9/2 WWE Friday Night Smackdown results: Powell’s review of Roman Reigns celebrates two years as champion, Ronda Rousey’s final judgment, The Viking Raiders vs. New Day in a Viking Rules match, Karrion Kross’s in-ring debut, Mansoor and Mace vs. Hit Row, Butch vs. Ludwig Kaiser


By Jason Powell, ProWrestling.net Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

WWE Friday Night Smackdown (Episode 1,202)
Taped August 26, 2022 in Detroit, Michigan at Little Caesars Arena
Aired September 2, 2022 on Fox

[Hour One] Michael Cole and Pat McAfee were on commentary, and the ring announcer was Samantha Irvin… The ring apron had viking shields on it and a small viking longship at ringside. The Viking Raiders made their entrance for the Viking Rules match. Irvin said there are no rules and falls count anywhere. The New Day duo made their entrance with some viking gear of their own…

1. “The Viking Raiders” Erik and Ivar vs. “The New Day” Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods in a Viking Rules match. There were also viking flags set up on the ring posts. The bell rang and the teams immediately brawled. Kingston and Woods hit stereo flip dives over the top rope and onto the Raiders at ringside.

Kingston and Woods used the shields from the ring apron as weapons. Kingston placed one in front of Erik and then Woods dropkicked it. Kingston climbed onto the ringside barricade and frog splashed Ivar. Kingston and Woods both covered Ivar, who kicked out at two heading into a break. [C]

Coming out of the break, Woods dove from a handrail onto the Viking Raiders on the main floor. The teams battled back to ringside. Ivar splashed Woods against the barricade and got a two count. Erik took a kendo stick from Kingston and tossed him back inside the ring.

Kingston kicked Erik and took the stick back and worked him over with it. Erik put Kingston down with a uranage slam and covered him for a two count. Kingston battled back and got the better of Erik and Ivar briefly. He pulled a “unicorn horn sledgehammer” out and hit Erik with it and covered him for a near fall.

Kingston was slammed onto the longship. Erik slammed Ivar onto Kingston. Woods performed a tornado DDT on Erik on the longship and got a two count. Woods and Ivar fought inside the ring. Ivar got the better of it, and then Ivar slammed Woods from the middle rope and had him beat, but Kingston broke it up. [C]

Kingston and Woods put Erik down and covered him, but Ivar splashed the pile to break it up. Ivar put Kingston down with a spin kick. Erik passed Kingston to Ivar on the ropes, but Kingston fought free and fell to the mat. Ivar performed a top rope moonsault that Kingston avoided.

Kingston hit a top rope splash onto the back of Ivar, the Woods dropped a top rope elbow on him. Woods covered Ivar, but Erik broke it up. The New Day duo cleared Erik and Ivar to ringside and then dove onto them and covered them for two counts on the floor.

Erik and Ivar picked up Kingston and lawn darted his head off the longship. Woods and Erik fought on top of the ship. Woods went for a powerbomb with two tables stacked next to the ship, but Erik blocked it. Ivar hit Woods with a shield. Kingston leapt from the top rope only to have Ivar throw the shield in his face. Erik and Ivar slammed Woods through the two stacked tables with their Ragnarok finisher and then Ivar pinned him…

“The Viking Raiders” Erik and Ivar defeated “The New Day” Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods in 22:15 in a Viking Rules match.

Powell’s POV: The Viking Raiders had to win the Viking Rules match. It was a fun brawl and both teams worked really hard. The live crowd already sat through last week’s live edition of Smackdown and they still got up for this match. It’s good to see the Viking Raiders are clicking as heels and aren’t too damaged from their run as jolly cartoonish cosplayers.

The first part of a video package on Roman Reigns being champion for two years aired… [C]

A sponsored recap spotlighted Drew McIntyre beating Sami Zayn last week and then being attacked by The Bloodline…

Sami Zayn was dressed in a suit backstage for the Roman Reigns celebration. Jimmy Uso showed up and was happy to see Zayn, while Jey Uso was still annoyed by him. Sami showed off pictures of Roman’s biggest moments and spoke about the plans he had for the celebration.

Jey told Zayn that it was a Bloodline celebration. “You can throw a party, but you can’t help me against your boy KO,” Jey said. Zayn said he was doing the best he could. Jimmy said Zayn had the party on lock, then told Jey that they could roll. Zayn asked Jimmy to tell Jey that he was going the best he could…

Kayla Braxton stood on the backstage ring set and interviewed Shanya Baszler, who said she would be the Smackdown Women’s Champion in less than 24 hours. Baszler said she would tear Liv Morgan limb from limb until she cries.

Smackdown Women’s Champion Liv Morgan showed up and told Baszler that she won’t tap out no matter what Baszler does to her. Morgan told Baszler that she would rip her arm off. Baszler laughed and told her she would like to see her try. “Watch me,” Morgan said…

A Karrion Kross and Scarlett video aired. Kross said a moment in time can mean so many things. Kross said Drew McIntyre can reflect on how he suffered last week, while Roman Reigns can commemorate being WWE Champion for two years, and his opponent Drew Gulak will have a moment that haunts him for the rest of his life. A graphic listed Kross’s in-ring debut for after the break… [C]

The second part of the Heyman narrated video on Roman Reigns aired…

2. Karrion Kross (w/Scarlett) vs. Drew Gulak. Gulak’s entrance was not televised. Kross no-sold Gulak’s early forearms and called for more. Gulak fired chops and other strikes that Kross no-sold. Kross put Gulak down with a wicked suplex and then put him in the Kross Jacket for the submission win.

Karrion Kross beat Drew Gulak in 1:15.

Kross didn’t release the hold immediately. He eventually did and then tied up Gulak in the ropes with his legs hanging over the ring apron. Kross and Scarlett looked at Gulak before heading to the back…

Cole hyped Ronda Rousey’s final judgment… [C]

Powell’s POV: Well, that went better than Kross’s Raw debut when he was booked to lose to Jeff Hardy in July 2021. I don’t miss those bizarre Vince McMahon booking moments.

The third part of the Reigns video aired and focused on his reign on Smackdown…

Ronda Rousey made her entrance with a piece of paper in her hand. Once in the ring, she said the paper was a statement from WWE headquarters. She said there was no one she would rather have read it than her friend and WWE official Adam Pearce, who then made his entrance.

Pearce said any decisions have never been personal. He said it was her decisions and choices that got her arrested. Pearce tried to say he was just doing his job, but she cut him off and said the line for him. Once Pearce was in the ring, Rousey told him to read the statement. Pearce started to read it, but she told him to read it out loud.

The statement said Rousey’s behavior in recent weeks was completely unprofessional, but her behavior never approached the level of criminal, though it was unwarranted. It also stated that she paid her fines, would remain on probation, but could resume wrestling immediately.

Rousey needled Pearce and asked if he had a hard day at the office. Pearce said probation was absurd and recalled some of the things that she had done. He said if it was up to him, he wouldn’t have suspended Rousey, he would have fired her. She asked if he really thought the board would value his opinion over the most recognizable female athlete in history.

“Kiss my ass,” Rousey said. Pearce got fired up and asked if she thought his job was easy. He spoke about managing multiple shows and no one ever asking how his day is going. Pearce told the crowd to shut up for a second, then went back to ranting. Pearce said he had no problem with the board of directors, he has a problem with Rousey.

Pearce said Rousey walks around like she owns the place and god forbid if something doesn’t go her way. Pearce said the people call Rousey the baddest woman on the the planet, whereas he calls her “the single biggest bitch I’ve ever met.”

[Hour Two] Rousey approached Pearce, who said he took it back and it was just the stress speaking. Rousey put Pearce down and then put him in an armbar. Rousey released the hold and then stood over Pearce in the corner for a moment before leaving the ring. Cole said Rousey assaulted a WWE official and could get fined or suspended again…

Powell’s POV: I’m not crazy about Pearce turning heel. This isn’t Austin vs. McMahon, it’s Rousey vs. middle management. Pearce is a good performer and will play his part well, but I’ve just had my fill of heel authority figures in pro wrestling.

Zayn was backstage when a delivery person dropped off black roses for Reigns. Zayn said he didn’t order them. He smelled the flowers and acted like they smelled. Zayn opened the card, which read “Tick Tock” to signify that they were from Karrion Kross…

Hit Row made their entrance… [C] Max Dupri and Maxxine Dupri introduced Mace and Masoor, who made their entrance…

3. “Hit Row” Top Dolla and Ashante Thee Adonis (w/B-Fab) vs. “Maximum Male Models” Mace and Mansoor (w/Max Dupri, Maxxine Dupri). The models were cleared from the ring during the opening minute. “Los Lotharios” Angel and Humberto came out and showed interest in B-Fab, who entered the ring. Maxxine wasn’t pleased. Top Dolla and Adonis held the ropes open and then B-Fab dropkicked Angel and Humberto.

Mansoor hit Adonis from behind. Mace tagged in and walked over the back of Adonis and ended up covering him for a two count. The models isolated Adonis and picked up another two count before he tagged out. Top Dolla dropped Mansoor with a forearm and eventually splashed him in the corner. Adonis tagged in and they hit the Heavy Hitter before Adonis pinned Mansoor.

“Hit Row” Top Dolla and Ashante Thee Adonis beat “Maximum Male Models” Mace and Mansoor in 3:05.

The models and Los Lotharios attacked Hit Row after the match. “The Street Profits” Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins ran out and helped Hit Row clear the heels from the ring…

Powell’s POV: The live crowd was flat for this match, but it’s hard to take much away from their reaction this late in the doubleheader taping.

Happy Corbin was interviewed by Braxton on the backstage ring set. He said he didn’t want to talk about his recent losses. He said his life is good and he doesn’t live in the past. He said sometimes you have to double down. Corbin said he was going to issue an open challenge… [C]

The fourth part of the Reigns video series aired and focused on some of the gimmick matches he’s had during his two-year title reign…

Corbin was in the ring and called for someone to come and get some. Shinsuke Nakamura made his entrance. Corbin wasn’t pleased. McAfee rocked out on the broadcast table…

4. Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Happy Corbin. Corbin went on the offensive to start, but Nakamura eventually put him down with a kick. Nakamura set up for his finisher. Corbin countered into a Deep Six for the usual two count. A “Corbin sucks” chant broke out and distracted him. He tried to do his run around the ring post spot, but Nakamura was waiting for him and hit him with a Kinshasa and pinned him. Cole said it seemed like Corbin hit rock bottom…

Shinsuke Nakamura beat Happy Corbin in 2:20.

Powell’s POV: I guess Cole has to pretend he doesn’t remember what rock bottom looked like for the Corbin character. The losing streak makes his matches predictable, but at least they kept this one brief.

Cole recapped Raquel Rodriguez and Aliyah winning the WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles on Monday’s Raw. Cole didn’t mention that the legal opponent was not pinned…

Butch made his entrance along with Sheamus and Ridge Holland… A Connor’s Cure video aired… [C]

A frustrated Corbin was shown walking backstage in the parking area when JBL’s limo arrived. “What happened to you?” JBL asked. “Get in.” Corbin got into the limo, which drove away. The broadcast team wondered if that was actually JBL. Cole asked who else has a limo with horns on it…

Powell’s POV: They didn’t actually show JBL, but that’s an interesting development.

Ludwig Kaiser and Gunther made their entrance… Cole hyped a Clash at the Castle press conference immediately following the event that would be available via YouTube and Facebook…

5. Ludwig Kaiser (w/Gunther) vs. Butch (w/Sheamus, Ridge Holland). Butch targeted the fingers of Kaiser with joint manipulation. Cole said it looked like “the Butch of the past.” Kaiser came back, but dove from the second rope into an uppercut from Butch. Kaiser rolled to the floor. Butch dove at him and was with an uppercut while in midair. Sheamus and Gunther bickered. [C]

Kaiser dropkicked Butch while he was tied up in the ropes. Kaiser put Butch down with a nice suplex for a near fall. Butch came back with a step up enzuigiri, but Kaiser followed him as he ran the ropes and hit him with an uppercut. Butch came right back with a kick to the face. Kaiser performed another suplex for a near fall.

Butch grabbed the hands of Kaiser and then then kicked him while lying on his own back. Kaiser grabbed Butch, who grabbed his hand and did the finger break spot. Butch followed up with the Bitter End and scored the clean pin.

Butch beat Ludwig Kaiser in 9:10.

After the match, Gunther entered the ring and removed his jacket. Sheamus did the same and lowered his suspenders. Kaiser stood in front of Gunther and barked at him until he agreed to leave the ring without getting physical…

Powell’s POV: Butch wore his hair down and definitely incorporated more of the style he used throughout his career as Pete Dunne. As physical as the match was, I expect Gunther and Sheamus to blow it away in that area on Saturday…

Another Roman Reigns video package aired…

Backstage, Zayn and the Usos finalized the party plans. The Usos were about to leave. Zayn asked if they should all go out together as The Bloodline. Jey said Zayn was getting way too comfortable. Jimmy said it was about Reigns and suggested they all go to the ring and put the spotlight on him… [C]

An Instagram video was shown with boxer Tyson Fury stating that he would be at ringside at WWE Clash at the Castle…

Sami Zayn and Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso made their entrance for the celebration. Photos of Reigns were set up on stands inside the ring. Zayn asked Jimmy if it was okay that he was hosting. Jimmy called him an honorary Uce and told him to do his thing. Jey cut off Zayn and started the Reigns introduction. Zayn comically tried to act cool while supporting his comments. The trio introduced Reigns.

Roman Reigns was shown arriving in the parking area in an SUV. He was dropped by a big boot to the face. The camera pulled back and showed Drew McIntyre had put Reigns down with a Claymore Kick. McIntyre looked down at Reigns and then started walking.

McIntyre made his entrance. Zayn left the ring and tried to get in McIntyre’s face, but McIntyre dropped him with a Glasgow Kiss headbutt. McIntyre entered the ring and fought off an attack by the Usos and then knocked the Reigns photos over. McIntyre performed a flip dive onto Zayn and the Usos at ringside.

McIntyre tossed Zayn back inside the ring and then tossed multiple chairs inside the ring. McIntyre entered the ring and Zayn went after him with a chair, but McIntyre kicked the chair at his face. McIntyre went back to ringside and put Jimmy through the broadcast table. McIntyre waited for Jey to stand up and then speared him through the barricade and into the timekeepers area.

McIntyre got a mic and entered the ring while asking when Reigns will understand that he will never stop. McIntyre said The Bloodline was torn apart and God Mode was deactivated. McIntyre said he would take Roman’s head off his body and then Reigns would look up and see the new champion…

Powell’s POV: The big revenge segment that this needed to be after McIntyre took the beating last week. Overall, a solid go-home show, albeit a show that lacked the usual energy due to the show being taped after last week’s live edition. It was unavoidable given that the crew had to travel to Cardiff. I will have more to say about tonight’s show in my weekly same night audio review for Dot Net Members (including our Patreon patrons). And then I’m off to watch Rampage before doing my all night fantasy football prep work via MyFantasyLeague.com for my draft tomorrow.

Join Colin McGuire for his live review of WWE Clash at the Castle on Saturday afternoon.

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  1. The only show shittier than smackdown these days is 2.0 and that pointless level up crap.

  2. Kudos to the camera team for finding the single person in the building that gave a bright blue monkey shit about Karrion “Nap Causer” Kross’ shitty in ring performance. Dude sucks at everything except having an above average Onlyfans skank for a wife.

  3. lol you both big mad

  4. No, The Greatest One is not a happy camper at this point; probably looking at resorting to AWA reruns (Nothing wrong with that) with the way that things are developing.

  5. Following Khlamydia Kross with Shit Row vs the Capri World Order is a terrible way to treat fans who already sat through one 2 hour show.

  6. Ahh, keyboard warriors like the Stone…perfect examples of people who talk crap when they can be anonymous. What a wonderful brave life you must lead.

  7. >The live crowd was flat for this match, but it’s hard to take much away from their reaction this late in the doubleheader taping<<

    Ok, but then what's the excuse for having to use piped-in crowd noise for every show for the past God-knows-how-many-months?

  8. They used piped in crowd noise in an attempt to sway the TV viewers. This all really during Thunderdome when Vince realized he could finally control the audience “reaction” to match his booking. He continued the practice when they returned live. It appears more noticeable on Fox than USA for some reason

    The maybe one thing AEW does better right now from a production standpoint is “mic up” the crowd appropriately.

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