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AEW Dynamite viewership for the Road Rager event

By Jason Powell, ProWrestling.net Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

Wednesday’s AEW Dynamite television show produced 871,000 viewers for TNT, according to Wade Keller of of PWTorch.com. The viewership count was down from the 883,000 viewership mark drawn last week.

Powell’s POV: Dynamite drew a .33 in the 18-49 demographic, down from the .35 drawn in the same demo last week. It’s somewhat surprising to see the small decline if only because the show was not opposed by an NBA Finals game, whereas last week’s show ran opposite an NBA Playoff game.



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  1. Their fans are their fans. They’re a small, dedicated fanbase and there’s been zero growth over 21 months. A weekly bump will happen here or there, accompanied by weeks where the audience drops markedly, but mostly they’ll stay somewhere in the 850k-950k range unless they decide to be something other than a bad knockoff of the worst parts of WWE comedy and the dying days of WCW.

    • Wrestling fans thought AEW would get a big surge because the company signed MALAKA BLACK. WWE did not put thea trinidad’s tattooed husband on tv for SIX MONTHS because wwe had zero creative use for HIM.

      wwe did not put charlotte’s fiancee ANDRADE el IDIOT on tv for six months because WWE had zero crewative use for him.

      wrestling fans act like wwe midcarders and castoffs are the NEXT HULK HOGAN OR JOHN CENA OR STEVE AUSTIN for some reason.

      • Nobody thought AEW would get a “big surge” for signing Aleister Black(or Andrade), quit being stupid. People think they will be good additions to the roster, not a big ratings spike. And even if they DO think Black will pop ratings, they wouldn’t think would be a big ratings spike THIS WEEK, since, you know, they didn’t even ANNOUNCE HIM AS BEING THERE until he actually showed up. It’s not like they were hyping up his appearance, they didn’t even announce a mystery or surprise appearance up until he actually appeared.

  2. I just stated a fact man. WWE FANS ARE 100 PERCENT LOYAL TO WWE. ONCE MALAKA BLACK AND ANDRADE EL IDIOT were dumped by wwe, they are persona non grata. I hope wwe has some “fun” with zelina vega on tv . maybe wwe can put her through some tables for laughs? maybe wwe can have her thrown off the top of a cage?

    maybe wwe can bring in midgets for zelian to wrestle and make her “champion” of the little people.

    It will draw more ratings and demo numbers than the crap that her loser husband MALAKA or her ex colleague ANDRADE EL IDIOT will draw in second rate AEW.

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