3/24 NXT UK TV results: Gibbons’ review of Meiko Satomura vs. Isla Dawn for the NXT UK Women’s Championship, A-Kid and Saxon Huxley vs. Charlie Dempsey and Rohan Raja, Jordan Devlin vs. Danny Jones, and T-Bone vs. Wild Boar


By Laurence Gibbons, ProWrestling.net Contributor (@Gibbonsgob)

Taped in London, England at BT Sport Studios
Streamed March 24, 2022 on WWE Network and Peacock

The broadcast team was Andy Shepherd and Nigel McGuinness… The show kicked off with a hype package for the NXT UK Women’s Championship main event between Meiko Satomura and Isla Dawn…

1. “Die Familie” Charlie Dempsey and Rohan Raja (w/Teoman) vs. A-Kid and Saxon Huxley. Dempsey and A-Kid began the match. A-Kid started on top after a big dropkick to Dempsey. Huxley came in and hit a scoop slam. Dempsey tagged Raja in but he was victim to the same fate. Huxley dominated both members of Die Familie for a bit.

Die Familie turned things in their favor when Raja distracted A-Kid as he went up top. Dempsey hit a top rope bridging suplex on A-Kid. Dempsey and Raja utilized kick tags and kept A-Kid in their corner. Raja came close to a win from a high-angle backdrop. Dempsey also nearly finished A-Kid with a Fisherman suplex.

A-Kid got the hot tag and Huxley dominated Dempsey. He came close to a win from a top rope clothesline but Raja split up the pin. Raja’s distraction allowed Dempsey to put a double wrist lock on Huxley. Huxley lifted Raja for the dominator. A-Kid went up top looking for a double-team move. Dempsey distracted the referee allowing Teoman to knock A-Kid off the turnbuckle. Raja hit Seek and Destroy on Huxley for the win.

Die Familie” Charlie Dempsey & Rohan Raja (w/ Teoman) defeated A-Kid & Saxon Huxley in 08:24.

Gibbons’ Opinion: A-Kid is having a good time in NXT 2.0 and looks like he’ll be involved in the ladder match at Stand & Deliver. But in the UK Die Familie has got his number. He lost to Dempsey a few weeks ago because of Raja interference. He thought he’d evened things up with Huxley by his side but Die Familie still has the numbers advantage. Fun match to start the show.

A recap package aired highlighting the rivalry between Wild Boar and Symbiosis…

Xia Brookside requested a rematch from Amale who agreed. Brookside then called her ‘daddy’ and told him it was time…

T-Bone made his entrance with the rest of Symbiosis. Wild Boar made his entrance through the crowd and attacked all of Symbiosis from behind…

2. T-Bone (w/Eddie Dennis, Primate) vs. Wild Boar. Boar beat on T-Bone in the corner until he clubbed him away. Boar hit a senton and then went outside to try and get Dennis. Primate blocked him and T-Bone attacked him from behind. T-Bone focussed on the knee that Boar has spent the past year rehabbing after an injury.

Dennis grabbed Boar’s leg and wrapped it around the bottom rope. T-Bone stamped on the knee and then hit a couple of suplexes. T-Bone hit a fallaway slam and an elbow drop. T-Bone missed a splash in the corner allowing Boar to hit a German suplex and a charge in the corner.

Boar hit an innovative DDT for the win and then immediately chased Dennis backstage.

Wild Boar defeated T-Bone in 4:37.

Gibbons’ Opinion: Eddie Dennis kicked Wild Boar to the curb and replaced him with T-Bone after several losses a year ago. This was Wild Boar’s first match and he took a good beating. But as soon as he rallied he got the win. He’ll have to beat Primate next and then he gets his match with Eddie Dennis.

Ilja Dragunov accepted Roderick Strong’s challenge to a contest for his NXT UK Championship. The match will take place in two weeks…

Kenny Williams discovered someone had stolen his car and trashed it… Jordan Devlin made his entrance…

3. Jordan Devlin vs. Danny Jones. Jones floored Devlin with a chop which fired “The Irish Ace” up and sparked a flurry of chops and strikes in return. The two traded stiff strikes and then ran the ropes. Devlin took Jones down with a knee to the gut.

Devlin methodically picked away at Jones for a few minutes. Jones leaped to his feet and unleashed several forearms. Devlin again hit him to the mat with one strike. Jones put a sleeper on and then transitioned into a slam. Devlin hit a cutter and the brainbuster for the victory.

Jordan Devlin defeated Danny Jones in 4:44.

After the bell, Devlin cut a promo to the camera claiming he was on a different level to the rest of the NXT UK roster and that nobody would dare prove him wrong…

Gibbons’ Opinion: This was a good reminder of Devlin’s ability in the ring after his recent loss to Dragunov. His post-match promo suggests someone will look to prove Devlin isn’t as good as he thinks he is soon. Jones looked very good. It was the best showing he’s had in fact. Perhaps he might be about to undergo a mini push to move up from enhancement talent.

A hype package aired ahead of Trent Seven vs. Ashton Smith which is set for next week. Seven reiterated that there’s nothing he wouldn’t do to win the match…

A package also aired for next week’s NXT UK Heritage Cup Championship match between Noam Dar and Mark Coffey. Dar has beaten the other two members of Gallus in his previous two championship defenses… Xia Brookside vs. Amale is also now booked for next week…

Isla Dawn made her entrance for her shot at the NXT UK Women’s Championship. Meiko Satomura entered the BT Sport Studios…

4. Meiko Satomura vs. Isla Dawn for the NXT UK Women’s Championship. Dawn pushed her hand into the face of Satomura who retaliated with strikes and kicks. Dawn wrapped the champion up in the ropes until the referee forced a break. This did little to silence Satomura who stayed on top with kicks until Dawn used the ropes again. This time she hung Satomura’s jaw onto the top rope and then tossed her outside and into the barricade.

Dawn enjoyed a few minutes on top with a reverse chin lock and then knees to the side and back of Satomura. Dawn hit the double knees and nearly won it but only kept Satomura down for two.

The two women then traded attacks as Dawn matched Satomura kick for kick. Satomura floored the challenger with a backdrop driver. Satomura went for a frog splash but Dawn got the knees up. Dawn hit a Fisherman suplex for a very close two.

Dawn missed a dive from the top allowing Satomura to hit the overhead kick and the Death Valley Bomb but Dawn kicked out. Dawn ducked out of the way of Satomura’s rolling ax kick. Satomura rolled Dawn up with an inventive pin for the victory.

Meiko Satomura defeated Isla Dawn in 8:04 to retain the NXT UK Women’s Championship.

After the bell, Dawn stole the NXT UK Women’s Championship and left the arena.

Gibbons’ Opinion: This was a highly entertaining match that reiterated how dominant Satomura is as champion but also made Dawn look a million dollars. Satomura beat Dawn in her debut match in five minutes roughly 13 months ago. It is great to see how well Dawn has been built up and how her character helps to define her narrative and matches. Dawn stealing the NXT UK Women’s Championship points to two things. 1: we will get a rematch between these two. 2: Dawn might actually win. She has used the tactic of stealing from her opponents and placing a hex on them before she fights them. This has led to her beating everyone she’s ‘cursed’. Is Satomura dominant enough to defeat Dawn if there’s a curse on her?


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