Goldberg says he’s not proud of his recent in-ring performances, explains why he stopped doing cardio workouts while training for WWE matches

By Jason Powell, Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

Goldberg spoke with Dan Gelston of the AP and stated that he’s not pleased with the in-ring work from his WWE appearances. “I’m not proud of anything I’ve done over the past number of years,” Goldberg said. “Have I done enough to get by? Yeah. But am I proud of my performances? Hell no. No. 1, I’ve got to win. No. 2, I’ve got to provide a little bit more entertainment, more power moves and just be more like Goldberg. That’s what you’re going to see on Saturday.”

Goldberg also stated that he dropped cardio workouts in recent years. “I honestly have not done any cardio in a number of years because the most important part to my reemergence as Goldberg is size,” he said. “I sit on a cardio machine or I go run and I might as well start counting pounds off of me. Do I come in and do I look like Goldberg or do I come and be able to have the workrate of other people? It’s really, really tough for me to decide that and have enough time to make it happen.” Read the full story at

Powell’s POV: Goldberg’s last four matches have all gone less than three minutes, so I guess there’s not much need for cardio training. Goldberg may not be proud of his in-ring work, but he did stated in the same interview that he is having fun. He also spoke about his son Gage’s involvement.


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  1. “Recent performances”? He must have forgotten the rest of his matches. He’s either too old or lost his memory in Saudi… or both.

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