. Barrett said this might be the easiest night’s work of Reigns’ entire championship reign.

Logan reversed a waist lock and then slammed Reigns to the mat. Reigns returned the favor. Logan slammed Reigns out of a firemen’s carry. Reigns dropped Logan with an uppercut. Logan threw a wild punch that Reigns avoided before rolling to ringside where he spoke with Heyman. Reigns returned to the ring and Logan told him, “Stop running, Tribal Chief.” Reigns took offensive control with a shot to the body and then a elbow to the head that took Logan off his feet.

Logan came back with a nice sequence that included a leapfrog, an arm drag, and a clothesline that sent Reigns over the top rope to the floor. Logan went to ringside where Reigns caught him with a shot and then tossed him into the timekeepers area. Reigns played to the crowd and smirked. When he turned around, Logan dove off the barricade with a crossbody block. Logan threw Reigns back inside the ring. Logan performed a Buckshot Lariat on Reigns and got a near fall.

Barrett spoke about realizing that he’d taken opponents too lightly and how panic mode sets in. Logan went for a springboard move and was caught with a big uppercut from Reigns. Heyman encouraged Reigns by yelling that he’s the Tribal Chief and the greatest of all time. Reigns kicked Paul in the ribs multiple times. Cole said the longer the match goes, the more it would have Reigns dominance written all over it. Reigns performed a side suplex and then covered Logan for just a one count. Reigns mockingly applauded him.

Reigns applied a chin lock. Logan got to his feet and elbowed his way free. Reigns hit Logan with repeatedly clothesline style shots in the corner, then ran the rope and threw another leaping clothesline. Reigns covered Paul for just another one count. Reigns looked at the referee and asked if it was really just a one count. Reigns applied another chin lock and said he would put an end to this. He looked into the camera and said there wouldn’t be “anymore YouTubers coming over here anymore.”

Logan came back a gut wrench suplex and then hit a top rope Blockbuster, which resulted in a two count. Barrett called Logan “the best three match wrestler” he’d ever seen and said it wasn’t even close. Logan dropped Reigns with a Superman Punch. Logan stayed down for a moment and then kipped up. Logan went up top and performed a crossbody block. Logan stood up and performed a standing moonsault for a close near fall. Heyman acted like a nervous wreck at ringside.

Cole took issue with Logan questioning the referee’s count and not going right back on the offensive. Logan went to a corner and tuned up the band. Reigns stuffed a superkick and then performed a uranage slam. Reigns covered Logan for a near fall. Barrett said he came into the match a doubter, but it’s clear that Logan is something special and would fight until his last breath. Reigns got to his feet and played to the crowd while Logan also stood up.

Logan sidestepped a Superman Punch and hit Reigns with a shot to the kidney. Logan hit Reigns with a punch. Reigns was woozy when he got back to his feet. Logan hit Reigns with a Superman Punch and covered him for another good near fall. Reigns flexed his jaw while he was lying on the mat. Reigns rolled to the floor while Logan tried to grab his hand to keep him inside the ring. Logan followed Reigns to the floor and then cleared the Arabic broadcast table.

Logan took a swig from a drink from one of his entourage buddies who was in the crowd. Logan took a cellphone from his other buddy and brought into the ring with him and played to the crowd. Logan held the phone as he went to the top rope and then performed a frog splash that drove Reigns through the table.

Jey Uso and Jimmy Uso ran out and checked on Reigns, then pulled Logan’s buddies over the barricade and beat them up. Jimmy brought one of them into the ring and superkicked him. Jey, whose only had his fingers taped, brought the other buddy inside the ring and he was superkicked and tossed back to ringside.

Jake Paul made his entrance and entered the ring with Usos. Jake took out both Usos with bad punches. Jake played to the crowd and yelled, “Let’s go.” Meanwhile, Logan threw Reigns back inside the ring. Jake told Logan to finish it. Logan performed a top rope frog splash that resulted in another close near fall. Both men stayed down.

Solo Sikoa’s entrance music played and he headed to the ring with a black towel over his head. Jake stood at the bottom of the ramp and struck a fighter’s pose, but Adam Pearce and other producers and referees ran out and kept them apart. The Usos approached Jake from behind. Logan performed a big dive from the ring onto both Usos. Logan returned to the ring and was blasted by a Superman Punch from Reigns, who followed up with a spear for the win…

Roman Reigns defeated Logan Paul in 24:50 to retain the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship.

The Bloodline went to the stage. Reigns dropped to his knees and sold his jaw. He yelled something about not wanting to see Logan again. Heyman gushed over Reigns being the Tribal Chief. Reigns turned and yelled to the crowd, then sold jaw pain again… A video package recapped the event…

Powell’s POV: A really fun main event. I could have done without the Jake and Usos portion, but they used that to set up the finish. The broadcast team did a great job of telling the story of the match. Cole established that Reigns wasn’t taking Logan seriously, and Barrett went from being a Logan skeptic to a Logan believer. I don’t know if this will win over fans who hated this match going in, but those who were interested had to come away satisfied by the spectacle match. That said, I’m still not convinced that this will be enough to get Logan Paul cheered by American WWE fans the next time he appears on television.

Overall, this was good show that played to an enthusiastic crowd. I will be back shortly with my same day audio review for Dot Net Members (including our Patreon patrons). Let us know what you thought of Crown Jewel by voting for the best match and grading the overall show below.

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Readers Comments (11)

  1. Really? Putting the belts back on the girl who pauses and stares at her opponent before every move and her meth addict friend?

    Good opener followed by the worst of HHH booking.

  2. Wearing the black and purple and having no real star makes The Judgement Day look like The Dark Order.

    That 6 man was just the typical modern clusterfuck “match” with everyone taking turns and the ref looking completely incompetent.

    Hopefully the last 3 matches live up to their potential.

  3. So the only ones I can think of to help The OC are Flair,Pheonix,Doudrop/Niven,or Rodriguez.

  4. Aside from the cute finish that woman’s match was totally awful. At what point can the female wrestlers have good competitive compelling matches without trying to use the same maneuvers as the men WHICH IS INCREDIBLY DANGEROUS

  5. Omas and Strowman was better than it should have been. Kudos to the big fellas.

    Tag title and Women’s title matches were both good.

    Logan Paul is a better fake cowboy than Butterfly Adam Page and his bucktard lariat looked 1000x better.

  6. If he is seriously interested Logan Paul could be an actual top 5 wrestling star. He is not a joke

  7. Paul just stole Theory’s gimmick with the phone in hand on the table spot.

  8. Whatever this thing is they are doing with Bray I hope it results in him feuding with another person and not himself. It seems to be building to Bray vs. Bray which is really dumb.

  9. Torn MCL and Meniscus for Logan Paul and maybe a torn ACL. Did it about halfway through the match. Makes that performance that much better.

  10. I felt overall it was a great PPV. I’m really getting annoyed with the Uso’s showing up during Roman’s matches. And the ref looking like a dumbass with his hands in the air. The ref should have thrown them all out. It ruined an otherwise great match that we know Roman would have won. Just as frustrating as the end of Clash At The Castle. Alexa Bliss looks so out of touch. People don’t know whether to cheer her or boo her. Whether a face or a heel, Alexa needs to be the old Alexa, 5′ of fury. Go back to her old gear and ditch the Lilly doll references for good including Lilly during her entrance. I’m afraid the Bray Wyatt psycho side kick is ruining her career in the here and now. One last thing, I really think AJ Styles should face Rhea Ripley. I know she would be all in.

  11. Not sure it was really necessary to point out that arms and legs were covered every single time a woman was involved in a match. It’s a different country and they do not do things the same way as the US. I get that you don’t like the way things are done there, but it is their country so if WWE wants their money then you gotta play by their rules. And if you cover the WWE PPV taking place in that country, I think you should accept it too. It isn’t going to change anything.

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