3/17 Impact Wrestling TV results: Moore’s review of Josh Alexander vs. Matt Taven, Jay White and Chris Bey vs. The Motor City Machine Guns, Deonna Purrazzo vs. Lady Frost vs. Giselle Shaw in a Triple Threat for the ROH and AAA Reina de Reinas Championships, Rhino vs. Steve Maclin

By John Moore, ProWrestling.net Staffer (@liljohnm)

Impact Wrestling TV
Taped in New Orleans, Louisiana at Alario Center

Aired March 17, 2022 on AXS TV

[Hour One] Before the teaser, Impact aired an “In memory of…” graphic for the late Razor Ramon Scott Hall… Highlights from last week’s Impact Wrestling show aired…

Tom Hannifan and Matthew Rehwoldt were on commentary. Hannifan hyped the next match as a “first time ever” matchup…

1. “Bullet Club” Jay White and Chris Bey vs. “The Motor City Machine Guns” Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin. Shelley wanted to start the match with the code of honor handshake, but White wanted a Too Sweet. Shelley responded to the Too Sweet with knife edge chops. White quickly turned the tables and gave Shelley chops. Sabin tagged in and the MCMG gave White stereo dropkicks. Bey tagged in. Sabin used a side headlock to take down Bey.

Bey came back with a twisting dropkick. Shelley blind tagged and gave Bey a PK from Sabin’s wheelbarrow. The MCMG gave Bey a high-low Shining Wizard. Sabin and Bey traded quick tags to cut the ring in half on Bey. Sabin and Bey locked Bullet Club in stereo Octopus Holds with Sabin converting to a crossface on Bey. Both Bullet Club members were dumped to ringside when White broke up both holds. Shelley held the ropes open so Sabin could hit both Bullet Club members with a suicide dive.

Sabin hit a seated Bey with a diving crossbody. Shelley took White off the apron with a Poetry In Motion. Sabin went for a Doomsday Device but White tripped Sabin off the top rope. The MCMG were dumped to ringside. Bey hit both MCNGs with a Tope Con Hilo. White hit Shelley with a snap suplex in the ring for a two count. Bey prevented Shelley from tagging out with a double stomp. Bey went for another stomp, but Shelley dodged and hit Bey with a Flatliner into the buckle. Sabin and White tagged in with Sabin cleaning house off the hot tag.

Sabin put White in the Tree of Woe. Shelley and Sabin gave White consecutive dropkicks. Shelley suplexed Bey into White. Sabin hit White with a Satellite DDT for a two count. White got a moment of respite after hitting Sabin with a suplex into the buckle. Bey tagged in and gave Shelley a dive.

Bey gave Sabin a reverse TKO for a two count. Bey and White gave Shelley consecutive Dragon Screws. After trading counters Shelley gave White an enzuigiri as Shelley gave both Bullet Club members a DDT. The Motor City Machine Guns hit Chris Bey with their Skull and Bones finisher. White broke up the pin, but the referee had said he already counted to three so the Guns picked up the victory.

The Motor City Machine Guns defeated Bullet Club via pinfall in 12:31.

The commentators commented over the instant replay and noted that White’s break was extremely close. Hannifan noted that the referee’s call is final and that means the Guns win. Hannifan also said that you could argue that even if White hit Sabin, Bey’s shoulders were still on the mat…[c]

John’s Thoughts: Wow was that a great and fun match. The Motor City Machine Guns haven’t missed a beat coming off Shelley’s multiple injuries. I forget how much I love watching Motor City Machine Gun matches going back to when they would wrestle best of 5 series on Impact. Sabin’s a solid singles wrestler, but Shelley and Sabin together are quite something (there is a selfish part of me that wishes Shelley go to WWE to save Kushida from NXT 2.0 hell). Chris Bey comes off as the random guy who’s just hanging out with Bullet Club to look cool, which is why he was the perfect person to take the pinfall as Bullet Club’s de facto fall guy in Impact. You’re not gonna have self-professed “best current wrestler in the world” Jay White lose clean on regular Impact TV right? I’m looking forward to whatever match this win for the Guns sets up.

Highlights from the Bullet Club vs. Motor City Machine Guns match aired…

Tom Hannifan and Matthew Rehwoldt checked in on commentary. The commentators ran through the advertised segments for this week’s Impact show…

Entrances for the next match took place. Anthony Carelli (a.k.a. Santino Marella) joined Hannifan and Rehwoldt on commentary. Apparently, Maclin turned on Rhino by hitting Rhino with a Kendo stick during Rhino’s match at the last Impact Plus show. The commentators noted that Maclin didn’t like that members of Team Impact questioned his loyalty when Eddie Edwards was playing them (hey, from a logic perspective, I’m with Maclin on this one)…

2. Steve Maclin vs. Rhino. Maclin and Rhino traded punches to start the match. Rhino got the first advantage with a shoulder tackle. Rhino had the advantage heading into commercial break.[c]

Maclin backdropped Rhino to end Rhino’s momentum. Maclin worked on Rhino with calculated offense. Rhino made a comeback after Maclin missed a dive. Maclin ended Rhino’s momentum again with a back suplex. Rhino blocked Maclin’s suplex with a vertical suplex of his own. Maclin blocked Rhino’s Gore with a dropkick. Maclin gave Rhino a gore for the victory.

Steve Maclin defeated Rhino via pinfall in 5:46 of on-air time.

John’s Thoughts: You can’t get too excited for babyface Rhino matches these days because he’s essentially Tommy Dreamer lite, where Dreamer was just the veteran Impact used to give wrestlers a padding win. That said, these guys made the most of their time and the match was fine for what it was. Maclin needed the win here, especially since he’s lost way more than he’s won over the last few months. Time to put some steam behind Maclin again because this guy is a blue chip of a man. I also liked the last two matches ending in untraditional fashion. The first match with the missed breakup and this match with Maclin pressing the “Smackdown Vs. Raw Steal-a-finisher button” to Gore Rhyno.

Jessie McKay and Cassie Lee met up with Kaleb Konley backstage and continued to try to buddy up with him. Lee gave Kaleb a bottle of water. Both IInspiration members were going with the story that they understand that Kaleb actually tried to help them retain the titles and accidently helped Madison and Tenille. They said they forgive Kaleb and hopes he doesn’t screw up next time…[c]

Rhino was sitting on a couch making exhausted and in-pain sounds. Heath [Slater] walked in and sat on a chair next to Rhino wearing a “This is my gimmick shirt” shirt. Heath noted that things haven’t been working out for them as singles wrestlers and they are best as a tag team (what?). Heath said they need to put the band back together to go after the tag team titles. Rhino got fired up and fist bumped Heath and agreed to go after the tag titles…

John’s Thoughts: Ohhhhh nooooo. This is a step back. Heath just giving up after one, yes one, loss to Moose? I was totally looking forward to the singles push of Heath Slater, ever since he had that really good segment with Drew McIntyre on Raw back in 2020. For some reason, this guy just always finds himself back in a fun-loving tag team with Rhino (And they weren’t even that successful, because they were trading wins with Violent By Design every week. So what the hell is Heath talking about?). I’m fine with Rhino being a tag team wrestler because he’s at his best when he’s the goofy tag team guy. I was just looking forward to Heath’s singles ascension so much and now we’re back to square one with Rhino. I hope this is a swerve and that one of these guys turns on the other.

Tom Hannifan and Matthew Rehwoldt checked in on commentary. The commentators introduced Brian Myers who had his personal alternate-commentary table set up for the next match. Myers noted that he’s spending a lot of money on his table budget these days because W Morrissey broke his last table…

3. Bhupinder Gujjar vs. Larry D. The commentators quickly cut to Brian Myers’ alternate commentary feed, where Myers was doing solo play-by-play. Larry hit Bhupinder with a shoulder block. Gujjar recovered and hit Larry with a basement dropkick to the knee. Bhupinder hit Larry with a slingshot dive for a two count. Raj Singh showed up to ringside to cheer on Bhupinder. This distracted Bhupinder to allow Larry to get the upper hand with methodical offense. Larry hit Bhupinder with a European Uppercut for a two count.

Larry went back to the methodical offense. Larry hit Bhupinder with a shoulder tackle and discus lariat for a two count. Bhupinder ended Larry’s momentum with a Slingblade and backbreaker. Bhupinder hit Larry with a Samoan Drop. Larry came back with punches and a PK to the knee for a two count. Bhupinder and Larry brawled to the top rope with Bhupinder shoving Larry off. Bhupinder hit Larry with a second rope spear for the victory.

Bhupinder Gujjar defeated Larry D via pinfall in 5:58.

Hannifan noted that Gujjar is still undefeated. W Morrissey showed up to chase Brian Myers. Myers sprinted up the ramp and ran to the back. Raj Singh tried to handshake Gujjar, but was shoved to ringside. Raj backed into Morrissey who power bombed Raj into Brian’s replacement personal announce table…

John’s Thoughts: I still don’t see it in Bhupinder, despite Impact giving him consistent weekly TV time. The guy is just vanilla and comes off as the WWE Create-a-Wrestler enhancement guy from the video game. In fact, he actually served well as an enhancement guy in this match making Larry D look good. I’m more excited to see more of Larry D, but I think he’s only here this week due to Impact touring his home area. Another note, is it just me, or does the 2nd rope spear looks more contrived and less impressive than a regular, hard hitting, and grounded spear? The 2nd rope spear reminds me of Bron Breakker/Scott Steiner tripping off the 2nd rope. One positive though, I do like that Impact is taking their time building up talent. That’s a good practice to get into.

Ace Austin showed up and told Speedball Mike Bailey that he totally expects his buddy to win his qualifier to get into the X Division Championship Ladder Match at Rebellion. Ace noted that he got his first big win in Impact at Rebellion. Ace said he hopes that Bailey has his back at Rebellion. Bailey said he hopes they have each others’ backs. Ace said that would be great and Bailey can help Ace become X Division champ. Bailey said “one of us” will become champion. Ace acted confused and wondered if Bailey was threatening him…

The Honor No More faction (sans PCO) were backstage with Vincent starting off the promo. Vincent talked about Honor No More being a large collective group. Kenny King said that they’ve made changes to Impact since Josh Alexander went on his temporary hiatus. King said Josh needs to learn to sleep with one eye open now that Honor No More is around. Matt Taven said that Josh Alexander is still trying to live off some kind of Code of Honor. Taven called Alexander’s wrestling headgear, “Melvin Earmuffs”.

Taven said that Alexander was obedient when Scott D’Amore told him to go home and that Honor No More has been defiant ever since they’ve come to Impact, which has given them success. They said they will take what they want, like the world or tag titles. Alisha Edwards showed up to yell at Honor No More.

[Hour Two] Alisha noted that Josh Alexander fights for something and is not here to destroy. Alisha got in Eddie’s face and told him that Alexander actually brought the world title back to Impact. Eddie told Honor No More to walk away so he could take care of Alisha. Eddie said it’s clear that Alisha has chosen to stick with Impact.

Alisha said she didn’t like the ultimatum. She said she’s picked Impact over Honor No More, but not over Eddie because Eddie’s her husband. Alisha said she hopes that one day she’ll wake up and Eddie turns back to what he was (I hope not). Eddie said he’s not going down the wrong path, Impact Wrestling is going down the wrong path…

Entrances for the double championship title match took place. Tom Hannifan plugged the Impact trading cards. Matt Rehwoldt was consistent in continuing to cheerlead for Deonna Purrazzo…

4. Deonna Purrazzo vs. Giselle Shaw vs. Lady Frost for the ROH Women’s Championship and AAA Reina de Reinas Championship. The women all traded quick rollups to start the match. Frost was the first to be dumped to ringside. Purrazzo worked on Shaw with chain wrestling. Shaw hit Purrazzo with a huracanrana. Purrazzo hit Shaw with a crossbody. Frost got back in the ring and hit Purrazzo with a dropkick. Shaw tackled Frost.

Purrazzo was dumped to ringside. Shaw and Frost traded forearms. Shaw ;eg swept Frost. Purrazzo broke up the pin. Purrazzo hit both women with a standing moonsault. Purrazzo got a two count off Shaw, and quickly transitioned to a Fujiwara Armbar. Frost locked Shaw in a leg lock at the same time. Shaw got to the bottom rope for the break. Frost sent Purrazzo into the bottom buckle. Shaw hit Frost with a Underhook Suplex and running senton for a two count. Hannifan reiterated that Purrazzo can lose the title without being involved in the decision.

Frost hit Shaw with a cannonball in the corner. Purrazzo hit both opponents with a singular German Suplex. Frost recovered and hit Purrazzo with a Superplex. Frost rolled up Shaw for a two count. Shaw hit Frost with a superkick for a two coun. Frost took down Shaw with a kick combination. Frost hit Shaw with a Super Blockbuster. Purrazzo hit Frost with a Pile Driver for the pinfall victory.

Deonna Purrazzo defeated Lady Frost and Giselle Shaw via pinfall in 6:04 to retain the ROH Women’s Championship and AAA Reina de Reinas Championship.

John’s Thoughts: Another notch in the belt for Purrazzo and a good win to continue to rebuild Purrazzo into the dominant wrestler that Purrazzo entered Impact Wrestling as (before she became more of a chicken heel after she defeated Jordynne Grace). The right person lost here because Shaw has just showed up and Frost is good in the role of plucky enhancement wrestler. I still hope that Taya Valkyrie will end up being one of the people to give Deonna Purrazzo a run for her money given Valkyrie’s history with the Reina de Reinas Championship. I’m also curious as to what they do with the ROH women’s Championship now that Tony Khan has bought ROH?

Gia Miller interviewed Josh Alexander and asked Alexander if he thinks it’s a mistake to get tangled up with Honor No More while also having a match with Moose for the world title at the next PPV. Alexander said it isn’t a mistake. He said he’s sat at home for weeks and is back to do what he does best. He said he’s going to take care of Taven and Honor No More to make sure they don’t get in his way. Alexander noted that he signed his half of the contract and is waiting for Moose’s signature. Alexander said he assumes that Moose is just going to be dramatic about signing his signature, so Josh is looking over his shoulder if Moose attempts to come after him…[c]

A clip from Before the Impact showed that The Good Brothers, Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson, challenged Violent By Design to a tag title match on next week’s Impact…

Scott D’Amore met up with The Good Brothers and told them that they’ll be tag team division wrestlers at ringside for next week’s title match, which he’s granting. Gallows assumed that they’ll be there to learn from veterans like he and Anderson. D’Amore said they won’t be learning and that next week’s title match is a Lumberjack Match. The Good Brothers argued that the Lumberjack stipulation was unnecessary.

D’Amore also noted that the tag teams at ringside will participate in an 8-Team-Elimination Challenge at Rebellion against whoever comes out as tag team champions. Gallows didn’t like that and said that the Good Brothers are 7 Time Tag team champions and will be 8 time champs at the end of next week…

Jonah got a televised entrance with Zicky Dice already in the ring…

5. Jonah vs. Zicky Dice. Dice tried to run away, but Jonah grabbed Dice by the hair and gave Dice a lariat. Jonah gave Dice a Tsunami Splash for the win.

Jonah defeated Zicky Dice via pinfall in 0:32.

Jonah dumped Zicky Dice to ringside and Hannifan noted that Jonah might attack Zicky because Jonah usually attacks his opponents after his matches. Suddenly the Honor No More theme played as people I would assume were paramedics rolled out PCO who was on a stretcher. PCO did his Frankenstein’s Monster thing by reviving. Hannifan noted “He’s alive!”. PCO walked to the ring to brawl with Jonah.

Impact referees and security ran out to separate the two men. PCO tried to give Jonah a top rope cannonball to ringside but Jonah got out of the way which sent PCO into the pile of security guards and referees. Jonah stood on the ramp with his eyes bulging as Honor No More’s theme played…

John’s Thoughts: Another good squash win for Jonah who Impact is taking their time with in alternating between squashes and big matches (though I hope they put some of his big matches on big TV shows as opposed to keeping them on the niche Impact Plus service). PCO vs. Jonah 2 should be a good one. Who wins that though. Jonah shouldn’t be taking losses at this point of his Impact run and PCO hasn’t been winning matches in general?

Footage of Mickie James getting attacked at one of Mickie’s concerts by Tasha Steelz was shown…

Gia Miller interviewed Mickie James who was with her buddy Chelsea Green. Gia informed Mickie that next week’s Steelz vs. James title match is now a street fight. Mickie said Tasha has crossed the line and someone needs to give her the ass whooping that her momma never gave her. Green noted that due to it being a no-DQ match, Savannah Evans will legally be able to assist Steelz. Green wanted to be in Mickie’s corner. Mickie kept insisting that she didn’t want Green there.

Green said she gets it that Mickie is a legend, but everybody needs help sometime. Mickie said she’s happy to have a friend like Green, but Green is injured. She said last week’s match ended up fine, but she couldn’t help but be constantly parinoid over Green’s injury. Mickie said she can’t have it on her consciousness if Green’s injury gets worse. Mickie said she wants to defend the title against Green when she’s healed up. Mickie said to trust her and that she’ll win the title next week…[c]

John’s Thoughts: They’re definitely laying it on thick with the whole sudden Mickie and Chelsea buddy-buddy thing to the point where this is definitely building up to Green turning her back on James very soon. I’m assuming (and hoping) that the wrist injury is kayfabe to put heat on the turn too (“hoping” because I haven’t seen Green wrestle uninjured since 2017). I like that Green pointed out the dumb thing of babyfaces always deciding to wrestle alone in No-DQ matches despite the rules saying that backup is legal. Mickie still does fall into the dumb babyface trope of still going, “don’t worry, I can handle this”. Does legendary babyface Mickie not have any friends other than Chelsea Green backstage? Heck, if Cassie Lee isn’t wrestling next week, I’d call her!

Masha Slammovich got a televised entrance. The local enhancement talent was already in the ring…

6. Masha Slammovich vs. Arie. Arie was acting like she was in Ring of Honor, wanting a handshake. Masha gave Arie a handshake and used it to pull her into a Saito Suplex. Arie dodged Masha’s Yakuza Kick attempt. Arie got a few punches in but then got whipped into the corner. A fan or two tried to get in a “USA” chant out of nowhere (ugh). Masha hit Arie with a knee. Masha hit Arie with The Russian Death Device for the victory (Which Hannifan called “The Snow Plow”, which was what Al Snow called it).

Masha Slammovich defeated Arie via pinfall in 1:02.

John’s Thoughts: Another fun squash for Masha and Impact continues to show great patience over the past few months in building up future wrestlers for their company. I noticed that Impact is trying to minimize any reference to Russia and I totally understand that given the Russia-Ukrane conflict. It’s smart not to drag that into their show in general let alone the build of a promising future star of the company. I only sighed a bit at the one fan chanting USA because that came off as pure elitist “Murica” simpleton. Just like separating China and CCP, you shouldn’t hate on the innocent people when their asshole government are being assholes. Nationality is different than government folks!

Gia Miller interviewed Zicky Dice about losing to Jonah twice. Dice said he’s lost a lot of pride. He said he doesn’t understand because he has the look, body, charisma, and he connects with the audience. He said he has one hole in his game and he might just suck as a wrestler. He started getting emotional. He said Brian Myers tried to help him out with that, but he cut him before he could hit his stride. Dice said there must be some dojo, factory, or perception center out there. Gia said maybe Dice has to find a wrestling school…[c]

Right on queue, a fake Wrestling School ad aired for Johnny Swinger’s Wrestling School. Swinger said “Swinger’s Dungeon” is the place where fantasies come true. Swinger said he has the experience of being a pro wrestler and running an illegal gambling hall. He said he’s passing on his knowledge to the next generation of ham and eggers. A graphic aired of his “guest trainers” like Bruce Hart, the High Voltage Tag Team, ring announcer Tony Chimel, Frank The Butcher, “One of” The Colossal Kongs, and others.

A testimonial by Lance Storm aired where he said he never been to Swinger’s Dungeon and he doesn’t endorse Swinger’s Dungeon. Storm was labeled as “A Very Serious Wrestler”. Swinger said you better sign up quick. Swinger gave the PO Box which wasn’t framed correctly. Swinger said that couples were lining up and showing up in droves. Random “students” (presumably people looking for sexual experiences) passed by Johnny. Johnny assumed that the people in BDSM gear were just fans of Demolition…

John’s Thoughts: Yo! I’m actually looking forward to the return of Johnny Swinger comedy. For me that commercial was great, but I don’t blame you if you didn’t like it because comedy is subjective. The problem with the whole Casino thing was that the segments were more about the joke about the casino as opposed to telling any sort of actual comedy. Swinger’s way to talented in comedy to be hidden behind the veil of a bad Joke. Hey, it ain’t easy being Johnny Parisi. This also is seemingly leading to the Swinger and Dice tag team that I was hoping for when Dice joined the company given Dice also being a throwback comedy character.

The show cut to Hannifan and Rehwoldt who hung their heads at disappointment in Swinger’s ad. Hannifan and Rehwoldt then announced the following matches for next week: Violent By Design vs. The Good Brothers in a Lumberjack Match for the tag team championships and Tasha Steelz vs. Mickie James in a street fight for the Knockouts Championship. Hannifan hyped up The Good Brothers vs. Jay and Mark Briscoe at WrestleCon. Rehwoldt hyped a replay of Seiya Sanada vs. Hiroshi Tanahashi on the NJPW AXS show…

Matt Taven and Maria Kanellis made their entrance for the next match. Maria joined Hannifan and Rehwoldt on commentary. Hannifan brought up Alisha Edwards getting in Maria’s face backstage when she argued with Eddie. Maria said she doesn’t know but Alisha needs to stand by her man, Eddie Edwards, instead of questioning everything he does (well, that’s kinda Alisha’s thing. Yelling at Eddie and questioning everything he does). Josh Alexander made his entrance…

7. “The Walking Weapon” Josh Alexander vs. Matt Taven (w/Maria Kanellis). Both men started the match with a feeling-out process and chain wrestling. Alexander gave Taven a shoulder tackle to send Taven to ringside. Taven came back with a rally of strikes and suplex for a one count. After trading counters Alexander hit Taven with a few strikes. Taven hit Alexander with a dropkick. Alexander tackled Taven in the gut Taven gave Alexander a gamengiri. Taven gave Alexander a top rope legsweep onto the top rope. Taven gave Alexander a wrecking ball kick heading into commercial.[c]

Alexander used a rollup to escape a Fujiwara armbar. Taven came back with a lariat. Taven hit Alexander with a Flatliner into a crossface. Alexander escaped with a rollup. Alexander hit Taven with the Kurt Angle consecutive Suplexes. Taven recovered and hit Alexander with an elbow drop. Alexander blocked a lionsault by getting the knees up. Alexander gave Taven a forearm and big boot. Alexander got a two count after a Northern Lights Suplex. Alexander worked on Taven with methodical offense.

Taven staggered Alexander with an enzuigiri and hit Alexander with a Purple Thunder Bomb. Alexander hit Taven with the Three Suplexes. Taven hit Alexander with Just The Tip. Alexander and Taven traded fighting spirit strikes. Taven skinned the cat and Alexander took him off the ropes with a Crossbody Tope. Rehwoldt said that’s the Josh Alexander Impact fans know and love. Maria said she doesn’t know and love Alexander.

Taven lowered his weight to block the Jay Driller. Taven hit Alexander with a Beautiful Disaster Kick. Alexander blocked The Climax with an Ankle Lock. Taven got to the bottom rope for the break. Alexander met Taven at the top rope for a Superplex. Alexander hit Taven with the Jay Driller for the victory.

Josh Alexander defeated Matt Taven via pinfall in 12:10 of on-air time.

The EC3 jacket guy held out a Canadian Flag for Josh Alexander at ringside. Alexander posed on the ropes after his win…

John’s Thoughts: Good stuff between Taven and Alexander. It’s tough that Honor No More has to take yet another loss, but this was kinda the only way you can go with Josh Alexander returning as the top babyface of the company. Hopefully Honor No More gets some heat back once they move away from dealing with Josh Alexander (wouldn’t hurt to have wrestlers like Mike Bennett or Matt Taven having singles aspirations because they are extremely good at singles wrestling, especially Bennett who had an amazing run as “The Miracle” in Impact).

The show wasn’t over yet as Moose drove into a driveway. For some reason there was random stressful Game Show music playing in the background. Moose rang the door bell and Josh Alexander’s wife answered the door. Moose said he has to deliver the contract and since Josh lives so close to Anthem’s offices and because Impact’s offices are closed he hoped Josh’s wife could deliver the contract to Anthem when they open. Josh’s son grabbed his mom’s leg in fear. Moose said he’s Josh’s friend for work and that Josh’s son needs to tell Josh that Moose says hi. Moose left to end the segment…

John’s Thoughts: Eh, your usual “time to make it personal” segment with the heel showing up at the babyface’s house to send an ultimatum. We’ve seen this a ton of time involving Randy Orton in WWE. It’s fine, but because it’s become a regular thing in pro wrestling it isn’t too nuanced. Looking forward to Josh Alexander vs. Moose though, with or without this segment. What I don’t like is Impact continuing to have horrible audio mixing with their stock background music. They always have their bad background music overpower the voices on TV to the point where it’s distracting. They also don’t put any pauses or cuts in the sound too. This is where Jeremy Borash is missed because he’s doing solid work in WWE with their audio mixing (I’m assuming JB is in charge of cinematic cuts there because we saw similar techniques in Impact when JB was there).

Again, Impact continues to put on good shows week to week because the injection of all the new talent has squeezed out all the dumb TNA s*it that Impact used to air like zombies, illegal casinos, wrestle house, teleporting hackers, and etc. Heck, they re-introduced Johnny Swinger in with comedy and it was actually good. Thumbs up for the 10 second Lance Storm cameo. This show also was bookended with two great matches with a lot of solid stuff in-between to keep you interested. Here’s hoping it lasts? This has happened in the past. Where Impact “got good” only to fall back into got’ing stupid. I guess I should enjoy it while it lasts.




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