12/16 AEW Dynamite results: Powell’s live review of Sting’s latest appearance, Inner Circle vs. Best Friends, Top Flight, and Varsity Blondes, Cody vs. Angelico, Hangman Page, John Silver, and Alex Reynolds vs. Matt Hardy and Private Party, SCU vs. The Acclaimed, Ivelisse and Diamante vs. Big Swole and Sereena Deeb

By Jason Powell, ProWrestling.net Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

AEW Dynamite (Episode 64)
Jacksonville, Florida at Daily’s Place
Aired live December 16, 2020 on TNT

[Hour One] The Dynamite opening aired and then the broadcast team of Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone, and Excalibur checked in from their usual perch. Justin Roberts was the ring announcer…

1. “Hangman” Adam Page, John Silver, and Alex Reynolds vs. Matt Hardy and “Private Party” Marq Quen and Isiah Kassidy. Silver and Reynolds wore their toy cowboy hats to the ring. Early in the match, Silver hopped on the back of Page and acted like he was riding a horse. Page fell backward and drove Silver into Kassidy.

Later, Hardy went to the ropes and played to the crowd before leaping off to a waiting Silver, who performed a brainbuster. Both men tagged out. Page got the better of Kassidy and put him down with a fallaway slam, then leapt over the top rope onto Hardy at ringside. Page returned to the ring where he clotheslined Kassidy and covered him for a near fall.

Hardy tagged back into the match and put Page down with a Side Effect that resulted in a near fall. Page stuffed a Twist of Fate and nailed Hardy with a clothesline. Both men tagged out. Reynolds worked over Quen and had him pinned, but Kassidy broke it up. Reynolds and Silver hit a series of double team moves on Quen. Reynolds hit a German suplex and had the pin, but Hardy pulled Reynolds to the floor.

Hardy performed a Twist of Fate on Silver at ringside. A short time later, Quen and Kassidy performed a huracanrana into a cutter combo move. Hardy tagged himself into the match and stole the pin for his team.

Matt Hardy and “Private Party” Marq Quen and Isiah Kassidy defeated “Hangman” Adam Page, John Silver, and Alex Reynolds in 10:45.

Hardy acted innocent afterward and celebrated with the surprised Private Party duo…

Powell’s POV: A fun opening match. Hardy continued to show heelish tendencies by stealing the pin from his young proteges. They also seemed to be building toward Hardy vs. Page. Just a reminder that I am filling in for Jake Barnett again this week. Jake will take the WWE Smackdown coverage on Friday night, and he’ll be back covering Dynamite soon.

Ross reminded viewers that Dynamite is scheduled to air at 9CT/10ET or after NBA coverage next week. The broadcast team ran through tonight’s lineup, which includes Kenny Omega vs. Joey Janela in a No DQ match…

Backstage, Alex Marvez stood with the Inner Circle (minus Wardlow) and congratulated MJF on The New York Times’ best performance of 2020 award for Le Dinner Debonaire. Jericho tried to take credit. MJF said he couldn’t have done it without Jericho and called him his best friend and mentor Jericho, who issued an awkward congratulations to MJF… [C]

Cody Rhodes and Brandi Rhodes were shown decorating their Christmas tree when a doorbell rang. They answered the door and found a small gift box. They took it inside and opened the box, which had baby shoes and a card that read, “We’re Expecting A New Baby in 2021.” The camera showed their dog Pharaoh wearing a “Baby Security In Training” bandana…

Powell’s POV: Hey, congratulations to Cody and Brandi Rhodes on the big news. That’s wonderful. I assume that Pharaoh will do a terrific job. It’s rather trivial at this point, but I assume this means we won’t be seeing Brandi vs. Jade Cargrill for at least a year.

Cody Rhodes made his entrance and was joined by Brandi Rhodes and Arn Anderson. Brandi touched her belly and then kissed Cody while Roberts introduced Cody as “the future father.” Angelico and Jack Evans made their entrance…

2. Cody (w/Arn Anderson) vs. Angelico (w/Jack Evans). Brandi went to the back prior to the match. They cut to a picture-in-picture break early in the match. [C] Angelico wrapped up Cody’s arms in a submission hold. Cody opened his mouth and bit the bottom rope to break the hold. Cody came back with a backslide for a two count.

Cody went for a springboard move, but Angelico saw it coming and took him down. Angelico applied a leg submission, which Cody broke by reaching out and grabbing the bottom rope. Ross questioned how much mobility Cody lost from the last two sequences. Cody delivered his dropdown uppercut. Cody followed up with a run up the ropes and then dove off and hit the cutter on the way down before scoring the pin…

Cody defeated Angelico in 9:45.

Afterward, Taz walked onto the stage with Brian Cage, Ricky Starks, Powerhouse Hobbs, and his son Hook. Taz mocked Cody for becoming a daddy. Starks said Cage didn’t get any congratulations. Darby Allin was shown watching from the stands. Allin cracked a smile in response to the heels. Taz said Cody was going to be put on paternity leave. The heels started toward the ring, but they were stopped in their tracks.

Sting made his entrance with a baseball bat in hand. Hobbs wanted to go after Sting, but his teammates held him back. Sting looked up at Allin in the stands. Sting joined Cody in the ring. Ross said Eddie Kingston had a lot to say and would have a live mic… [C]

Powell’s POV: Cody vs. Angelico was a random yet entertaining match. I continue to assume that Sting will pass the torch (or in his case the bat) to Allin. Schiavone was even claiming that Allin was watching “from the rafters” which is a play on what Sting did on WCW Nitro.

Backstage, Alex Marvez interviewed Miro, whose hair was dark again following his blonde run. Marvez said AEW management fined Miro a total of $75,000 for hospitalizing three staff members at the end of last week’s show, $25,000 per person. Miro said he considers it money that Orange Cassidy owes him. Miro took a turn for the happy while saying that it’s the holidays and they would have the biggest wedding day announcement for Kip Sabian and Penelope Ford. Marvez asked about Christmas for those in the hospital. “Bah humbug,” Miro yelled. “It’s my birthday”…

Powell’s POV: Yes, it’s true, the real Rusev Day is December 25. By the way, I’ll be happy to collect $25,000 in fine money if any of you want to beat up one of the Dot Net staffers. Just don’t tell them I wrote this.

Eddie Kingston made his entrance and said he was there to address his enemies. He looked up and said the big guy up there was his enemy, but he’s not dead yet. Kingston said his second enemy is Pac. Kingston said they hurt his neck and there’s no way Pac is going to come back. Kingston brought up Lance Archer and was interrupted by his entrance music.

Archer rushed to the ring and attacked Kingston. The Butcher, The Blade, and The Bunny came out. Butcher and Blade saved Kingston by attacking Archer while Bunny watched from the ramp. Penta El Zero Mideo and Rey Fenix entered the ring and stared at Kingston, Butcher, and Blade. Pac slid in and joined Penta and Fenix in attacking the heel trio.

Fenix performed a big corkscrew dive onto Butcher and Blade. Archer set up for a chokeslam on Kingston, but Pac blasted Kingston with a kick that cleared him from the ring. Archer got hot at Pac for not letting him chokeslam Kingston. Archer and Pac jawed at one another, then turned their focus to joining Penta and Fenix in staring down Kingston, Butcher, and Blade, who were standing at ringside with Bunny…

Powell’s POV: Pac vs. Archer looks really fun on paper. They calmed down and were fine with one another by the end of the segment, but they obviously teased that tension for a reason.

Dasha interviewed Dustin Rhodes backstage and asked him about the Dark Order inviting him to become Seven. Rhodes said it was a bad idea back then and it’s a bad idea now. Dustin recalled them saying that he’s the least important member of the Rhodes family. He said that’s wrong. He said they will all fall. Rhodes said he was fixing to kick Evil Uno’s ass on next week’s holiday bash edition of Dynamite…

Powell’s POV: A good, fiery promo from Dustin.

Orange Cassidy and Best Friends made their entrance. Cassidy joined the broadcast team… [C]

3. “The Inner Circle” Chris Jericho, Sammy Guevara, Santana, Ortiz, Jake Hager, and MJF vs. Trent, Chuck Taylor, Darius Martin, Daunte Martin, Brian Pillman Jr. and Griff Garrison in a 12-man tag match. The Martins and Varsity Blondes were in the ring coming out of the break, while the Inner Circle entrance was televised. Cassidy was shown looking like he was sleeping and the cord for his headset wasn’t plugged in.

Jericho and Pillman started the match while the broadcast team noted that Jericho knew Pillman’s late father, and that this was the first time Jericho and Pillman had ever locked up. Pillman football eye black under his eyes. Guevara and Daunte ended up in the ring. Guevara got the better of the younger Martin and then took a bow. Daunte came back with a leaping leg drop that resulted in a two count. Darius tagged in and there was some clunkiness as the Martins went for a move together.

[Hour Two] The second hour opened with all 12 wrestlers fighting in the ring following a Best Friends staredown with Santana and Ortiz. The babyfaces cleared the ring and then engaged in a Best Friends group hug. They cut to a PIP break a short time later. [C]

Darius went for a suicide dive, but he was taken out by a kick from Santana. Daunte performed a big dive onto Santana and Ortiz. Later, Jericho stood on the floor and hit Garrison with the baseball bat. Hager performed an awkward version of Wardlow’s finisher and then tagged in MJF, who covered and pinned Garrison.

“The Inner Circle” Chris Jericho, Sammy Guevara, Santana, Ortiz, Jake Hager, and MJF defeated Trent, Chuck Taylor, Darius Martin, Daunte Martin, Brian Pillman Jr. and Griff Garrison in 14:20 in a 12-man tag match.

After the match, the heels continued to attack the babyfaces at ringside. In the ring, the Martins performed stereo dropkicks on Jericho and MJF. The Top Flight duo stood tall in the ring while the heels gathered and fumed on the stage.

Powell’s POV: The match was a mix of innovation, athleticism, and botches. I assume the post match angle sets up Jericho and MJF vs. Top Flight for an upcoming show.

Backstage, Alex Marvez interviewed Thunder Rosa, who took issue with Britt Baker stating that she doesn’t belong in AEW. Rosa said she does belong in AEW and then laughed at Baker claiming she didn’t belong. Reba showed up and told Rosa that she had a terrible laugh. Baker attacked Rosa from behind and held her while Reba poured water on Rosa’s face. Baker smeared Rosa’s face paint and said she had an ugly face…

Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian made their bad SCU entrance… [C] The Acclaimed made their entrance with Caster rapping. He included a line in which he questioned whether Kazarian wears hair plugs. Kazarian took the mic and rapped, which included a line in which he questioned whether they are Men on a Mission…

Powell’s POV: It feels a little premature for The Acclaimed to be shown up in rap fashion, but Kazarian’s lines were fun and got a good reaction from the fans and spectator wrestlers.

4. Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian vs. “The Acclaimed” Max Caster and Anthony Bowens. The Young Bucks were shown watching along with the spectator wrestlers. Caster and Bowens were getting the better of Kazarian heading into an early PIP break. [C]

Daniels performed a top rope cross body block on Bowens for a near fall. A short time later, Daniels rolled up Bowens, who kicked out and sent Daniels toward the ropes. Caster hit Daniels with the boom box that he and Bowens bring to the ring. Bowens slammed Daniels and then scored the pin.

“The Acclaimed” Max Caster and Anthony Bowens defeated Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian in 8:20.

After the match, Caster rapped about the Young Bucks look like girls on their cycle. Bowens stopped his partner from dropping an F-bomb as part of his rap. Bowens took the mic and told the Bucks that if they have any balls they will put the tag titles on the line against them next week…

Powell’s POV: Are they really going straight to the title match? The Acclaimed got a bunch of wins on Dark and stole one here, but it feels a little premature to rush into a title match. We’ll see. That said, I like that SCU put them over, albeit with a cheap finish.

Backstage, Dasha interviewed “Top Flight” Darius Martin and Daunte Martin. They challenged Jericho and MJF to a match for next week. Darius said they could accept or run away like two little bitches…

5. Ivelisse and Diamante vs. Big Swole and Sereena Deeb. Excalibur noted that Deeb is the NWA Champion and that Swole is the number one contender in the AEW Women’s Title rankings. He assumed that Swole would like a shot at either title. They cut to a partial PIP break a couple minutes into the match. [C]

Swole headbutted Diamante and then performed a Tiger Driver. Swole applied the Clearweater Cloverleaf and got the win while Deeb kept Ivelisse at ringside.

Big Swole and Sereena Deeb beat Ivelisse and Diamante in 9:25.

After the match, Nyla Rose came out with Vickie Guerrero. Rose attacked Swole and Deeb. Red Velvet ran out and cleared the heels from the ring with a chair…

Chuck Taylor, Trent, and Orange Cassidy delivered a promo outside the building. They couldn’t wait for the Sabian and Ford wedding announcement…

Ross set up a video package on “Jurassic Express” Jungle Boy, Luchasaurus, and Marko Stunt. They were listed as facing Colt Cabana and Dark Order’s 5 and 10 for next week’s Dynamite…

“FTR” Cash Wheeler and Dax Harwood barked at the broadcast team about the tag team division while Tully Blanchard stood by. Wheeler questioned if the tag team division even matters anymore. Harwood complained about Luchasaurus being a grown man dressed up in a dinosaur costume. Blanchard said something that was inaudible…

The broadcast team announced the following matches for next week’s show: The Young Bucks vs. The Acclaimed for the AEW Tag Titles, Chris Jericho and MJF vs. Top Flight, AEW Women’s Champion Hikaru Shida in action, Dustin Rhodes vs. Evil Uno, Jurassic Express vs. Colt Cabana and Dark Order’s 5 and 10, and Pac vs. The Butcher. They also hyped Chris Jericho on commentary for New Year’s Smash Night One on December 30, and a Snoop Dogg appearance for Night Two on January 6…

Joey Janela and Sonny Kiss made their entrance for the eliminator match… [C] Kenny Omega and Don Callis made their entrance while Justin Roberts delivered the over the top introduction for Omega. There were women sweeping the stage again…

6. AEW Champion Kenny Omega (w/Don Callis) vs. Joey Janela (w/Sonny Kiss) in a No DQ, non-title match. Part of Omega’s introduction was that he boosted the Impact Wrestling television rating by 33 percent. In response, Schiavone said he was happy that Impact’s viewership count went from one to six. Funny. Janela hit Omega with a trashcan to start the match.

Callis tried to replace Schiavone on commentary for the match, but Schiavone refused. Callis kept the house mic and delivered live commentary over it while telling Schiavone that this is how it’s done. Omega got a mic of his own and delivered some comments while working over Janela.

Omega held a trashcan while performing a moonsault onto Janela that led to a two count. A short time later, Omega set up for his finisher while Callis pointed out that no one had kicked out of the move. Janela countered into a huracanrana that planted Omega on his head. Kiss set up a table. Janela performed a top rope leg drop that drove Omega through the table on the floor. Omega rallied with a pair of V-Trigger knees once they returned to the ring. Omega followed up with the One Winged Angel and scored the pin…

AEW Champion Kenny Omega beat Joey Janela in a non-title No DQ match.

Afterward, Callis entered the ring and handed the AEW Championship belt to Omega. Callis said all of the haters they had to listen to had been silenced and there are no more unanswered questions for the world champion.

Pac, Penta El Zero Miedo, and Rey Fenix walked onto the stage. Pac said he and Omega had unfinished business. He said they were there to right an injustice. Pac recalled that Fenix never lost in the number one contender’s tournament that Omega ended up winning before he went on to win the AEW Championship.

Pac questioned how Omega won the tournament if Fenix never lost. Callis asked if Pac had gained executive power, then barked that wrestlers don’t tell the world champion what to do. Pac said the match had already been sanctioned, and Omega would have to defend his championship against Rey Fenix. Omega threw a fit while asking who Pac thinks he is and then barked that he can’t do this while the show went off the air…

Powell’s POV: The main event was a hardcore spring with Omega going over decisively. The post match angle was solid, and I’m all about a full length Omega vs. Fenix title match. I was surprised that we didn’t get Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson on the show this week, but I wonder if they are saving that for the Omega vs. Fenix title match.

Overall, this was a step back from the loaded shows over the last two weeks. Those were loaded shows and this one didn’t look as strong on paper. They took a match heavy approach and didn’t have as many big angles this time around. It was still an entertaining two hours. I will return shortly with my same night audio review of Dynamite for Dot Net Members. Let me know what you thought of the show by giving it a letter grade in our post show poll below or via the main page.

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  1. My god, did Brandi just turn AGAIN? And what becomes of Shaq now that Cody has moved on?


      Shaq was never going to have a “match” with cody. shaq is 48 years old and out of shape.

      • Ted, obviously Brandi isn’t going to wrestle. What does that have to do with my comment? Clearly, she was acting all tee hee babyface again a week after doing heelish things.

        You don’t know that Shaq wasn’t planning at some point to wrestle. In fact, if you paid any attention at all to the original Jade Cargill promo, it seemed like it was heading towards a match. I’m just pointing out the obvious changes that haven’t been explained.

        • It is possilbe that aew is going to drop the heel brandi character due to the real life brandi runnels announcing her pregnancy on national tv.

          It is obvious that aew cannot present a brandi/jade match in 2021.

          aew could try to put shaq in the ring for a “match”with cody but it would be dfficult for shaq to pefrom in the ring due to his age and zero pro wrestling skills.

          • I dunno, zero pro wrestling skills never stopped them from putting Brandi and Big Swole in matches…

  2. Vickie Guerrero’s kicks looked “devastating. “

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