AEW Rampage viewership for a hair vs. hair headlined show

By Jason Powell, Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

The AEW Rampage television show delivered 622,000 viewers for Friday’s episode on TNT, according to The number was down from the previous week’s 640,000 combined viewership count for the two-hour special.

Powell’s POV: Rampage finished third in the 18-49 demographic in Friday’s cable ratings with a with a .25 rating, down from last week’s .29 in the same demo. Last week’s first hour delivered 727,000 viewers with a 0.32 rating, and the second hour delivered 552,000 viewers with a 0.25 rating. Overall, these have to be disappointing numbers for AEW given that it was coming off the big special and featured a more loaded lineup than usual.



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  1. This wasn’t a loaded lineup. This was one WWE star making one of their overrated EVPs look like a pro for once, a 3 way women’s match between people that are virtually unknown, and a hair vs hair match between two people who will never be a draw to anything outside the smallest subset of the AEW fanbase.

    Sure looks like everyone is losing interest in Rampage with viewership down for the 6th straight week with 45% of the audience gone from the Punk debut. But, I guess those kinds of comments are reserved for the totally unbiased takes on NXT.

    • Right on schedule. Your obsession knows no bounds. I wrote that the NXT show tanked one week and you’ve been crying about it ever since. That show did 601,000 viewers, the lowest number an NXT show had produced without Olympics competition since March. It finished 31st in the cable ratings that night. Meanwhile, this week’s AEW Rampage finished third in the cable ratings and I wrote that it was disappointing. And it was a better lineup than the usual one-hour shows with Danielson in the opener, more star power than usual in the women’s match, and a hair vs. hair match (which typically draw). I’m so sorry I didn’t use the word “tanked” to describe a show that finished third in the cable ratings. Who knew that word would be such a trigger for you? I’ll try to warn you the next time I use it so that you can go to your safe place before you read it.

      • Not to tell you how to behave on your own site Jason, but have you considered just ignoring him? You have said yourself he is just desperate for attention, maybe if he doesn’t get it he will go and find something constructive to do with his life.

    • I hate the show Chrisley Knows Best.

      I do not, however, jump on Twitter or the CKB subreddit every Monday(?) night or whenever just to attack people who work on the show every week in a meanspirited way. I don’t make it a point to find others who enjoy the product just to troll and pick fights with people. Nor do I breathlessly await the cable overnight ratings just to see if a few less people are watching this week than last.

      To each their own, but I think it’s much more healthy to spend my time watching and doing stuff I actually enjoy, rather than contributing negatively to a community I’m not a part of, and probably damaging my own mental health in the process.

      Touch grass, dude.

  2. This is about bottom, I’ll bet. Ratings will hover around here and outside of known debuts and overhyping will always find their way back here. Amazing that 1.5 million wrestling fans don’t care what happens on it though. Thought riding Smackdown’s coattails would help them a bit.

  3. Not that loaded of a lineup, really. Sure, you have Danielson wrestling, but that’s about it. Nyla and Jade haven’t shown to be big draws per se, so that’s not really loaded. As for the hair vs hair match, those usually draw…when it involves stars, people that fans actually want to see get their head shaved. With that match we got Orange Cassidy(a very polarizing, niche figure among the fanbase) vs Jack “Job Guy” Evans. Nobody cares enough about Evans to care if he shaves his head, cause nobody is that invested in him(hell, he’s not even known for his looks or his great hair), and there was never any doubt who the winner would be.

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