NWA wrestler Thom Latimer recalls the mistakes he made that cost him opportunities in WWE, Impact Wrestling, and Japan, looks back on his WWE developmental days, winning the NWA Tag Titles

By Jason Powell, ProWrestling.net Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling Podcast with Thom Latimer
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H/T Andrew Thompson of Post Wrestling for his transcription

Mistakes he has made throughout his career which led to him missing opportunities in WWE and Pro Wrestling NOAH: I need that pressure, I want that pressure [in the NWA]. You know, in my past sort of ten years, I’ve been given the ball and I’ve thrown it away. I’ve been given the ball, I’ve thrown it away. I had a good push in WWE and I was a drunk and I messed that up. Back to getting NXT Tag Team Championships, messed that up. We were supposed to go up apparently after The Shield to the main roster, messed that up. Then I go to Impact and then I’m pushed and I’m used well, but I don’t care and I’m a drunk and I’m an idiot and I throw that away. I get sent for a two-week tour of [Pro Wrestling] NOAH — Japan would definitely and should’ve been a place where I’d have thrived. I think that I would have did really well and I would have really fit in and I get drunk and I mess that up and I get kicked off the tour.

“You know, and it’s just one thing after the other after the other, arrests and this and that but, I’ve always been put in positions to succeed but I just didn’t care or I was self-sabotaging and like I said, now sober, turning 35, I wish I’d had the same mindset and mentality that I do now, ten years ago because my life would’ve been — obviously there’s lots of things I’d still want like Kailey [Kamille] and whatnot but, what I’m saying is my life would’ve been different had I had a grown up, sensible brain in my head, which I didn’t. So when it comes to this time, turning 35, I want the responsibility, I want the ball, I want to run with the ball whereas before like I said, I kicked the ball away. ‘I don’t want it, I don’t care,’ whereas now, I do and I do care. It’s just a shame that it took ten years to get to this point but yeah, I want that pressure and I want to be given the ball because this time I wanna run with it so, yeah of course there’s always pressure but wrestling’s one of these things where it’s pressure no matter what, you know what I mean?”

Looking back on his days as a part of FCW: “2009 is the [year] that I got hired and I nearly didn’t get hired again. It was — they liked me or whatever, but you never really hear anything and so, I’m sat at the table and I’ve heard that two of my other friends have [gotten] hired, Rampage Brown and Martin Stone [Danny Burch]. They were thinking about putting them as a tag team and maybe bringing them straight up to the road.”

Winning NWA Tag Titles: “So, we got along outside of the ring and he’s [Royce Isaacs] got — he’s doing bits and bobs with AEW, I’m super proud of him. So, it was kind of — me and Royce I feel like, and he’d probably say [this] too: He’s got another tag partner [Jorel Nelson] and they’ve been tagging for a long time and they’re sort of more intertwined with each other. I was in a tag team in WWE and then I kind of not really done anything like that for a while and we didn’t really have a lot of time to sort of gel or come up with things and, you know, so we just kind of — obviously, he lives in California, I live in Tennessee. So we would just kind of show up and do it and could we have gelled more? I’d think so. I just feel like we’d just kind of — we were thrown together and we knew that and we just kind of tried to make the best of it.”

Other topics include his run in the NWA, Nick Aldis, Kamille, Billy Corgan, Tim Storm, the original Ascension tag team, FCW, NXT, Vince McMahon, and more.

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